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Joghurt vegetarian recipes


April 16 2015 Veganpassion 

Raspberry-yoghurt-dices Lately I was invited over for a cup of tea. As I am too much into bakery for showing up empty-handed, I just whipped a little something. Fast and simple are these delicious raspberry-yoghurt-dices and who likes can bake them also to a cake instead of dices. Of course these little ones are full of the finest organic ingredients - and that is what you taste ;-) For a 6x6 inch (15 x 15cm) spirngform: 5 oz. (150g) spelt flour (type 1050) 2 oz. raw cane sugar (50g) pulp of a vanilla pod 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 tablespoon starch 2 tablespoon soy yoghurt 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1 dash lemon juice 1 fl. oz. oil (30ml) 4 fl. oz. water (120ml) 5 oz.  raspberries (140g) 3 oz. marzipan/­­almond paste (80g) 1-2 tablespoons raspberry jam 5 oz. chocolate (150g) 5 fl. oz. oat based cream /­­ soy cream (150ml) Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder and starch. Stir with yoghurt, maple syrup, lmeon juice, oil and water to a smooth dough, then add the raspberries. Pour the dough in a greased and floured or with baking paper lined pan and bake it at 330°F (170°C) for about 25 minutes (test with a skewer!). Let the cake cool well. Then spread it with the jam. Roll the marzipan to a square of 6x6 inches (15x15cm) and place it onto the cake. For the ganache chop the chocolate and mix it with the cream. Warm the chocolate carefully till it's melted. Spread the ganache all around the dice then put it into muffin cups. Decor with some sugar flowers, crumbles or brittle and finally serve on the laid coffee table. Ready for a nice cosy chat?

Yoghurt-bunnies with almonds

April 1 2015 Veganpassion 

Yoghurt-bunnies with almonds At Easter yeast-pastries are of course absolutely classical. Refined with yoghurt and almonds the Easter bunny tastes deliciously fresh and juicy. I just give you the total quantity right away as the bunny also is a great gift idea these days ;-) For 8 little Easter bunnies: For the yeast-dough: 9 oz. spelt flour (275 g, Type 630) 1/­­2 oz. raw-cane-sugar (15 g) 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 1/­­4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon almond butter (40 g) 1/­­2 sachet dry yeast   2 oz. soy-yoghurt, almond (50 g) 1 fl. oz. oil (20 ml) 3 fl. Oz. almond-drink or any other unsweetened vegan milk (100 ml) Some vegan cream to brush over the pastries Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt in bowl. Dissolve the yeast into about 1 fl. oz. of the almond-drink and let it rise. Add the almond-butter, yoghurt, oil and the remaining almond-drink to the flour mix. Work it for about 5 minutes with your hands until the dough becomes smooth. Grease a mixing bowl with some oil and form the dough in it to a ball. Cover it with a dish towel and let it rise for about 2 hours. Due to the almond-butter the dough wont double its volume within this period but will finish rising during baking.    Dust your working space with some oil and portion 8 pieces out of the dough. At a time separate a small piece for the cute bunny tail. Form the bigger portions to about 6 inch (15cm) long dough strands and twist them two times within themselves. Form the small separated pieces to a tail and put it in the middle. Lay the pastries on a baking tray lined with baking parchment and bake them at about 350°F (180°C) at top/­­bottom heat for about 15 minutes till they become light-golden.    Have a lot of fun trying out this recipe! Eagerly looking forward to Easter... ;-)


June 19 2014 Veganpassion 

Strawberry-yoghurt-cupcakes Muffinförmchen und Herzchen von Emil & Paula Time for summer-parties and BBQ evenings, so what would be more natural than baking some cupcakes for a nice gathering. Here a juicy-fruity recipe that hopefully makes your day! Makes 12 cupcakes. For the sponge: 12 oz. spelt flour (300 g) 6 oz. raw cane sugar (140 g) 1/­­4 teaspoon vanilla, grinded 1 tablespoon starch 1/­­2 sachet baking powder 1 pinch of salt 3 fl. oz. oil (80 ml) 8 oz. soy yoghurt (200 g) 8 fl. oz. orange juice (200 ml) 10 oz. strawberries (250 g) (maybe mixed with other red berries ) Mix flour, sugar, vanilla, starch, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Add oil, yoghurt and orange juice, then stir everything nicely. Dice the berries and fold them in. Divide the dough onto 12 tins and bake them at 340°F (170°C)  top/­­bottom heat for 25-30 minutes. Have fun partying!

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