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Bohnen vegetarian recipes

Schnippelbohnensuppe {Green Bean Soup}

September 2 2015 seitan is my motor 

Schnippelbohnensuppe {Green Bean Soup}Hello all, welcome to the second day of Vegan Mofo 2015. Today’s promt is: I am pretty sure that my grandmother’s Schnippelbohnensuppe was one of my favourite foods when I was a kid. (Schnippeln is a verb, it means to chop or cut up vegetables, but the verb sometimes also refers to cutting something with scissors.) But although I always loved green beans, I probably didn’t like this soup because it had beans. I liked it because it had sausages. My grandmother put smoked sausage (called mettwurst) in there and they contributed most of the flavour. Although I really do not miss meat, I couldn’t live without the combination of smoky and salty. I am thankful there are things like liquid smoke and smoked salt to stand in for the sausages I used to eat. I freely admit that I put a vegan sausage into my soups here and there, too. I don’t really get the hate that is directed at these products sometimes. Meat eaters telling me I shouldn’t eat them, vegetarians telling me I shouldn’t eat them and even vegans who tell me this and refuse to eat “fake” meats with a passion. Sure, they are processed. Sure, they have a lot of salt. So what? You can eat them once in a while. Also, please don’t tell me I shouldn’t eat sausages and other plant based meat products because I swore off meat. Exactly. I swore off meat. I never swore of sausage shaped seitan or tofu. It’s plant based. It’s not different from plant based cheeses or plant based milks which never get that amount of hate. So, if you have access to smoky vegan sausages or something like this Merguez that would be a great mettwurst substitute. For this soup, I still used smoked tofu (which can be substituted with any kind of your favourite sausage) because more accessible, I hope. Print Schnippelbohnensuppe {Green Bean Soup} 2 servings Ingredients2 tablespoons oil 100g (3.5 oz) smoked tofu, cubed 50 g (1/­­2 cup) finely sliced leeks 70 g (1/­­2 cup) celeriac (celery root), cubed 280 g (3 small) potatoes, cubed 1 carrot, sliced into thin rounds 350 - 400 g (13 - 14 oz) fresh runner or other green beans, cut into bite-size pieces 480 ml (2 cups) water 1-2 teaspoons fresh rosemary 1 teaspoon smoked salt, or to taste salt and pepper to taste InstructionsHeat the oil in a large pot. Add tofu and fry for five minutes. Add vegetables and fry for another five minutes. Pour water into the pot and add rosemary. Cook for 10 minutes and add smoked salt. Season with salt and pepper. 3.1 http:/­­/­­­­2015/­­09/­­schnippelbohnensuppe-green-bean-soup/­­ Copyright (C)2015 All rights reserved.

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