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gekocht vegetarian recipes

Radishes Green Pesto

March 3 2017 Veganpassion 

Radishes Green Pesto During the past months I have engaged not only in organic vegan foods but also in local foods. I really love the idea of my food growing in the close proximity. The thought of it strengthens me and backs me up. The talks I have with the farmers at the market, which have a lot of struggle with the cold weather and care more about their veggies than themselves, warms my heart. I realize how much I take the foods in the supermarket for granted. Without knowing where my veggies come from I try to go back to my roots and I have captured a lot of thoughts in my new book VEGIONAL which is going to be published in April. With my new book I would like to remind you and myself of the treasure of local foods and its wealth and variety. A new journey full of ideas. Sometimes we don't need the flown in foods. It only takes a bunch of radishes to change your vantage point... Makes 1 glass of pesto. Ingredients: a bunch of radishes 1/­­3 + 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 big garlic clove 1/­­2 cup cashews 2 tbsp. yeast flakes salt, pepper Cut off the radishes green and wash thorough under cold water. Dry the leafs and put them in a mixer with olive oil, garlic, cashews, yeast flakes. Blend as soft as you want the consistence to be. Spice with salt and pepper. Have fun with the recipe and have a colorful weekend!

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