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frisch vegetarian recipes

Pomegranate drink

June 16 2014 Veganpassion 

Pomegranate drink The temperatures show us what's it all about. And so I am vegetating between melon slices, trips to the lake, fruit salad and refreshments. Just about to sip my drink I thought of sharing my moment with you. So please find here the recipe for my favorite pomegranate tipple Makes about 1/­­4 gal. For the drink: 6 ice cubes 1/­­2 pomegranate 2 table spoons lemon juice 25 fl. oz. mineral water (750 ml) 8 fl. oz. water (250 ml) Remove the pits carefully out the pomegranate and fill them together with the juice in a carafe. Add ice , lemon juice and water. Then garnish with some Thai-Basil and ready to dip the straw. Enjoy summer!

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