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Sweet Corn, Sausage & Thyme Pizza

September 9 2019 Oh My Veggies 

It has come to my attention that other bloggers have already started posting pumpkin and apple recipes. Sorry guys, I’m not letting go of summer produce that easily. You’re going to have to drag me away from corn and zucchini the same way you have to drag your 3-year-old out of the toy department at Target–crying, kicking, and screaming, “I HATE YOU! YOU’RE THE WORST MOM IN THE WORLD!” So yeah, while everyone else gets a jump start on fall, I’m going to spend the next two weeks enjoying the last bit of summer. I like to cook seasonally and summer produce is still in season! I promise you it is! Sure, you could be eating apples and pumpkin right now, but you’ll have many months to eat apples and pumpkin. What about corn?! You’re going to miss fresh corn in a month when you can’t buy it anymore. You know what you should do? Make this Sweet Corn, Sausage & Thyme Pizza. I make my Fresh Corn, Poblano and Cheddar Pizza at the beginning and end of every summer, but I wanted to try something different, so I threw together this recipe last weekend. I love thyme and corn […]

Recipe | Spicy Cantaloupe Cucumber Salad

September 2 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I wasn’t going to post this recipe, but since it’s the end of the summer, it’s kind of our last opportunity to get locally grown cantaloupe and cucumbers. So why not stretch out summer a little bit longer and make fruit salad? I wasn’t sure how this recipe would turn out, to be honest. It sounded like a mishmash of flavors and I couldn’t imagine how it would taste. Since I have so many Hungarian black peppers and mint leaves to use, I thought I’d take a risk and try it anyway. I’m glad I did–it’s so different and it makes a refreshing, light side for a heavier meal. Of course, it helps that I managed to pick out the perfect cantaloupe to use in this–any recipe involving melon is only as good as the fruit you use! Last summer, a vendor at the farmers market taught me how to tell which melons were ripe and which ones weren’t and I’m getting good at it now. (The secret, in case you were wondering, is not thumping the side, but smelling the blossom-end. You might look like a crazy sniffing all the cantaloupes at the supermarket, but it works. Really!) Print […]

Recipe | Brown Sugar Peach French Toast Cups

August 30 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I know I post a lot of recipes with peaches. And I fully intended to make this recipe with blueberries or blackberries. Blueberries and blackberries! Two fruits that I’ve completely neglected on my blog. But a little nagging voice in my head kept saying, “No! Use peaches! Peaches will be better!” Usually the voice in my head is too busy singing Poison songs to get involved in my cooking process, so I figured I better listen. If nagging inner voice can take a break from “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on endless repeat for hours at a time, this must be important! So I went with peaches. Again. I promise, next summer will be the summer of blueberries. Blueberry everything! All summer! You have my word. And my word? It’s gold. If you’ve been reading Oh My Veggies for a while, maybe you remember my Sweet Potato French Toast Cups recipe. I wanted to do that again, but with fruit. The thing I love most about making little individual French toasts in muffin tins is that they’re portion-controlled and easy to freeze. Bake ’em, freeze ’em, and heat ’em in the microwave for breakfast. It doesn’t get much easier than […]

Cherry Lambic Brownies (Brownies Made With Beer!)

August 26 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These are those kind of brownies. The kind of brownies where you eat one and swear off chocolate for the rest of the year and vow to eat salad (and salad alone!) for the next week. But then you sneak one for breakfast the next morning. And maybe one for lunch too. The kind of brownies that are so rich and fudgy, you have to eat them with a spoon. The kind of brownies that incite arguments over who gets the last one. (Yeah, that happened.) I realize that Cherry Lambic Brownies aren’t exactly why you read Oh My Veggies, but I had this idea floating around in my head ever since I made cupcakes with raspberry lambic earlier this year. I loved the hint of fruit the lambic added to those chocolate cupcakes and I wanted to experiment with using it in more baked goods. So I added “cherry lambic brownies” to my big list of recipes to make and it sat there for several months. I found myself putting off making them because rich, decadent desserts tend not to do well on my blog. However! I’m a big believer in the power of the daily occasional brownie. And […]

Vegetable Bites

August 21 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These 3 combinations of Vegetable Bites are super simple and super tasty. Serve them with sour cream.    

Edamame Burgers with Grilled Pineapple & Crispy Green Onions

August 16 2019 Oh My Veggies 

A few years ago, I thought it was a good idea to go to school full-time while working full-time as a librarian and almost full-time doing contract work for a search engine. (In case you now think I live in an alternate universe with 36 hour days, you should know that both my classes and my second job were online.) I just wanted work experience! I was in a competitive field! Also, if you have two full-time jobs, if you lose one, guess what? YOU STILL HAVE A JOB! While the schedule was just a wee bit of a drag, the bonus was that having 3 full-time incomes in a household with no children and very few expenses meant that our fun money budget was huge. So when I checked airfares to Osaka on a whim one day and found a crazy good deal, we booked ourselves some tickets and went to Japan. Japan! Best trip ever! I have loved Japan for as long as I can remember. I think it’s because I love absurdity and the people of Japan have a deep appreciation for the absurd. Japan is a place where you can buy vegetable juice-flavored Kit Kats. It’s […]

Sneaky Green Apple Fruit Leather

August 12 2019 Oh My Veggies 

You know how sometimes you have a really good idea, but you sort of know it just won’t work out? I kind of felt that way about this Sneaky Green Apple Fruit Leather. I loved the idea of sneaking a little bit of spinach into apple fruit leather, but it just seemed like the idea was too good to actually work in practice. So I made it... ...and it was good! Like really, objectively good. Not good for fruit leather with spinach in it, but good good. You don’t taste the spinach at all. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I made it again and it was still tasty. I wanted to be absolutely sure it worked out, so I tried it a third time. By the time I got to the fourth trial, I knew the recipe worked, I just wanted more fruit leather. Not only does this fruit leather recipe sneak in some spinach, it’s also sugar-free. A lot of fruit leather recipes will have you add a ton of sugar. But if you start with flavorful, sweet apples, you don’t need any sugar at all. You can bake the fruit leather on parchment paper, cut it […]

Recipe | Sweet Potato Mug Cake

August 9 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Even though our next vacation is months away, I’m already in planning mode. Where are we going? What should we do there? Where should we stay? I totally have the travel bug right now. This is pretty much me in a nutshell–I’m a planner. I get ahead of myself. It’s kind of my thing. When I was graduating college, I wasn’t as excited as everyone else was because I was focused on grad school. We’ve lived in this house for two years, and I’m already looking at real estate listings for the next house. People sometimes take this as me never being happy with things, but it’s really just that I like having something to look forward to. It’s like with desserts. No matter how much you’re enjoying your meal, you still anticipate dessert. I always need a little something sweet after dinner–usually it’s just a piece of dark chocolate or something small like that, but sometimes if I have a light dinner, I have room for something more. But not too much–I don’t want a big slice of cake and I don’t want to do all the work involved with making a batch of brownies or cookies. That’s why […]

Miso-Marinated Grilled Summer Squash

August 5 2019 Oh My Veggies 

In general, I don’t try to recreate restaurant recipes. While there have been a few that turned out well (like my Thai pizza), most of the time they don’t seem to measure up. It’s easier to just go to the restaurant in question and have the real thing. Unfortunately, one of my favorite vegetable dishes was one we had in Japan, at a completely tourist-y ninja-themed restaurant. (Really, I don’t understand why there aren’t more restaurants with ninjas as waiters. Also, the ninjas did magic tricks.) It was so simple, only consisting of a miso-based sauce and steamed vegetables. But it was so good. My first few attempts at replicating the sauce resulted in salty, barely edible disasters. But this time I got it right! I realized that my version was missing the sweetness of the original and that I needed to add sugar. I used different vegetables than we had in Japan (summer squash, since it’s that time of year) and grilled them instead of steaming them. This grilled summer squash recipe couldn’t be easier, so it’s a perfect way to use fresh zucchini from the garden.

How to Make Frozen Pesto Cubes

August 2 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Making pesto with the remainder of the summer’s basil has become a tradition in our household. I love pesto because of its versatility–not only is it great with pasta, but it makes a tasty topping for pizza and can even be used as a sandwich spread. Freezing pesto is the perfect way to enjoy a little bit of summer for at least a few months into fall and it’s a good timesaver when you need a quick dinner. My basil was determined to start flowering, no matter how many times I clipped the buds off of it, so I decided last weekend it was time to make our annual ginormous batch of pesto. In the past, I’ve frozen it in bags, Tupperware, and ice cube trays. The ice cube trays worked well, but they didn’t really match the serving size we’d typically use. This year I did something different and used mini muffin tins. I’ve used regular sized muffin tins for freezing sauces and broth and the mini muffin tins hold just the right amount of pesto for one or two people (depending on what you’re using it for, of course!). Start by putting your pesto into the mini muffin […]

Recipe | Green Beans with Lemon-Almond Pesto

July 29 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I don’t know what’s up with my green beans this summer. The plants themselves are looking nice and lush (despite a few brown leaves here and there), but they’re not producing many beans. This has been my harvest so far: Sad, right? Whenever I attempt to grow beans, I end up having to buy more beans to supplement what I grow. Because dinner with 5 beans to split between my husband and me as a side dish? That’s just not going to work. So when I made this Green Beans with Lemon-Almond Pesto recipe, I used my 5 beautiful, perfect, delicious heirloom beans and then bought the rest from the farmers market. The beans from the farmers market were delicious, but they definitely weren’t as pretty. Green beans and almonds are a classic combination, so I thought I’d try making a pesto with almonds to put my own twist on Green Bean Almondine. Green Bean Almondine is one of those dishes that I find myself loving sometimes and loathing others. When it’s done right, it’s so good! When it’s done wrong, those soggy little slivers of almonds bring absolutely nothing to the table. Unlike the soggy buffet version of Green […]

Recipe | Peach Dutch Baby

July 26 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Head cheese. Liverwurst. Clotted cream. The names of these foods are anything but appetizing. But clearly the most disturbingly named food in existence, even worse than head cheese, is the Dutch Baby. It’s not so much the name itself–I mean, Dutch Baby sounds kind of cute, right? But then when working on a post for your food blog about said Dutch Baby, you find yourself writing (and then scratching out and rewriting) sentences like, “I always cook Dutch Babies in a cast iron skillet” and “Some people like to top Dutch Babies with butter and sugar, but I prefer fruit.” Oh, the horror! So when my husband and I were grocery shopping for the week and he asked me what we were having for dinner that night, I was a little bit self-conscious about telling him in public. I looked around to make sure no one was within earshot and then I whispered, “A Peach Dutch Baby.” Which, you know, I’m sure wasn’t suspicious at all! Not one bit! Because really, when you’re trying not to arouse suspicion, the best thing to do is dart your eyes back and forth and say things under your breath. The first time I […]

Recipe | Caramelized Onion & Eggplant Puff Pastry Tart

July 22 2019 Oh My Veggies 

There are a few ingredients that improve just about any dish you add them to: Truffle Oil Caramelized Onions Olives Roasted Red Peppers Basil Unfortunately, this Caramelized Onion & Eggplant Puff Pastry Tart does not have truffle oil. (Although I suppose if you really wanted to, you could add some. I mean, it’s a free country, right? Do what you want!) But! It does have caramelized onions, olives, roasted red peppers, and basil. It’s a veritable quadrifecta of deliciousness. After I made this Leek & Olive Tart from Rikki Snyder’s food photography blog, I had a leftover puff pastry sheet sitting in the freezer, just begging to be made into something awesome. My little finger eggplants have been producing like crazy, so I roasted two of those, along with a small rosa blanca eggplant from the farmers market, as a topping. Everything else was simply what I had in the refrigerator that needed to be used. With a thrown-together recipe like this, there’s usually a high failure rate (at least in my kitchen, there is), so I piled on the toppings and crossed my fingers. I try hard to make most of my recipes really easy, but this one does […]

Bourbon Mango Pulled Summer Squash Sandwiches

July 19 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Most of my worst ideas come to me in the middle of the night. The cats will wake me up or something else will startle me out of my sleep, and suddenly I’m thinking that I should really just quit my job and sell macaroons for a living. Or that it would be a good idea to pepper my thesis with hair metal lyrics just to see if my advisor notices. (Yes, these are real ideas that I had--and in the hours between midnight and 7am, somehow those ideas seemed really good.) The idea for this recipe popped into my head during one of these times--vegetarian pulled pork sandwiches! When I woke up the next morning, I had to figure out a way to execute this idea. I thought that seitan would be a good substitute for pork, but I realized that they don’t sell it at our local grocery store and it hardly seemed worth it to drive to Raleigh just for that. So somehow the seitan became julienned summer squash. I found a recipe for Bourbon-Mango Pulled Pork that piqued my interest, so I adapted that using yellow squash and zucchini instead of pork to make Bourbon Mango […]

Chipotle Black Bean Quinoa Burgers with Sweet Corn Relish

July 15 2019 Oh My Veggies 

The only reason I ever remember my wedding anniversary is because my Grandma sends Chris and me a card in the mail every year. (Thank you, Grandma!) And whenever someone asks me how long I’ve been married, I freak out a little bit and have to do some quick math in my head. Did we get married in 2005? Or was it 2006? (It was 2006.) What year is it now? What’s 13 minus 6? OH NO WHAT’S 13 MINUS 6??? I really should just throw out a random number because how would they know, right? Also, I really should buy some flashcards and practice basic math. So today is our anniversary! We used to use it as an excuse to get an expensive dinner, but now we don’t really do anything for it. And that’s okay! With both of us! I’m lucky to have married someone who is as into anniversaries and birthdays and holidays as I am. Which is to say, not at all. Anniversaries just seem kind of arbitrary to me. Like, hey, the Earth has rotated around the sun 7 times since we got married--here’s a box of chocolates! I’m not really into grand gestures, you […]

How to Make Your Own Tofu

July 12 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Do you ever think about how different foods came to be? Who discovered that we can eat potatoes? How did someone come up with the idea to grind wheat into flour and make bread with it? I’m always asking myself these questions and I also spend a lot of time wondering how foods are made too. Like tofu! How do you make tofu? I always knew tofu was made from curdled soybeans, but how do you curdle soybeans? And how did someone decide that this was a thing that could be done?! There are a lot of tofu making kits for sale out there, but I decided to forego the kits and try to do it myself. A little bit of Googling turned up pages and pages of tofu making tutorials, but I decided to go with one on NPR’s Kitchen Window. Making my own tofu! It seemed doable! My tutorial is slightly adapted from that one, based on my own tofu making experience. The tofu making process starts with dried soybeans--1 1/­­2 cups, to be exact. I bought mine in the bulk section at Whole Foods. Whenever I use soy in a recipe, it’s inevitable that I get a […]

Recipe | Basil & Sun-Dried Tomato Crackers

July 8 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Making your own crackers seems a lot more complicated than it actually is. But this works in your favor, because when you make these delicious Basil & Sun-Dried Tomato Crackers, people are going to be really impressed. You don’t have to tell them that it was easy; just let them be in awe of your culinary skills! I had wanted to make crackers for a while, but in my head, it was some epic process like canning or making caramels (which I’ve done, and it was most definitely an epic process). Crackers, however, are not an epic process at all. They’re a little bit fussy, but they’re fairly easy to make and quick too. That said, it took me more than one try to get these right. So now you can benefit from my mistakes! Here’s what I learned: Roll these out thin. Thin. Because if you don’t, they won’t be crispy and crackery. They’ll be sad and soggy. No one wants to eat soggy crackers! Except my husband, who ate my first batch of soggy, too-thick crackers. “They’re a good starting point,” he said. Which is supportive husband speak for, “These are barely edible.” Take the time to chop […]

4 Simple Watermelon Side Dish Ideas

July 5 2019 Oh My Veggies 

It’s almost the end of summer. Watermelon is cheap and at its peak of deliciousness, so when you see a ginormous watermelon at the farmers market for $4, you buy it. And then you realize that you have a LOT of watermelon on your hands. What are you going to do with it? (Oh, and by you, I mean me. That was me that bought the ginormous watermelon.) Well, here’s your answer: 4 simple watermelon side dish ideas. They’re healthy and easy too! Kalamata Olives & Basil Okay, I know most people would be inclined to add feta to this. Well, I don’t like feta! Toss some cubed watermelon with fresh basil leaves and some halved kalamata olives. If you’re a fan of sweet-and-salty, you will love this salad. Mint & Lime Juice Squeeze fresh lime juice over watermelon slices and sprinkle with coarsely chopped mint leaves and a few pinches of sea salt. Watermelon slices never tasted so good! Cilantro & Jalapeno The perfect side dish for taco night! Seed and mince a jalapeno and chop some cilantro, then toss it with cubed watermelon and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Sprinkle with a dash of salt (I […]

Basil-Infused Lychee Lime Ice Pops

July 1 2019 Oh My Veggies 

The first time I had lychee, I ordered it on a whim from a Thai restaurant. This was back when my husband and I were first dating–I had never had Thai food and I think I was trying to impress him by ordering something neither of us had heard of before. But wow, was I glad I ordered it–it was so sweet and fragrant, almost like candy. Lychee is now one of my favorite flavors, but unfortunately, it’s rare outside of Asian markets and restaurants. I had an extra lime from another recipe this week, so I used the juice from that in the popsicles too. And since my basil plants seem to be growing several inches a day, I made a basil-flavored syrup to mix in as well. These turned out exactly like I thought they would–a perfect mix of sweetness from the lychees and the tartness of lime juice, with a hint of fresh basil.

Recipe | Herbed French Lentil Salad

June 28 2019 Oh My Veggies 

When I was a senior in college, I had to take a summer of intensive French classes before I could graduate. When it came to languages, I was always a dabbler and I could never find one and stick with it, which is how I ended up in the predicament of spending 6 hours a day, 5 days a week taking French for an entire summer. They say that immersion is the best way to learn a language but I say that that’s a lie. Because I remember nothing. Nothing! Our instructor was of the opinion that it was most useful to learn “real world” words instead of the basics and that this must be learned by immersion. So the days in my French class were spent conversing about diseases, the pros and cons of nuclear power, and the United Nations. And to this day, one of the few French phrases I remember is “j’ai l’hepatite.” Between the whole immersion thing and the oppressive summer heat (in a windowless classroom!), the entire summer began to take on a surreal feeling. And so now whenever the weather starts getting hot and humid, I remember that summer of French immersion. A completely […]

Recipe | Spicy Mango Pizza with Black Beans & Zucchini

June 24 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Before we get to the Spicy Mango Pizza, I have something really important to share with you. Are you ready? I’m writing this post while sitting at a desk. And fine, maybe that doesn’t sound all that important to you, but it is to me. Because for the year and a half that I’ve been blogging, I’ve been writing most of my posts while sitting on the couch. And, more often than not, I’m half-watching episodes of Real Housewives or Mob Wives while writing. (“Oh,” you’re saying to yourself, “that explains a lot.”) But I’ve decided I need to be more professional with my blog. I need to have set hours for it. I need to have a place for it. I need to treat it like a business, not as a hobby. And not because I’m raking in big bucks as a blogger (ha!), but because when I treat it as a hobby, it has a way of encroaching on my free time. If I treat it like a business, my hope is that I’ll be able to set better boundaries with myself. (Although I neglected to mention I’m sitting at my desk writing this on a Saturday afternoon–well, […]

18 Crowd-Pleasing Veggie Pizzas

June 21 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Whether its cauliflower or traditional crust, topped with cheese, pesto or inventive fruit-and-veggie combos, these vegetarian pizza recipes are all so good, you might never call for delivery again.

How to Roast Summer Vegetables

June 17 2019 Oh My Veggies 

We’ve listed the most common summer veggies here along with instructions for preparation and approximate cooking times. You can season these vegetables with salt and pepper alone, or use our suggested additions to fancy things up a little. All of these veggies should be roasted on rimmed baking sheets. We like to coat them with non-stick cooking spray or olive oil from a mister too because sometimes vegetables have a tendency to stick even after being tossed in olive oil. Most additions can be added either before or after the vegetables are done roasting, although garlic is usually best when added before, while tapenades, basil, cilantro, parsley and marinara sauce are best added after. Summer Squash (Zucchini, Crookneck Squash, etc.) Start by: Trimming ends, cutting into thick slices and tossing with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cook at: 400 degrees for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking time. Try adding: Pesto and pine nuts, fresh herbs, garlic, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomato tapenade. Tomatoes Start by: Cutting into 1-inch pieces and tossing with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cook at: 375 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking time. Try adding: A few pinches of brown sugar, garlic, capers, kalamata olives, […]

Mini Pizza

June 12 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These mini pizzas are perfect for an easy, quick weeknight dinner. You can make them yourself or ask your kids to help you.  

How to Make Cashew Mayonnaise

June 7 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I feel like I need to clarify the title of this post a little bit. Maybe it would be better if I called it “How I Make Cashew Mayo.” I don’t make cashew mayo the traditional way, so this isn’t THE definitive cashew mayo recipe. It’s MY cashew mayo recipe. It’s a little bit different from others because: 1) A lot of cashew mayo recipes are raw. Mine is not. 2) My recipe isn’t raw because I use vegetable broth in it. This adds a little boost of extra flavor. 3) I don’t add anything to sweeten my cashew mayo. See? It’s different. And I can’t promise you that it tastes exactly like real mayo (because it was the 80s when I last had real mayo), but it makes a mean sandwich spread and it’s great on crackers or as a dip for veggies too. Are you ready to get started? Here’s how to make cashew mayo! Put one cup of raw cashews in a bowl and cover them with water. Let them sit for a few hours–about two to four is a good amount. Drain and rinse the cashews, then pop them in your blender or food processor with […]

Roasted Chia Cauliflower

June 3 2019 Oh My Veggies 

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a little bit of a chia kick lately. I put those crazy little seeds on and in just about everything. Did you know that Aztec warriors ate chia seeds before battle? If they can fuel warriors in battle, surely they can fuel me while I stand around in the kitchen doing the robot while waiting for onions to caramelize. (Onions take a long time to caramelize!) My favorite way to use chia seeds is to throw them in a smoothie or juice, but you can do so many other things with them too. Use them as an egg substitute! Put them in homemade granola bars! Make chia pudding! Stir them into oatmeal for breakfast! And they also make a nice crunchy topping to this Roasted Chia Cauliflower. I make roasted cauliflower all the time, so when I saw this recipe from Health Warrior, I knew it was kismet. Chia and cauliflower? Together? This recipe was made for me. Cauliflower is healthy, but chia seeds add an extra boost of nutrition. As a vegetarian, I don’t eat fish, so I have to get my Omega-3 fatty acids from non-fishy sources; I used to […]

Recipe | Orange Cardamom Chocolate Mousse (Dairy-Free!)

May 31 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Sometimes I think I have a touch of synesthesia. Example? Whenever I cook or bake with cardamom, I think of fuzzy argyle sweaters. I was quite sure this was another symptom of that pesky synesthesia. Next thing you know, I’ll start tasting numbers, right? Or hearing rainbows. (I bet they sound like ABBA!) But then I realized that the reason I associate cardamom with argyle sweaters is because cardamom sounds a lot like cardigan. (Suddenly this post got a lot less interesting, huh?) Still, there’s something very warm and fuzzy about cardamom. Maybe because it’s often used in chai or in Scandinavian breads. It’s one of those strong flavors that people tend to love or hate, but I’ve always loved it. Pairing it with orange is fairly standard, but after trying it in chocolate gelato, I became enamored with the chocolatecardamom combination–that’s what inspired this Orange Cardamom Chocolate Mousse. I used my Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse recipe as a starting point and added fresh orange juice and zest, as well as a heaping teaspoon full of cardamom. It’s enough of the spice to add a little warm and fuzzy to this vegan chocolate mousse without adding too much.

Mini Vegetable Lasagnas

May 27 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I like small things. Tiny dogs? Love them. Baby corn? Yes please. Pygmy goats? I’ll take 12. For a while, I even collected those little erasers that are shaped like food for no other reason than the fact that they were small, exact replicas of delicious things. So obviously, when I find a recipe that takes a big dish and makes it bite-sized, I’m all over it. After seeing Petite Lasagnas that were made in muffin tins on Pinterest, I decided to make a vegetarian version. Simply subbing out the ground turkey for veggies seemed like a pretty lazy adaptation to me, so I also used pesto instead of a tomato-based sauce. (Sidenote: I could put pesto on anything. Seriously. Here’s a bit of advice: grow basil this summer, make pesto with it, and freeze it so you can use it year-round. You’ll thank me later.) So are Mini Vegetable Lasagnas as good as regular-sized lasagnas? Heck yeah. In fact, I think I may prefer the mini version because the wonton wrappers peek out over the edge of the muffin tins and get nice and crispy. And I love crispy things almost as much as I love small things. The […]

Creamy Carrot Soup

May 22 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This creamy carrot soup can be kept for 7 days in the refrigerator or up to 4 months in the freezer. If freezing, wait to add the cream until thawing the soup.

Healthy Granola

May 18 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Maybe you think that making granola is laborious, but its not! In fact, it’s so simple that this recipe will probably become part of your weekly routine.

Moroccan Couscous

May 15 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Travel to Morocco with this delicious and savory recipe of Moroccan Couscous!

Orzo Greek Salad

May 11 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This Orzo Greek Salad is a fresh and simple recipe that will please everyone. It’s perfect for lunch or for a BBQ dinner side dish.

No Meat Macaroni

May 8 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Here is a simple and comforting recipe for macaroni. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner on the go. This no-meat macaroni is a classic that will never die!

Celery and Spinach Soup

May 4 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Simple, delicious, and full of vitamins, this “cream all dressed in green” will please the whole family! You can serve it both cold and warm.  

The Best Hummus

May 1 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Hummus is ideal for an snack or a aperitif. This recipe is easy to prepare. It’s such a success that I tell myself every time I can not prepare enough!      

Healthy Banana Split

April 27 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This simple, delicious recipe is sure to please your kids. To make this healthy breakfast banana split, all it takes is one banana, yogurt instead of ice cream (I like to use coconut yogurt), fruit, granola, and other toppings of your choice--like chocolate chips, jam, or almond butter!    

Fruity Yogurt Bites

April 24 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These fruity yogurt bites make a healthy treat for an afternoon snack. They are quick, easy to make, and only require a few ingredients!    

Potato Wedges with Basil Sauce

April 20 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Potato wedges are one of the easiest and most comforting dishes. There are only a few small rules to follow, and--as a bonus--there is a delicious basil sauce to go with it!    

Italian Bread Salad

April 13 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Besides the bread, everything is fresh in this Italian salad! Prepare it using country bread or ciabatta bread from the day before. If your bread is too fresh, you can grill it a little bit so that its as dry and crisp as a crouton.    

Black Bean Brownies

April 10 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Wondering how to incorporate legumes into a classic chocolate dessert? (of course you are) The answer is black bean brownies! The beans will go unnoticed and nobody will suspect your secret ingredient. You can enjoy these brownies for dessert, as a snack, or even after your workouts. Adding legumes improves the nutritional value of brownies by adding fiber and protein.  

Protein Pancakes

April 6 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Protein is essential and necessary for all meals to allow us to have a good cruising speed throughout the day. In the morning, think about the following protein sources: milk or soy beverage, Greek yogurt, nuts and nut butters, seeds, eggs, and skim milk powder.

Peas and Tomato Pasta

April 3 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Try this simple recipe for those busy evenings when you only have a box of pasta in the cupboard. It’s a quick dinner that tastes good!

20 Secret Ingredient Cauliflower Recipes

March 29 2019 Oh My Veggies 

You know the old saying… if life gives you cauliflower, make pizza crust. What, that’s not a saying?! Well, I propose right here and now that it should be. We all know cauliflower is a pretty great vegetable, sure. But do you know just how versatile it is? Did you know you can take a head of the stuff and make, yes, a pizza crust? Or a lightened-up version of mashed potatoes? How about hummus? Rice?! Popcorn! Buffalo wings!! This incredible cruciferous vegetable isn’t only low in carbohydrates (perfect for those eating lower-carb diets); it’s utterly packed with nutrients. So the fact that you can transform it into a myriad of other things--usually as as substitute for something that would have been far more calorie-dense--it’s a very good thing. Here are 20 brilliant cauliflower recipes from around the web that touch upon the infinite possibilities for this one remarkable vegetable. Recipe Title: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites Description: Spicy cauliflower “wings” dipped in cool ranch sauce? Yes, please. McKel at Nutrition Stripped shares this recipe for game day or any day. Get Recipe Now!


March 23 2019 Oh My Veggies 

For this vol-au-vent sauce, I chose carrots, corn, and green peas as vegetables, but there are so many possible variations: mushroom, zucchini, celery, squash… To complete it all, you can serve the vol au-vent with a salad!

Recipe | Pesto Pizza with Roasted Red Peppers, Cremini Mushrooms & Asparagus

March 15 2019 Oh My Veggies 

It’s no secret: I’m excited about spring. Super excited! While the weather and sunshine and longer days are nice, it’s the gardening that I’m really psyched about. Last summer was our first as homeowners and I was finally able to grow a variety of herbs to cook with mere steps from my kitchen. Oh yes, the community garden plot I had was nice, but it’s just not the same as being able to open the door, grab some basil, and start cooking. I grew two Genovese basil plants last year; I was worried they wouldn’t be enough, but they ended up being more than I could possibly use. (This year, I’ve planted two Genovese basil plants again and also holy basil and lemon basil–so get ready for a lot of basil recipes soon!) As I usually do at the end of summer, I decided to make a big batch of pesto and freeze it in mini muffin tins to use through the winter. I can’t count how many hectic nights that my frozen pesto saved the day. Working late? Thaw some pesto and throw it into pasta! Got everything you need to make pizza except the sauce? Use pesto instead! […]

Curried Red Lentil & Quinoa Bowls with Cilantro-Mint Chutney

March 8 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I think red lentils might just be the least appetizing food you can cook. Well, visually, at least. When you cook split lentils, they fall apart--kind of like split peas in split pea soup. I spent a lot of time trying to think of ways to make curried red lentils look attractive, but sometimes you just have to let curried red lentils be curried red lentils. You do you, lentils! You do you. So they’re not pretty, but I assure you, these Curried Red Lentil & Quinoa Bowls are delicious. I had the curried red lentil recipe in my pocket for a while and I just wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I tried serving it over cauliflower steaks, but that was kind of weird. Serving it over quinoa is much better! It also makes this recipe a great source of protein--the quinoa has 6 grams per serving and the lentils have 10. Because I used Madras curry powder in this recipe instead of sweet, the lentils are a little bit spicy. You can add a dollop of Greek yogurt to your bowl to cool it down a bit, or make a batch of Cilantro-Mint Chutney. I love […]

Whole Wheat Rotini with Broccolini and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

February 25 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This meal will take you 25 minutes to make, start to finish. Prep time included. I felt the need to state that right off the bat. 25 minutes! For a delicious home cooked dinner! One thing I never hear people say is, “You know what I need? I need some complicated recipes that take a lot of time to make. And they should have really long lists of ingredients too!” No, everyone wants easy. Not Taco Bell easy, but who wants to come home from work and spend 2 hours cooking dinner? No one! I’m a food blogger and cooking is kind of my job and even I don’t like spending too much time on one meal. So this recipe is simple. And there aren’t many ingredients either. (Woo hoo!) Although I made this with whole wheat rotini, you can use any kind of pasta you have on hand. If you don’t want to buy broccolini, use a crown of broccoli instead. You can sub out the pine nuts with walnuts or almonds. This recipe is agreeable like that. Are you looking for more 30 minute or less recipes? Well hey, I just happen to have some! Here are 10 […]

Cauliflower Soup

February 20 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This delicious cream of cauliflower soup will delight the taste buds of even your pickiest child. Eating cauliflower contributes a significant amount of fiber to your diet and is a great food for dieters because it causes a feeling of satiety.

Recipe | Broccoli Quinoa Quesadillas + A Cast Iron Cookware Primer

February 15 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Back when I first started cooking, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as non-non-stick cookware. (Stick cookware?) Non-stick cookware made for easy clean-up! It let you use less oil and butter in your cooking! It was pretty much the best invention ever, right? And then suddenly you started hearing bad things about non-stick cookware. Although they say it’s perfectly safe to use as long as it’s not scratched, my cookware was constantly scratching. It made me kind of uneasy, so I decided to switch out my non-stick pots and pans for cast iron. Since cast iron tends to be a little bit pricier, it’s been an ongoing process, one that began before I even started blogging. As my old pots and pans wore out, I replaced them with new cast iron versions, usually scouring discount stores and the Le Creuset outlet for good deals. I’ve finally replaced my last few pieces with cast iron and I’ve learned a few things along the way: Cast Iron Is Expensive (In the Short Term) The biggest hurdle for me in switching to cast iron was the cost. But if you’re replacing your non-stick cookware every few years like I was, […]

Salted Caramel Granola Bars

February 11 2019 Oh My Veggies 

After I finished grad school and had to start repaying my student loans, I decided to set up a deferred payment plan where I’d pay a smaller monthly payment for a few years, and then the payments balloon later. Obviously by then, I’d be rolling in cash from my swanky library job and I’d have a dollar sign shaped pool in my backyard and wash my hair with Fiji water, so this sounded like a good idea to me at the time. However, now that I’m a month away from the increased payments, it sounds like a terrible idea and it threw me into another I’m-paying-for-a-degree-I-don’t-use-wah-wah pity party. Because as much as I want to be one of those people who gives the finger to the past and goes through life with a t-shirt emblazoned with the words NO REGRETZ, I am a person with regretz and that degree has been one of them. (Sidenote: If I ever start a clothing line, I’m definitely calling it NO REGRETZ. In addition to t-shirts, I will sell bandanas with eagles on them.) Usually these pity parties end when I realize that practically no one uses their degrees and it’s okay! But this […]

Tempeh Tacos from Betty Goes Vegan

February 8 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I get migraines. Crazy migraines. Migraines that make me see strange glowing orbs. Migraines that make me leave hair salons in ambulances. But the worst thing about my migraines is that they cause me to have weird aversions to certain foods. So, for example, when I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and got a migraine a few hours later, suddenly I could no longer stomach PB&Js. The very thought of them would make me feel sick to my stomach. Usually I get over these aversions after a few months, but then there was the time I got a migraine after eating tacos–oh, it was bad. And I wasn’t able to eat tacos for a full year. The Year Without Tacos will go down as one of the worst years ever. Because along with veggie burgers and pasta, tacos were part of the trifecta of easy go-to meals in our household. I felt a little bit lost without taco night. Tacos are fast! They’re delicious! And putting them together is kind of fun too, right? It was a happy day when I finally found myself thinking, “Hey, you know what? I feel like tacos for dinner! I […]

Jalape?o Cheddar Crackers

February 1 2019 Oh My Veggies 

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, I feel like I should post something snacky. I’d probably be a bad food blogger if I didn’t, right? But I have to confess, I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this weekend. Football is the worst, you guys. The worst! There are some sports that I kind of understand. Like soccer. Kick the ball into the net. Easy! But with football, there’s just too much going on. There’s running and numbers on the field and a weird shaped ball. Confusing! When we had to play flag football in gym class, the teacher never even bothered to explain how to play because I guess, like breathing and sleeping, everyone just innately knows. So I’d just run in whichever direction seemed appropriate and when it looked like someone wanted to throw the ball to me, I’d shake my head, wave my arms, and mouth the word “NOOOOOOO!!!!” And if I did, for some reason, end up with the ball, usually I’d throw it to whomever was closest to me, whether they were on my team or not. Because I did not want the ball. And then everyone would yell at me. Oh, they […]

Recipe | Cornmeal Crepes with Mandarin Cranberry Sauce

January 25 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Can you tell that I’m on a cranberry kick? After making cranberry sauce for the first time, I became completely enamored with using fresh cranberries in my cooking. I love the way they pop open and I love their ruby-red color and I love how they get all thick and gelatinous after cooking for a while. Since cranberries won’t be in season for much longer, I figured I better make the most of it and come up with another cranberry recipe. And since the grocery store had bags full of gorgeous looking Mandarin oranges on sale when I was hunting for my cranberries, I thought I’d throw some of those in too. The cornmeal crepe part of this recipe is from Vegetarian Times’ Sweet Cornmeal Crepes with Fresh Blueberries. I made them over the summer when blueberries were cheap and plentiful and I loved them because they were the first crepes I made that didn’t tear or burn or turn out to be a disaster in some way or another. So when I decided to do a cranberry sauce for crepes, this seemed like the perfect crepe recipe to use. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much luck this time as […]

French Onion Soup Sandwiches

January 21 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I have been agonizing over what to call this recipe. Agonizing to an embarrassing degree. I swear, sometimes I spend more time coming up with names for recipes than I do developing the recipes themselves. I feel like the name of this recipe is confusing. Is it a soup? Is it a sandwich? Well, it’s kind of both. It’s French Onion Soup with a twist. You see, in traditional French Onion Soup, you make the soup and float a piece of crusty bread topped with cheese on top of it. And it’s delicious! This recipe is a little bit different, though. The bread, onions, and cheese are in grilled panini form. The (faux) beef broth is served on the side and you dip your sandwich into it. As you eat your panini, bits of onion, cheese, and bread fall into the broth so when you’ve finished off your sandwich, you have a little bowl of French Onion bliss waiting for you. So is it a little confusing? Maybe. But it’s really good, I promise! My husband, who isn’t a huge fan of grilled cheese sandwiches, was really surprised how much these captured the flavor of French Onion Soup. As for […]

Recipe | Thai Red Curry Soup

January 18 2019 Oh My Veggies 

It’s Soup Week on Oh My Veggies! Now, before you get all impressed, you should know that the reason this week is Soup Week is because I’ve spent the past two weeks sick and I haven’t wanted to eat much other than soup. So this is less about me being an amazing, creative food blogger and more about me being having a raging cold. But anyway, Soup Week! Yay! My favorite local Thai restaurant serves the most delicious Thai Red Curry Soup with their lunch specials. Like most lunch special soups, there’s not much to it–broth and usually 4-5 cubes of tofu, about the same number of sliced mushrooms, and a scant teaspoon of thinly sliced scallions. But that’s okay, because the best part is the broth anyway. It’s a little bit spicy, a tiny bit sweet, and incredibly fragrant from the combination of coconut milk and red curry paste. I’ve made a soup similar to this with summer veggies and green curry paste in the past, and I thought I could switch out the green curry with red and I’d get something pretty close to the Thai restaurant Red Curry Soup. It was really close, but the missing piece […]

Stovetop Pesto Mac (+ Everything I Know About Making Mac & Cheese)

January 14 2019 Oh My Veggies 

January is a funny month. We’re all motivated to lose weight and get healthy and eat light foods. But the weather is gray and cold and makes us want casseroles and mac & cheese and hot chocolate. I’ve posted some lighter recipes in the past two weeks, but now it’s time for Pesto Mac. Cheesy, carb-y Pesto Mac. Yes, the same Pesto Mac I put in my What I Ate This Week last month. Except it’s not the same, because that version was a disaster. I didn’t measure my ingredients when I was making the sauce and it turned out way way WAAAAY too thick. Oops! But now I’ve perfected the recipe. And between working on this Pesto Mac and another mac & cheese recipe for a project I’m doing, I’ve learned a lot about making macaroni & cheese. Like: Add veggies to make your mac & cheese go further. Broccoli is probably the most obvious vegetable to add. (They even sell boxed mac & cheese with little bits of dehydrated broccoli!) I also really like adding mushrooms, greens (like kale or spinach), roasted jalapenos or poblanos, cauliflower... anything that goes with the cheese you’re using, really. I mentioned this […]

How To Make Banana Fruit Leather (without a dehydrator!)

January 11 2019 Oh My Veggies 

So I’ve made Raspberry Peach Fruit Leather. And then I made Mango Fruit Roll-Ups. But I’m not going to rest on my delicious fruit snack laurels! No! I’ve been floating around ideas and trying to think of something that would work during winter and then it hit me: banana fruit leather. So I made it and it was good. And then I made it again and it was still good. Good enough to share, in fact. Here’s how to make banana fruit leather without a dehydrator: Before you start, you will need 4 ripe bananas. You’ll need to pre-heat your oven to 175?F and spray a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray. (Don’t spray on too much–you don’t want oily banana fruit leather.) Peel your bananas and cut them into large chunks. Now you need to puree your bananas. I like using an immersion blender, but a food processor or regular blender is fine. Make sure there are no large banana pieces. It needs to be smooth! Try not to eat the puree. It’s delicious! It’s almost like banana pudding. (Okay, not really. But I try to convince myself it is.) Pour the puree onto your greased baking sheet. Hopefully […]

15 Basic Recipes Every Vegetarian Should Master

January 7 2019 Oh My Veggies 

As a long-time vegetarian, there are some recipes that I find myself going back to again and again. I love making new things, but there’s something to be said for those tried-and-true meal ideas too. Because it’s January and a lot of people are cutting down on (or giving up!) meat for the New Year, I’ve decided to compile these dishes here. These are 15 basic recipes that I think every vegetarian should master; you don’t have to master these exact recipes, but if you have a go-to burrito or veggie burger recipe under your belt, your life (well, at least your life at dinnertime) will be a lot easier! Recipe Title: Grilled Cheese Description: I stopped eating meat when I was 12, so there were a lot of grilled cheese lunches back then. While it’s hard to go wrong with the classic version, adding greens or veggies ups the nutrition a little bit, like in this Kale, Grilled Garlic, and Cheddar Panini from Panini Happy. Get Recipe Now!

Recipe | Chewy Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

December 31 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Does your grocery store put out samples? The ones I go to do and, really, it’s pretty ingenious on their part because I always end up buying things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I am just that impressionable. And this is how I ended up getting dried strawberries. I tried them and they were so yummy and chewy and strawberry-y that I had to get them. Even though they were $7 and look like rabbit poop. I usually don’t buy a lot of dried fruit because, although it’s healthy, it’s pretty dense when it comes to calories. A serving size is usually a quarter cup, which is meager. Meager! So what do I do with dried fruit? I bake with it. I really wouldn’t have bought these super expensive rabbit-poop looking dried strawberries if I hadn’t had the idea to use them in cookies. And not just any cookies–chewy chocolate strawberry cookies! (Yes, if you read my blog regularly, you might recognize most of this recipe from my Chewy Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies–hush! It’s not plagiarism if you’re stealing from yourself!) With the chocolate chips and strawberries, these are kind of reminiscent of chocolate covered strawberries. If you can’t find chewy […]

Recipe | Cranberry Chipotle Ketchup

December 28 2018 Oh My Veggies 

For the longest time, I used to pester my husband about the fact that he didn’t like ketchup. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around this. We would go out to breakfast at IHOP and while I would slather my hash browns in ketchup, he would pour maple syrup on them. Which, in my very humble opinion, is just not right. When we’d have fries, he would use barbecue or steak sauce on them–anything but ketchup. I nagged him and nagged him to give ketchup another shot and when he finally did, he admitted it wasn’t that bad. But he still wasn’t crazy about it and he still preferred maple syrup on his hash browns. When I saw a recipe for cranberry ketchup in Cooking Light, I decided that homemade ketchup would be the best way to get my husband fully onboard the ketchup train. Rather than using the ground red pepper suggested by the original recipe, I opted to add chipotle chiles instead. I keep these on hand in the freezer–when we buy a can of them, we puree them and freeze for future use. It’s a great way to add a little heat to whatever you’re cooking. Anyway, […]

Recipe | Peppermint Double Chocolate Ganache Cakes

December 24 2018 Oh My Veggies 

And so the chocolate peppermint recipes continue! Mostly because I still have candy canes. Although I love peppermint candy, I’m not really into the whole candy cane thing. They’re a little bit unwieldy and messy to eat. So the only thing I can really do with candy canes is bake yummy holiday treats with them. My hands are tied! I have no choice in the matter! I’ve posted some relatively light holiday desserts this month, but now it’s time for something decadent. We all need to indulge a little during this time of year, right? (Note that I didn’t say over-indulge.) The good thing about these mini-cakes is that they’re portion-controlled–and believe me, with two kinds of chocolate ganache involved, portion-control is a good thing. One is enough for anyone! (Oh, and if you have leftovers, these freeze quite nicely.) I wanted to make mini-cakes instead of one big ginormous cake–I figured I could either make a sheet cake and cut smaller circles out of it or use cupcake tins. I went the cupcake tin route and turned the finished cupcakes upside down (after shaving a little cake off the top so they’d stand flat). If you want to make […]

Baked Banana Wontons + (Optional!) Coconut Caramel Sauce

December 21 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Okay, so maybe desserts are the last thing you want to think about right now. I know! I totally get that! But one year I had banana wontons on New Year’s Eve and now I always associate them with the New Year. So this is my New Year’s recipe, posted a little bit in advance. The best thing about these wontons, aside from how flipping easy they are to make, is that it’s the kind of dessert that seems like it would be high in calories, but it’s totally not. Each wonton is only about 30 calories (depending on the brand of wonton wrappers you use), so a serving of four is completely doable as a dessert or snack. I used to make these by spraying them with my oil mister and while that works out well, I’ve found that brushing them with melted coconut oil is even better–they are thisclose to having the same crispy texture as deep-fried wontons. But since this is a New Year’s post, healthy banana wontons would be a wee bit disappointing, right? So if you want to go all out, I’ve included a vegan caramel sauce recipe too–a coconut caramel sauce recipe, to be […]

99 DIY Food Gifts for the Holidays

December 17 2018 Oh My Veggies 

I think it is safe to say we have officially entered last minute territory when it comes to Christmas gifts. If you still have shopping to do, you better do it soon! And oh, it will be awful. There will be lines. Screaming children. The things you need to buy will be sold out. But there is another way! You can make your own gifts. Everyone loves a homemade gift! (Well, maybe kids don’t. If you give your kids jars of Meyer lemon marmalade for Christmas, it will probably be something they tell their therapist about 20 years from now. Don’t give your kids homemade marmalade for Christmas.) And guess what? I have 100 DIY food gifts for the holidays in this post. One hundred! Starting with my own food gift idea, a Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix in a jar. This mix is easy to make, reasonably healthy, and the addition of mini chocolate chips makes it a crowd pleaser too. Pack it in mason jars, print out the labels below, and package it up with a bottle of maple syrup. And then instead of going to the mall, you can chill out at home in your pajamas […]

Recipe | Grasshopper Brownie Cookies

December 14 2018 Oh My Veggies 

I always make a few batches of cookies for the holidays, but it’s been several years since I did a lot of holiday baking. You know, the three-day baking marathons that leave you with flour in your hair and flecks of buttery sugar stuck to your face–that kind of holiday baking. But I am doing it this year! The last time I did this kind of holiday baking, I decided to make healthy cookies. Shockingly, healthy cookies do not go over very well with a crowd. So I am going all out this time. I left the grocery store last weekend with bags full of butter and chocolate chips of every variety. No whole wheat flour, no applesauce instead of butter. Not this year! And the first recipe I tackled is one I came up with myself: Grasshopper Brownie Cookies. I guess candy cane would be a wee bit more traditional for this time of year, but grasshopper brownies are one of my favorite desserts and I had the idea to make a sandwich cookie out of them. Chocolate ganache and minty cream are sandwiched between two chewy brownie cookies. I made them small because these little guys are rich. […]

Lasagna Style Soup

December 8 2018 Oh My Veggies 

This soup is surprising! When you take a perfect bite with a little bit of everything, it’s magic. It really tastes like lasagna, but it’s made in 30 minutes with a single saucepan. The lazy cook will be delighted!      

Pumpkin Bread

December 5 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Do you have pumpkin puree leftover from Thanksgiving that you don’t know what to do with? Or are you looking for a new recipe for homemade bread? Well, search no more! Here is a delicious recipe for pumpkin bread. This recipe makes two loaves. You can freeze one for another week! VARIATIONS: You can add nuts, dried fruits, etc. I also believe that the recipe would make good muffins.

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Bread

November 30 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Back in the day, when I was all anti-establishment and down with the man, I would have never found myself partaking in Black Friday madness. But this year, I’m counting down the days to Black Friday because we need a new couch. Couches are expensive! Sales on couches are good! Do you know what four cats can do to a cheap couch in three years? Terrible things. Oh, the horror. (Cats: This is why we can’t have nice things.) So yes, I’m doing the Black Friday thing this year. 20-year-old me would want to kick 32-year-old me in the shin. One thing I won’t be doing the day after Thanksgiving is eating leftovers because, since it’s just the two of us for Thanksgiving this year, I decided not to make a big dinner. Sad, right?! Now that we live several states away, it seems silly to go home for Thanksgiving and then go back a month later for Christmas, so we’re opting for Christmas this year. But if you do happen to have Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, save some cranberry sauce to make this Leftover Cranberry Sauce Bread. Yes! You put the sauce in the bread! It has to be the […]

9 Ways to Use Leftover Cranberry Sauce

November 23 2018 Oh My Veggies 

As I mentioned yesterday, this was the first Thanksgiving that I cooked myself. And it was my first time making cranberry sauce. And we have lots of cranberry sauce left over. LOTS! So much, in fact, that I’ve (desperately) started trying to think of different ways to use leftover cranberry sauce. Sure, we could just eat it as is, but how much fun is that? (Answer: Not very.) Cranberry-Glazed Brussels Sprouts: Roast some brussels sprouts and toss with a little bit of your leftover cranberry sauce. We had this over the weekend and it was a nice, easy side. (I’ve also done this with roasted winter squash too.) Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches: Why not, right? And no, this doesn’t have to be a gross, sloppy mess. Check out this Turkey Cranberry Panini on Following in My Shoes. I had planned on making these with any leftover Field Roast that we had, but we didn’t end up having any left. Next year! Cranberry Flavored Cream Cheese: Mix a little cranberry sauce into some plain cream cheese for a deliciously different bagel topping. Cranberry Muffins: Stir some cranberry sauce into your favorite muffin or quick bread recipe. Cranberry Orange Popsicles: Ever since buying […]

Brown Rice and Apples Salad

November 14 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Here’s a super-simple and delicious recipe that will give you an incredible boost of energy. During winter, it may be less attractive to cook a cold salad as dinner. However, this recipe is comforting, even during the cold days of winter. Its quick to make and can easily be doubled or even tripled!

Squash Creamy Soup

November 10 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Its the season for soup! Nothing is better than a warm bowl full of a hot liquid, unctuous and comforting to face the cold weather that’s settling in. The preparation of this recipe is simple, and the taste is soft and rustic.

Brussels Sprouts Pasta

November 7 2018 Oh My Veggies 

These pastas are a nice surprise! The mix of flavour is so delicious--it’s to die for! Brussel sprouts, pasta, and cream--what more can one ask for in life? Try it and treat yourself!

Apple Cider Glazed Sweet Potatoes

November 2 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Wow, it’s November! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was complaining about summer ending. And now we’re smack-dab in the middle of fall. Fall! When everything is pumpkin flavored! Fall! When The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back on TV! Fall! When sweet potatoes are plentiful! So I decided to come up with a delicious sweet potato recipe for you. I thought to myself, “Hey! It’s fall! And I haven’t posted any sweet potato recipes yet this season!” Then while I was editing the photos for this post, I realized: oh, I did sweet potato gnocchi last week. I did do a sweet potato recipe this season. Oops. I guess since it was pasta, somehow it didn’t feel like a sweet potato recipe. Or something. But that’s okay, right? Because we can all use easy side dish ideas and that’s exactly what this Apple Cider Glazed Sweet Potatoes recipe is–easy! The potatoes are roasted in the oven until they’re tender and then glazed with an apple cider reduction. Simple! Back on the subject of fall, are you following my Fall Recipes board on Pinterest? I’m collecting all kinds of tasty fall foods there.

Roasted Poblano Mac & Cheese

October 29 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Every year that I grow peppers, the same thing happens. The whole summer will pass by and I’ll get one or two peppers from each plant. I’m disappointed, wondering what I did wrong, and I vow that I will never (never!) grow peppers again. Then fall starts and suddenly my pepper plants shoot up a foot or so and dozens of peppers appear overnight. Or, at least it seems like it’s overnight. Why does this happen?! Aren’t peppers supposed to love hot weather? Mine seem to prefer brisk mornings and rainy gray afternoons. After spending some time in the garden last weekend, I realized that I had a problem on my hands–what the heck was I going to do with all the poblano peppers that were ready to harvest at the same time? I have a lot of sweet peppers too, but those are a little bit easier. With hot peppers, you can’t throw them all in a stir-fry or pile them onto a pizza. (Well, maybe you can, but I can’t! I like spicy, but not that spicy.) My favorite way to use poblano peppers is in my Fresh Corn, Poblano, & Cheddar Pizza, but with corn out of […]

Best Vegetarian Arthritis Supplements for Effective Treatment and Pain Relief

October 25 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Arthritis is a difficult and debilitating condition. This joint disease comes in many forms and each of them puts significant limitations on your lifestyle. There are numerous medical treatments with varying level of effectiveness, but making some changes in your dietary habits can also help. A common piece of advice for vegetarians with arthritis is to start increasing their omega-3 fatty acid intake. Unfortunately, simple tweaks in your diet can only take you so far when you are battling arthritis. If you dont want to take medication that can have an adverse effect on your other organs, the best treatment would be to take natural vegetarian arthritis supplements. Here you will learn more about some of the best vegetarian arthritis supplements that can truly help your ailment. 1. SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine) Similar to some other arthritis supplements, SAM-e is an effective pain reliever that can also reduce joint inflammation characteristic to arthritis. Besides the analgesic properties, this supplement also promotes cartilage growth to relieve other arthritis symptoms. On top of that, SAM-e affects serotonin, a neurotransmitter in your brain, to reduce the amount of pain you feel. SAM-e is a non-steroidal supplement, which means that there are fewer negative effects and […]

If I Eat Vegetarian, How Do I Get Enough Protein? The Question Bothering Novice Vegetarians

October 23 2018 Oh My Veggies 

A healthy vegetarian diet, or any other diet for that matter, is impossible without a sufficient protein intake. To get a more complete picture, you should imagine proteins as building blocks of your organism. These macronutrients are responsible for most of the chemicals in your body as well as muscle, skin, bones, and blood. There is a common, albeit wrong, belief that a vegetarian diet doesnt provide a sufficient amount of protein. If nutritionists got a dollar for each if I eat vegetarian, how do I get enough protein? they hear, they would all be super-rich. Getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet is surprisingly simple, if you follow certain rules. The choice to become a vegetarian actually entails that you have to be well-informed about the foods you consume. If I Eat Vegetarian, How Do I Get Enough Protein? - When Enough Is Enough As a vegetarian, you probably already know that proteins grow on other living things besides those that run, fly, or lazily lounge around their sty. Some vegetarian foods are an equally efficient source of protein as the above-mentioned creatures. However, this still doesnt bring you any closer to knowing how to get the right quantities […]

Best Vegetarian Junk Food for Daring Plant Eaters

October 21 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Believe it or not, vegetarians are not immune to the juicy tastes of junk food. To be perfectly honest, vegetarian junk food is not as junk as you might think. It still contains a bunch of healthy nutrients, even though the look, texture, and--in some cases--taste resemble classic junk foods. Vegetarian junk food options are almost endless. They range from famous restaurants’ takes on vegetarian and vegan junk food staples to simple junk food snack recipes. The following write-up showcases some of the best vegetarian junk food dishes. They are easy to prepare at home, so you can quench your vegetarian junk food craving. Vegetarian Junk Food Sandwiches In terms of the best vegetarian junk food, there is hardly a more palatable thing than a veggie junk food sandwich. Nailing just the right taste and juiciness that you get with their famous meat-based counterparts is not as difficult as it seems. The perfect veggie junk food sandwich does require some preparation and skill, but it is well worth the effort. 1.     Vegan McDonalds McChicken Sandwich This vegan junk food sandwich has the looks and taste that might fool even non-vegans. It features succulent chicken flavored seitan that you can prepare […]

Best Vegetarian Indian Cookbooks You Should Have in Your Kitchen

October 18 2018 Oh My Veggies 

As an aspiring vegetarian, you should definitely get ahold of an Indian cookbook or two. Indian cuisine is a treasure trove of delicious healthy recipes that might become a staple in your plant-based diet. This cuisine utilizes bunches of plants, herbs, and spices to create mouth-watering vegetarian goodies. Indian vegetarian cookbooks can also teach you some new cooking techniques. You will probably start mixing odd ingredients to create unique Indian-style flavors. However, choosing the right Indian cookbook that perfectly fits your vegetarian preferences might be tricky. To make your choice a bit easier, take a look at this list of the best vegetarian Indian cookbooks that can add just the right spice to your diet. Saffron Soul: Healthy Vegetarian Heritage Recipes from India Among the best vegetarian Indian cookbooks, Saffron Soul by Mira Manek should be on top of your list. The lovely introduction traces the Manek family journey from India to London and gives the entire cookbook a special personal touch. However, the introduction is not the only personal touch this cookbook has to offer. Mira Manek provides a unique set of recipes that feature her own take on traditional Indian staples. Each recipe is a vegetarian interpretation of […]

Vegan Gingerbread Pear Bundt Cake

October 15 2018 Oh My Veggies 

I wanted to create a cake that embraced the season and its rich flavors. Bold gingerbread, sweet pears, a little caramel sauce swizzled over the top to bring it all together. Something that would work well as a mid-morning snack cake alongside a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, but would also be well-received by all as a special occasion dessert (Thanksgiving, anyone?) Initially, I thought of a few go-to vegan baking ingredients. Flax eggs. Almond milk. Coconut oil. But then my mind turned to one of my very favorite cakes, a cake I enjoyed often growing up, a cake I had no idea was vegan until a few years ago. It’s a rich, moist chocolate number called Wacky Cake, though growing up, we called it Crazy Cake – and we always enjoyed it with a dollop of whipped cream. So much for being vegan. Wacky Cake was reportedly created during the Great Depression, when staples such as eggs and milk were in short supply. Enterprising cooks dreamed up a cake that utilized vinegar and baking soda instead, creating bubbles that help the cake to rise. I thought I’d borrow that naturally vegan cake’s formula for this gingerbread version. Other than omitting the […]

Apples and Carrot Soup

October 13 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Now that the weather is getting cooler, you can warm up with this excellent apples and carrot soup recipe. A good soup with deep and comforting flavors is easy and quick to prepare. Use some vegetables left in the bottom of your refrigerator to make this hot soup. That’s how this apples and carrot soup came to be! This soup has a quite thick consistency. If it is too thick for your taste, extend it with vegetable broth.

Cashew Butter vs Peanut Butter – Is There a Winner to This Battle?

October 11 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Vegans and vegetarians simply love their nut butter, and they have been debating long and hard about which nut butter is the healthiest and most nutritious. The central debate usually revolves around cashew butter vs peanut butter--though almond butter sometimes pops up in the debate as well. It might be disappointing to realize that there is no actual winner of the cashew butter vs peanut butter battle. Each tasty spread comes with its fair share of unique benefits and nutritional properties. The choice ultimately boils down to your own personal preference. Peanut Butter For most Americans--vegan and non-vegan--peanut butter is much more than just a tasty spread to put on their sandwich. Since Dr. Kellogg introduced the first batch more than a century ago, peanut butter has risen to the status of a cultural food icon. On top of that, the National Peanut Board helps ensure that there is plenty of healthy, allergy-free peanut butter for future generations. Peanut Butter Nutrition Unfortunately, the popularity of peanut butter has little to do with its nutritional benefits. Still, it is worth stressing that peanut butter can be very beneficial for your plant-based eating habits. Peanut butter mostly consists of healthy unsaturated fats […]

How Can You Eat Raw Corn? Simple Tips and Tricks

October 9 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Corn, also known as maize, is one of the main staples of any diet--vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore. This ubiquitous cereal also comes with more than a few nutritional benefits. It is rich in potassium, iron, and contains 3,27g of protein per 100g. On top of that, corn is an excellent source of energy because 100g of kernels have about 86 calories. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for a vegan or vegetarian diet. There are many different ways to consume corn. It can be cooked, grilled, or ground into tasty tortilla flour. However, if youre wondering if you can eat raw corn, here are some things you should know. Can You Eat Raw Corn? The Simple Answer If you grew up in the city, eating raw corn might not have been something you enjoyed as a kid. Yet those who grew up on a farm, especially in the Midwest, know well how tasty corn straight from the cob can be. However, you dont just go out and munch down on any corn that you can find. There are two varieties of corn and one is perfectly suitable for eating raw while the other isnt. Sweet corn is the variety […]

Everything You Should Know About Building Muscle While Eating Vegetarian

October 7 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to gain muscle while on a vegetarian diet. Many people still think that the supposed lack of protein in a vegetarian diet does not allow for sufficient results in the gym. However, this is nowhere near the truth. Whether youre eating meat or not, building muscle involves a strict dietary regimen designed to optimize the quantities of the nutrients your body requires. Your diet should include minerals, fiber, vitamins, and of course protein to ensure you get the desired results. Similar to non-vegetarian fitness enthusiasts, vegetarian gym goers need to follow a prescribed dietary regime and have a good understanding of their body. If you optimize your diet, you shouldnt have any problems building muscle while eating vegetarian. Types of Vegetarians There are four different vegetarian categories and each involves different dietary habits. It is important to have a clear understanding of which category you belong to because it can largely determine your gym diet. All vegetarians can generally be classified into the following four categories: Pescetarians, who eat fish Lacto-ovo vegetarians, who eat dairy and eggs Lacto-vegetarians, who eat dairy products Vegans, who are solely on a plant-based diet There is […]

A Guide to Fall Produce

October 5 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Apples and pumpkins get all the love and attention every fall, but what about beets? And turnips? Won’t someone please think about the turnips?! If you’re not sure what’s in season during fall, this guide is for you–not only does it list what’s in season, it also contains buying and storage tips, cooking suggestions, and recipe ideas. It’s everything you need to conquer fall cooking! And if you still need more ideas, click on over to my list of fall-inspired recipes from Oh My Veggies. Apples Peak Season: September-October Buying Tips: Apples should be firm, without blemishes or bruises. Storage: Store apples in a cool place or in your refrigerator. Because apples release gases that can cause other produce to overripen, they should be kept in a separate drawer in the fridge. Preparation & Cooking: The skin is the healthiest part of the apple, so keep them unpeeled when possible for the maximum benefit. Apples can be made into sauces, diced and added to salads, and baked into sweet treats like pies, muffins, and tarts. Different apples are better suited for different uses, so try to get the specific type of apple that your recipe calls for. Apples start browning […]

Corn Salad

September 26 2018 Oh My Veggies 

It’s time to prepare salad for lunches, so if you are looking for a quick and savory salad to try, this is it!! Light and full of flavor, I guarantee that this will be a success not just for your lunches but for your next family party, especially if you are a fan of corn. Prep time: 20 minutes Servings: 6 Ingredients Vinaigrette 3 tbsp of olive oil 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp chopped flat parsley 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1/­­2 tsp dried oregano Salad 1 cup of cherry tomatoes 1 English cucumber, cubed 180 ml (3/­­4 cup) diced feta cheese 125 mL (1/­­2 cup) of green onion Instructions In a bowl combine all the ingredients of the vinaigrette and whisk together. Add the salad ingredients and mix well. Put the salad in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants - Denver

September 23 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Denver may be known for its game meat and deep fried Rocky Mountain oysters, but its culinary culture has a lot more to offer. There is also a strong Mexican culinary influence, which has sparked a minor revolution in terms of food diversity. If beef or game is not your thing, you should check out some of the best vegetarian restaurants Denver offers and give their delicious alternatives a try. Root Down The menu at Root Down is one of the most varied you are likely to see. Not only does the place have specific listings for brunch, dinner, and dessert, but it also has a special section for kids. Making the young ones eat their veggies isnt always easy, but a country fried tofu at Root Down might be just the meal for your picky kid. Theres a nice balance between fresh and raw selections and traditional deep fried meals. Youll find vegetarian soups like the carrot and Thai red curry, or you can order some spicy veggie burger sliders. Beet Box Denver Is it a bakery? Is it a restaurant? It doesnt matter. The important thing is that Beet Box Denver is an awesome vegetarian food joint. If […]

Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos

September 21 2018 Oh My Veggies 

For better or worse (often for worse), I am an idea person. Not really in an inspiring, visionary type of way. More in a “Hey, I have an idea! I’m going to glue Japanese candy wrappers to a piece of cardboard and frame it!” kind of way. I’m less Steve Jobs, more lady on Hoarders who saves empty yogurt containers to make Christmas ornaments. I have ideas! Lots of ideas! For a while, I wanted to start a second blog, for desserts, called Oh My Pants. But then I realized that the fact that I don’t bake much might get in the way and really, I just wanted a blog called Oh My Pants. So then I came up with another idea. I’d start a blog called Oh My House. We’d buy a house (bonus points if it was a former crack house or brothel–hello, interesting backstory!), renovate it, decorate it, and blog about it. Oh sure, the domain might have been taken, but I had the house picked out and everything! Except that there are eleventy billion home reno blogs out there right now. And we can’t buy a new house 2 years after moving into this one. Also, […]

Blueberry and Banana Muffins

September 19 2018 Oh My Veggies 

These muffins will bring happiness to the young and old. When I first tasted it, I was reminded of the muffins that my grandmother cooked for me when I was little. Personally, I like it a lot when my muffins are golden brown; it gives a really delicious taste. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cooking: 25 minutes Total: 45 minutes Servings: 15 muffins Ingredients 2 cups whole wheat flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/­2 teaspoon salt 1/­4 teaspoon cinnamon 4 bananas peeled and pounded 3/­4 cups brown sugar 1/­4 cup melted coconut oil 1/­2 cup milk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup blueberries Preparation Mix the first 5 ingredients in a bowl and the other ingredients in another bowl. Mix the dry ingredients gently with the wet ingredients, and mix until combined. Gently add the blueberries. Fill the muffin cups up to 3/­4 of the mold. Bake at 350° F until a toothpick comes out clean--about 25 minutes.

16 Healthy Homemade Vegetarian Snack Recipes

November 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Raise your hand if you’re a snackaholic!  I’m guessing I’m not the only one with my hand in the air right now ?  I’m a firm believer that snacks are vital to our diets and keep us going between meals.  They’re great for giving us energy, curbing our sweet tooth and preventing us from getting […]

Caramelized Onion Galette Recipe

November 21 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Are you one of those people who finds working with pastry and making tarts and pies stressful? If yes, have you ever tried making a galette? You should! Galette is just a fancy word for a rustic, free-form tart. That means when you roll out the pastry it can tear, be patched back together, make […]

19 Irresistible Vegan Macaroni and Cheese Recipes

November 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Mac and cheese is the universal comfort food. There is nothing quite like sitting down in your favorite pair of sweats and devouring an entire bowl. But did you know that mac and cheese doesn’t have to be filled with dairy? These recipes will have you drooling at first glance, and you’ll never know that […]

Curried Tofu Hash with Cilantro Fried Rice

November 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Fried tofu is one of my favorite vegetarian meal options, but I pretty much always do the same thing with it; I cut it into either slices or cubes. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I was recently quite intrigued when I came across a completely different way to prepare tofu: grate it on a box grater like […]

15 Recipes That Take Oatmeal to the Next Level

November 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Myriad oatmeal recipes are such greats way to start the day!  Oatmeal is packed with antioxidants, fiber and is excellent for lowering cholesterol.  You don’t have to be stuck eating a boring bowl of oatmeal for breakfast every morning though.  There are so many delicious ways to prepare it, from overnight oats to baked oatmeal, […]

12 Delicious Millet Recipes You Need to Try

November 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Millet recipes are naturally gluten-free grains cooked that are actually quite versatile. Mildly nutty in flavor, it can be prepared a number of ways.

15 Crave-Worthy Pound Cake Recipes

November 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Pound cake is the ultimate comfort dessert, and every home chef needs to have a few pound cake recipes on hand. Traditionally pound cakes are made with flour, butter, sugar and eggs but there are so many unique flavor variations like lemon, almond, orange, strawberry as well as ingredient substitutes so vegans can enjoy pound cakes […]

Quinoa Carrot Cake Muffins

October 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Quinoa adds bulk and texture, while carrots and spices add flavor to these healthy carrot cake muffins.

15 Scrumptious Ways to Make Vegetarian Fried Rice

October 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With some precooked rice and a few trimmings, a vegetarian fried rice dinner can be ready in minutes. Here are 15 scrumptious recipes to try.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Eggplant Curry, Sweet Potato Pizza & Sage Polenta Bowls

October 13 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: eggplant lentil curry, sweet potato pizza, and sage falafel bowls with Brussels sprouts & wild mushrooms.

18 Vegetarian One-Pot Pasta Recipes for Busy Weeknights

October 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

One pot pasta is the ultimate easy weeknight dinner, and there are lots of delicious ways to make it! Here are 18 of our favorite recipes to try.

11 Cozy Coffee Drinks You Need to Make This Fall

October 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

From cinnamon-spiced to gingerbread-spiked, these creative coffee drinks are sure to keep you warm and cozy this fall.

17 Delicious Vegetarian Dinners You Can Make with a Tube of Polenta

October 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

An easy vegetarian dinner is never far when theres tube of polenta on hand. Here are 17 of our favorite polenta recipes.

How to Make Paneer

October 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Paneer makes a delicious addition to Indian curries and stews, but it can be tough to find. Good news: paneer is really easy to make. Heres how!

Vegan Meal Plan | Coconut Curry Soup, Falafel Burgers & Autumn Nourish Bowls

October 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: coconut curry soup with sweet potato noodles, chickpeas in spicy smoked tomato sauce with penne; one-pot curried quinoa with butternut squash and chickpeas; turmeric falafel burgers; and autumn nourish bowls.

Beetroot and Vanilla Sorbet

October 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Beets add nutrition, flavor, and a burst of vibrant color to this delicious vegan sorbet.

Vegan Snickerdoodles

October 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With a perfectly sweet vanilla flavor, soft bite, and a coating of cinnamon sugar, these vegan snickerdoodles are hard to resist.

16 of the Best Vegetarian Options at Disney World

September 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

When it comes to meatless dining, Disney has plenty of dishes to choose from. Here are 16 of the best vegetarian options as Disney World!

15 Delicious Minestrone Soup Recipes

September 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With veggies and pasta in tomato broth, there is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of minestrone soup! Here are 15 delicious recipes to try.

13 Drool-Worthy Macaron Recipes

September 27 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With a light meringue shell and cream filling, a freshly baked macaron is hard to resist! Here are 13 of our favorite macaron recipes to try.

32 Creative Spaghetti Squash Recipes

September 25 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Spaghetti squash is more than just a stand in for noodles. Proof: these 32 creative and delicious spaghetti squash recipes!

Injera with Cilantro Mango Chutney

September 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This spongy Ethiopian injera flatbread is perfect served alongside cozy stews, or as a snack with spicy cilantro mango chutney.

25 Vegetarian Mason Jar Meals to Help You Win at Lunch

September 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

When it comes to packing lunches that are both delicious and healthy, mason jars are your best friend. Here are 25 of our favorite mason jar meals.

Kale Quiche with Cherry Tomatoes, Corn & Sharp Cheddar

September 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This veggie-packed kale quiche makes a delicious vegetarian lunch, dinner, or savory breakfast.

Vegan Meal Plan | Summer Socca, Cauliflower Scampi & Barbecue Tofu

September 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: summer socca with lemon basil yogurt dressing; Thai red curry with peppers and cashews; cauliflower scampi with garlic white wine sauce; barbecue tofu bowls; and cauliflower risotto.

21 Mind-Blowing Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

September 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Filled with gooey, cheesy deliciousness, there isnt much that tops a piping hot grilled cheese sandwich, except maybe a grilled cheese with the works! Here are 21 of our favorites.

20 of the Best Vegetarian Meals for Meateaters

September 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Think going vegetarian means sacrificing flavor and satisfaction? These recipes prove otherwise. Here are 20 of the best vegetarian meals for meateaters.

Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup

September 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This velvety vegan tomato soup is packed with the flavors of roasted garlic, fire roasted tomatoes, and a touch of creamy coconut milk.

15 Creative Pesto Recipes You Need to Try

September 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Pesto is a sure-fire way to add flavor to savory dishes, and while classic pesto is great, there are lots of delicious variations to try. Here are 15 of our favorites.

20 Best Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes to Make For Dinner

August 31 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Ditching both gluten and meat? That can make meal planning tough! Thats why weve rounded up 20 of the best vegetarian and gluten-free recipes to make for dinner!

Vegan Slow Cooker Pinto Bean Enchiladas

August 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These pinto bean and corn stuffed enchiladas can be assembled in minutes and cook up easy and hands free in the slow cooker.

18 Zucchini Bread Recipes Everyone Will Love

August 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Got an abundance of zucchini? Bake it into a loaf of sweet, tender zucchini bread! Here are 18 of our favorite recipes to help you use your stash.

17 Delicious Deviled Egg Recipes

August 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Deviled eggs are a guaranteed hit at any gathering, and while plain deviled eggs are great, theres plenty of room to get creative! Here are 17 of our favorite deviled egg recipes.

16 Vegetarian Crock Pot Freezer Meals

August 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

When it comes to convenience, you cant beat a meal thats both freezer and slow cooker friendly! Thats why weve rounded up 16 of our favorite vegetarian Crock Pot freezer meals.

Baked Pumpkin with Spinach, Mushrooms, and Cheese

August 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Last year I came upon a recipe for a baked pumpkin stuffed with bread, bacon, and cheese on Pinterest. I immediately made a mental note because I knew that, with a little bit of tweaking (and a lot less bacon), it would be a perfect vegetarian main dish for a holiday dinner. And with Christmas right […]

15 Fluffy Pancake Recipes Everyone Will Love

August 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

A big stack of pancakes is just about the most delicious way you can start your day. Here are 15 of our favorite fluffy pancake recipes.

How to Make Pizza Dough

August 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Making your own pizza dough is easier than you think! Follow our step-by-step tutorial to find out how its done.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Polenta Kabobs, Chickpea Salad & Ratatouille Crepes

August 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: polenta, veggie and halloumi kabobs; Mediterranean pesto chickpea salad sandwiches; ratatouille crepes; kale and white bean tortilla; and socca with sautéed chard and Parmesan.

16 Refreshing Margarita Recipes to Cool You Down This Summer

August 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

When it comes to summer cocktails, an ice-cold margarita cant be beat! Here are 16 of our favorite margarita recipes to keep you cool and refreshed.

15 of the Best Vegetarian Grilling Recipes

August 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Too hot to turn on the oven? Time to get grilling! Here are 15 of our favorite vegetarian grilling recipes.

16 Delicious Frozen Pops Everyone Will Love

July 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

There’s nothing quite like an ice cold frozen pop to cool you down on hot summer days. Most store-bought pops are loaded with sugar and artificial flavors though, and they can be a bit boring in the flavor department. Good thing it’s super easy to make your own frozen pops at home! Grab yourself a […]

Cedar Plank Grilled Tofu with Cherry Salsa

July 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These marinated tofu slabs are grilled to smoky perfection on cedar planks and served with fresh salsa made from juicy summer cherries.

Berry Frozen Yogurt

July 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Just 4 ingredients are all it takes to make this rich and creamy mixed berry frozen yogurt.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Corn and Zucchini Galette, Stuffed Miso Eggplant & Skillet Lasagna

July 21 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal includes: corn and zucchini galette; stuffed miso eggplant; summer vegetable skillet lasagna; potato, green bean, and goat cheese breakfast skillet; and Korean barbecue tofu bowls with stir-fried veggies and quinoa.

A Nutritionist’s Tips for Summer Hydration

July 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Its hot outside! Stay hydrated with these tips from our nutritionist.

Vegan Meal Plan | Banh Mi Sandwiches, Tofu Lettuce Wraps & Zucchini Boats

July 14 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: grilled veggie banh mi sandwiches; pasta with cilantro jalape?o pesto, fresh corn & tomatoes; grilled teriyaki tofu lettuce wraps with creamy sesame dressing; vegan zucchini taco boats; and crispy black pepper tofu.

Chipotle Baked Tofu & Plantain Burritos

July 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Pan-fried plantain slices and smoky chipotle baked tofu are stuffed into warm tortillas to make these sweet and spicy vegan burritos.

A Guide to Non-Dairy Milks

July 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Which non-dairy milks are best for drinking? What about baking? Our guide to non-dairy milks will help you pick the type that best suits your needs.

BBQ Pulled Mushroom Sandwiches

July 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Thinly sliced cremini mushrooms are simmered in tangy barbecue sauce and stuffed into buns to make these vegan pulled mushroom sandwiches.

Creamy Corn Pasta with Zucchini and Basil

July 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Fusilli pasta and summer veggies are dressed in velvety corn sauce to make this summery vegetarian dinner.

Vegan Meal Plan | Cauliflower Manchurian, Mexican Bowls & Cajun Pasta

June 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: baked cauliflower Manchurian; Mexican nourish bowls with lime dressing; Mediterranean tofu scramble; heat-free lentil and walnut tacos; and creamy vegan Cajun pasta.

Cauliflower Rice Sushi Bowls with Tofu

June 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Baked tofu, crisp veggies, and avocado slices are served atop a bed of cauliflower rice and drizzled in tamari dressing to make these light and healthy sushi bowls.

How to Make Banana Nice Cream

June 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

You only need one ingredient to make a luscious (and healthy!) frozen treat! Heres our step my step method for making nice cream.

Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Cream Dip

June 21 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These fruit kebabs are served up with a creamy cashew-based chocolate dip and are a perfect healthy sweet for summer gatherings.

Ratatouille Polenta Stacks

June 19 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With layers of grilled eggplant and polenta served over chunky veggie-packed stew, these ratatouille polenta stacks make for a light and fresh summer meal.

Ingredient Spotlight: Chickpea Flour

June 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Chickpea flour is the gluten-free, grain-free staple that belongs in your pantry. Heres what you can do with it!

Coconut Horchata

June 14 2017 Oh My Veggies 

The addition of light coconut milk makes this vegan horchata extra rich and creamy.

Open-Faced Falafel Burgers

June 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These healthy falafel burgers are made with a crispy panko coating, pan-fried until crisp and served over mini pitas with veggies and tahini sauce.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Veggie Burritos, Jamaican Jerk Burgers & Chickpea Stir-Fry

June 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: garden veggie freezer burritos; barbecue lentil bowls; Jamaican jerk veggie burgers; orange chickpea stir-fry; and smoked cheddar mac and cheese with bbq baked tofu.

Grilled Sweet Potato and Vegetable Sandwiches

June 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Try these easy grilled sweet potato, zucchini and red pepper vegetable sandwiches with herb yogurt sauce at your next summer party.

4 Ways to Make Tofu Irresistible

June 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Here are 4 of our favorite ways to cook up tofu so its totally irresistible.

Vegan Greek Salad with Tofu Feta

May 31 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegan Greek salad is made with crisp romaine lettuce tossed with fresh veggies and tofu feta cheese, all tossed in a tangy vinaigrette dressing.

Gluten Free Stuffing with Kale, Caramelized Onions, and Mushrooms

May 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

I’ve never been much of a stuffing person. I don’t dislike it and I’ll eat it if it’s there, but I’ve never attempted to make it myself. I mean, what is stuffing but stale bread and broth? That’s like what they’d feed prisoners in the Middle Ages. And we’re supposed to look forward to this? […]

How to Make Almond Milk

May 27 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Making your own almond milk is easier than you think! Well show you how to do it with just two ingredients and a handful of steps.

My Veggie Kitchen: Lisa from Healthy Nibbles & Bits

May 25 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Today were chatting with Lisa from Healthy Nibbles & Bits about her favorite pantry items, cookbooks, and recipes.

Vegan Bruschetta (3 Ways!) with Creamy Cashew Cheese

May 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegan bruschetta is made with toasted baguette slices topped with creamy cashew cheese and your choice of three toppings.

Green Bean Curry from Saffron Soul

May 21 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Fresh green beans are simmered in Indian spices with juicy tomatoes to create this healthy vegan curry.

8 Recipes for Summer Squash Soup

May 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Summer squash are full of antioxidants! Lets explore the summer squash soup recipes that can be made with these nutrient-packed and flavorful foods.

14 Easy Vegetarian Stir-Fry Recipes for Busy Weeknights

May 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner? Here are 14 of our favorite vegetarian stir-fry recipes, all simple enough for busy weeknights.

Egg White Omelet with Seared Asparagus

May 15 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This egg white omelet makes for a delicious healthy breakfast thats low in calories but packed with flavor and protein.

Plant Protein: A Nutrition Q&A About Plant Protein

May 15 2017 Oh My Veggies 

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to protein in vegetarian diets. Over the years, I’ve gotten quite a few emails from new vegetarians wondering how much protein they need and how to get it. Since I’m not a nutritionist, I’ve asked McKel to address some of these questions in her […]

How to Create the Ultimate Black Bean Burger

May 13 2017 Oh My Veggies 

It only takes a handful of simple ingredients and a few minutes to create the ultimate black bean burger. Our guide will show you how!

6 Vegetarian Items from ALDI to Fill a Picnic Basket

May 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Warm spring weather means its time for picnics. Fill your basket with these 6 delicious treats from ALDI.

Kale Smoothie: Try this Kale-Ginger Detox Smoothie

May 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Although I do a lot of experimenting with my smoothies - adding various fruits, veggies, cacao powder, nut butters, oats, spices, etc. - I cant seem to drag myself away from a simple kale smoothie with ginger and blueberries.

Simmer Sauces Make for a Quick Weeknight Meal

May 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Sometimes its not practical to make an entire meal from scratch. For me, the key to using convenience foods is to tweak them enough to make them taste like home-cooked meals. One recent discovery in my household is the humble jarred simmer sauce.

Chickpea & Tofu Thai Peanut Tacos

May 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These easy Thai-inspired tacos are stuffed with crispy slaw and a mix of tofu and chickpeas smothered in rich peanut sauce.

Saturday Six | Taco Bowls, Margarita Pops & Turmeric Cupcakes

May 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spicy quinoa taco bowls, creamy coconut margarita pops, and sweet pineapple turmeric cupcakes that are vegan and gluten free.

6 Ways to Increase the Flavor of Your Dishes

May 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

There are easy ways to bump up the flavor of your dishes without having to be a master chef or committing excessive time. These six tips will make your everyday dining more enjoyable with very little extra effort on your part.

Oh Yeah, I Totally Quit My Juice Cleanse

May 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

You were probably expecting a triumphant post today about how amazing my juice cleanse was, but here I am writing about quitting. Because I am a quitting quitter who quits. I quit the juice cleanse. Which, honestly, kind of killed me a little bit. That cleanse was a lot of money. And aside from that, […]

Cornbread Pancakes

May 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These simple cornbread pancakes are light and tender, with a texture and flavor reminiscent of honey cornbread.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Mizuna Pasta, Greek Quesadillas & Firecracker Cauliflower

April 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: spring mizuna pea pasta; Greek chickpea quesadillas with homemade tzatziki; eggs Benedict with avocado and roasted pepper; asparagus flatbread with garlic cashew cream sauce; and firecracker cauliflower.

Spicy Korean Noodles & Tofu Meatballs

April 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Udon noodles are dressed in spicy sauce and served with savory tofu meatballs to make this flavor-packed Korean inspired meal.

Sweet Potato Cakes with Lime and Avocado

April 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These crispy sweet potato cakes are seasoned up with garlic, ginger and spicy chile peppers, and served with fresh cilantro, avocado and a squeeze of lime.

Saturday Six | Tempeh Bolognese, Buffalo Tofu Sliders & Chickpea Fudge

April 22 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including savory tempeh bolognese served atop crispy polenta cakes, spicy Buffalo tofu sliders, and vegan cookie dough fudge made from chickpeas.

7 Substitutes for Honey

April 20 2017 Oh My Veggies 

When opting to avoid honey, some may have trouble finding substitutes for honey that are suitable. Check out this extensive list of substitutes for honey.

Sports Nutrition for Vegetarians

April 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Whats the best way to fuel your workouts on a vegetarian diet? Our nutritionist shares her advice on sports nutrition for vegetarians.

Saturday Six | Stuffed Dates, Tex-Mex Lasagna & Vegan Egg Salad

April 15 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including sweet chocolate covered stuffed dates, spicy Tex-Mex lasagna, and vegan egg salad made from tofu.

Vegan Avocado Desserts You Won’t Believe

April 13 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Avocado addicts everywhere, rejoice! You can officially enjoy your favorite fruit (yes, the avocado is technically a fruit, not a vegetable) with every meal--including dessert!

How To Make Cauliflower Rice

April 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

I am not a rice hater! So please know that this post is not written out of rice haterism. Rice is delicious, healthy, and many cultures around the world have thrived on it for centuries. So you see, I have nothing but love for rice. But do you know what a serving of rice is... Read More »

Lightened Up Mac & Cheese

April 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This baked mac & cheese has all the creamy deliciousness of classic versions of the dish, but with fewer calories thanks to the addition of cauliflower and healthy chickpea pasta.

Saturday Six | Carrot Cake Cookies, Curried Shepherd’s Pie & Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie

April 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including sweet vegan carrot cake cookies, spicy curried vegan shepherds pie, and a lemon cheesecake smoothie with a secret healthy ingredient.

Why You Need Ashwagandha Stat

April 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Ashwagandha is a key herb used in the ancient Indian medical system, and its numerous health benefits are beginning to reach the eyes of science.

Mustard Green Pesto Pasta with Chickpeas & Crispy Panko Breadcrumbs

April 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This easy baked pasta is dressed in garlicky mustard green pesto and topped with a crispy panko breadcrumb topping.

Beet and Mixed Green Salad with Polenta Croutons and Goat Cheese

April 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This hearty gluten-free salad includes mixed greens tossed with roasted beets, crispy polenta croutons and crumbled goat cheese.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Sweet Potato Casserole, Thai Curry & Spring Vegetable Bowls

March 31 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: Mexican-inspired sweet potato casserole; Thai red curry with asparagus and tofu; roasted Yukon potato spring vegetable bowls; vegetarian Salisbury steak; and asparagus mushroom melts.

Thai Red Curry with Pineapple & Sweet Potatoes

March 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This sweet and savory Thai red curry is filled with sweet potato, bell pepper, cashews, and pineapple.

Mushroom Barley Pilaf

March 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This hearty pilaf is made with tender barley and a savory mix of cremini and shiitake mushrooms.

Creamy Vegan Pesto Pasta

March 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Penne pasta is dressed in a creamy, dairy-free pesto sauce and served with veggies to make this cozy vegan dinner.

Eat These Foods for a Healthy Gut

March 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

If you want a healthy gut for optimal wellness, add these foods to your weekly meal planning.

A Nutritionist’s Guide to Sweeteners

March 21 2017 Oh My Veggies 

From brown sugar to maple syrup to stevia, our nutritionist shares the details you need to know on the most popular sweeteners.

Saturday Six | Winter Rolls, Beet Cake & Tempura Asparagus

March 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including winter rolls stuffed with hearty veggies, beet cake with rich cream cheese frosting, and crispy tempura asparagus.

Tips for Eating Vegan on the Road

March 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Traveling is tiresome with time change, lack of sleep and more. Eating vegan on the road can make traveling even more exhausting, but it doesnt have to be!

Vegan Three-Bean Quinoa Chili

March 15 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This hearty vegan three-bean chili is packed with spices, beans, veggies, and quinoa.

Savory Oatmeal with Fried Eggs, Asparagus and Tomatoes

March 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This savory oatmeal is made with creamy oats cooked in almond milk, and topped with fried eggs, asparagus spears and fresh tomatoes.

Vegan Meal Plan | 03.13.17

March 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: mee goreng with tofu and bok choy; jerk chickpea wraps with habanero aioli; red curry lentils & cauliflower; cheesy vegan potato leek soup; and vegan Cincinnati chili.

Gingered Brussels Sprout and Shiitake Pot Stickers

March 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These crispy pot stickers are filled with a gingery mixture of Brussels sprouts and shiitake mushrooms, and served up with a sweet soy dipping sauce.

Curried Parsnip Fries with Cilantro Hummus Dip

March 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These curried parsnip fries are baked (not fried!) until crispy and served with a creamy cilantro hummus dipping sauce.

Saturday Six | Winter Panzanella, Breakfast Tostadas & Vegan Lime Cheesecake

March 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including hearty winter panzanella made with root veggies, fruit-topped breakfast tostadas, and creamy vegan lime cheesecake.

Copper Kitchen Accessories to Elevate Your Space

March 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Besides how lovely a copper kitchen looks, there are some practical reasons to stock up on this trend too. Check out these copper kitchen accessories.

My Veggie Kitchen: Izzy from She Likes Food

February 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Take a peek inside the kitchen of Izzy from She Likes Food, and learn about her favorite pantry staples, cookbooks and recipes.

Pasta with Mushroom Bolognese Sauce

February 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Finely chopped mushrooms give both savory flavor and hearty texture to this easy and flavor-packed vegan pasta Bolognese.

Vegan Meal Plan | 02.27.17

February 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: crispy tofu sandwiches with ginger peanut sauce; barbecue lentil bowls; peanut ginger vegetable stir-fry; baked fried brown rice; and Jamaican chickpea stew.

Golden Milk Chia Pudding

February 22 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With warm spices, turmeric, and a mix of almond and coconut milk, this golden milk chia pudding makes for a great breakfast, snack or even dessert.

Spinach, Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

February 20 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These grilled cheese sandwiches are filled with spicy pepper jack, baby spinach, and a creamy mixture of roasted garlic and butternut squash.

Saturday Six | Miso Ramen, Thai Pizza & Cashew Pancakes

February 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including comforting miso ramen thats loaded with healthy greens, Thai tofu pizza smothered in peanut sauce, and fluffy gluten-free cashew pancakes.

A Guide to Plant-Based Calcium

February 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Concerned about maintaining healthy bones on a vegan or vegetarian diet? Our nutritionist shares her recommendations for getting adequate plant-based calcium.

Shake Up Your Resolutions with Burt’s Bees(TM) Plant-Based Protein Shakes

February 14 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Whether its eating healthier, fitness goals, or productivity, Burts Bees(TM) Plant-Based Protein Shakes will help you achieve your new years resolutions.

Baked Gnocchi with Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Kale

February 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This easy vegetarian baked gnocchi is bursting with juicy cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and kale, topped off with mozzarella, and baked to bubbly perfection.

Vegan Meal Plan | 02.13.17

February 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: curried red lentil quinoa bowls with cilantro-mint chutney; beer battered tofu tacos with mango salsa; roasted vegetable power bowls; freezer-friendly vegetable enchiladas; and roasted broccoli and lemon pasta.

Orange Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins

February 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan orange spice muffins are made with a base of oat flour and almond butter, and studded with dark chocolate chips.

Millet, Sweet Potato and Lentil Veggie Burgers

February 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Millet adds texture to these hearty burgers made with savory lentils and tender roasted sweet potatoes.

Saturday Six | Artichoke Pesto Pasta, Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip & Grapefruit Blondies

February 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including artichoke pesto pasta with crispy chickpeas, spicy vegan Buffalo chicken dip, and zippy grapefruit blondies topped with cream cheese frosting.

Relationship Advice for Couples With Different Diets

February 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Follow this guide for couples with different diets to help transform your dinner routine from nightmarish to harmonious.

Cheesy Vegan Potato Leek Soup

January 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

You wont miss the dairy in this ultra creamy, cheesy vegan potato leek soup.

Saturday Six | Goat Cheese Guacamole, Dal Chili & Cauliflower Hemp Alfredo

January 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including creamy goat cheese guacamole, Indian-spiced dal chili, and dairy-free Alfredo made from cauliflower and hemp seeds.

A Nutritionist’s Guide to Eating for Healthy Digestion

January 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Our nutritionist shares her top tips on what to eat for healthy digestion.

Mexican-Style Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust

January 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This satisfying and healthy pizza is made with a sweet potato crust thats piled high with spicy Mexican-inspired toppings.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | 01.23.17

January 20 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: slow cooker Thai sweet potato soup; vegetarian pasta carbonara with roasted butternut squash; quinoa risotto with roasted root vegetables; huevos rancheros enchiladas; and Buffalo cauliflower sandwiches with herbed mascarpone dip.

5 yoga poses you can do at your desk

January 19 2017 Oh My Veggies 

For the times you literally cant step away, weve got five yoga poses you can do right at your desk.

12 Crave-Worthy Falafel Recipes

January 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Homemade falafel is easy, delicious, and has the potential to be way healthier than takeout! Here are 12 our favorite falafel recipes.

Make & Freeze Quinoa Pancakes with Strawberry Compote

January 15 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These fluffy pancakes are made with a mixture of quinoa and whole wheat pastry flour, and served with a slightly sweet strawberry compote. The best part? Everything is freezer friendly!

Vegan Meal Plan | 01.16.17

January 13 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: tempeh hash with Brussels sprouts; veggie lo mein with pan-fried tofu; Swiss chard mushroom enchiladas; tempeh Bolognese; and butternut squash soup with crispy Brussels sprouts.

Tex-Mex Potato Skins with Pomegranate Salsa

January 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These delicious vegan potato skins are packed with Tex-Mex flavor and are perfect for a party snack or appetizer.

Kale Caesar Salad

January 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This healthy vegetarian spin on the classic Caesar salad features tender massaged kale leaves and rye bread croutons tossed in a creamy Greek yogurt dressing.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | 01.09.17

January 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: Brussels sprout and sweet potato Israeli couscous salad; tortellini and kale soup; portabella mushroom cheesesteaks; pasta with thyme cream & zucchini noodles; and potato pizza with kale pesto.

Sustenance Stew from The Perfect Blend

January 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This hearty stew is packed with veggies, sweet potato chunks, almond butter and ginger, served over cauliflower rice.

Quinoa Risotto with Roasted Root Vegetables

January 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This light yet comforting risotto is made with quinoa, goat cheese and lemon zest! Serve it topped with roasted root vegetables for a complete meal.

Vegan Meal Plan | 01.02.17

December 30 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: roasted vegetable sandwiches with creamy chimichurri spread; vegan fettuccine kalefredo; chipotle black bean & sweet potato chili; freezer friendly greens & tofu scramble wraps; and slow cooker vegetarian gumbo.

15 Vegetarian Holiday Appetizers

December 27 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Holiday parties call for delicious holiday snacks. Heres 15 of our favorite vegetarian holiday appetizer recipes to enjoy during this years festivities.

Saturday Six | Lentil Loaf, Peanut Butter Kisses & Gingerbread Granola

December 24 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including savory vegan lentil loaf, sweet dairy-free peanut butter kiss cookies, and granola that tastes like gingerbread.

Butternut Squash Soup with Crispy Brussels Sprouts

December 21 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This comforting and creamy butternut squash soup is made with apple, carrot and coconut milk, and served with a topping of crispy maple roasted Brussels sprouts.

Browned Butter Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Oat-Pecan Granola

December 19 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Mashed sweet potatoes become holiday-worthy with the addition of browned butter and an easy stove-top granola.

Saturday Six | Mushroom Wellington, Vegan Quiche & Kimchi Reubens

December 17 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including savory puff pastry wrapped mushroom wellington, chickpea flour based vegan quiche, and spicy Korean inspired vegan Reuben sandwiches.

Cauliflower Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

December 14 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Thick roasted cauliflower slabs are smothered in porcini mushroom gravy to create this satisfying and umami-packed vegan main course.

Vegan Walnut & Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

December 11 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan stuffed shells are filled with a blend of cashew ricotta, butternut squash, and crunchy walnuts, baked up and served with creamy butternut squash sauce.

Vegan Meal Plan | 12.12.16

December 9 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: slow cooker Indian spiced chickpeas and potatoes; spaghetti allarrabbiata with mushrooms and bell peppers; Thai stuffed peppers, 5-ingredient black bean soup; and roasted vegetable and white bean hummus pizza.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | 12.05.16

December 2 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: one-pot spinach and artichoke pasta; delicata squash pita tostadas; spinach mushroom enchiladas; peanutty quinoa bowls; and chana masala stuffed sweet potatoes.

Maple-Miso Tempeh Cutlets

November 30 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These tempeh cutlets are braised in a savory mixture of herbs, maple syrup, and miso paste.

Saturday Six | Vegan Moussaka, Butternut Squash Pizza & Whole Roasted Cauliflower

November 26 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including comforting vegan Greek moussaka, hearty fall-inspired butternut squash pizza, and a holiday-worthy whole roasted cauliflower.

How to Make Coconut Oil Pie Crust

November 22 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make delicious, flaky coconut oil pie crust.

Saturday Six | Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Holiday Slaw & Autumn Rolls

November 19 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including two-ingredient sweet potato gnocchi, healthy holiday slaw and savory autumn rolls with creamy maple peanut dipping sauce.

Puff Pastry Mushroom Tart with Herbed Cashew Cheese

November 17 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This savory vegan tart is made with a flaky puff pastry crust, topped with a layer of creamy cashew cheese and mushrooms simmered in garlic and white wine.

Creamy Wild Rice Mushroom Casserole

November 14 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This wild rice and mushroom casserole is made with a blend of raw cashews and almond milk, so its rich, creamy and totally dairy-free.

Setting Up Your Kitchen to Eat More Meals at Home

November 11 2016 Oh My Veggies 

The verdict is in, and meals at home are officially the champs when it comes to eating healthy.

Ingredient Spotlight: Blackstrap Molasses

November 9 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Heres everything you need to know to get cooking with blackstrap molasses.

Rosemary Panko Acorn Squash

November 7 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Maple glazed acorn squash wedges are sprinkled with a rosemary panko mixture and baked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection to make this healthy holiday side.

How I Prep & Cook a Week’s Worth of Dinners on a Sunday Afternoon

November 4 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Weeknight dinners can be a breeze with a little bit of planning.

9 More Everyday Superfoods

November 2 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Looking to add more superfoods to your diet? Yet again, theres no need to take a trip to the health food store or spend a small fortune on powders and roots from thousands of miles away. Just rifle through your cupboards -- you may already have a pantry full of superfoods. Here are nine more... Read More »

Apple Ginger Steel-Cut Oats

October 31 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Juicy apple chunks are simmered up in a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon, then served atop ginger-infused steel cut oats to make this warming and healthy fall breakfast.

Crispy Carrot Fries from Martha Stewart’s Vegetables

October 27 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Your whole family will love these cheesy carrot fries, baked to crispy perfection, from Martha Stewarts new cookbook.

8 Vegetarian Gravy Recipes to Get You Ready for Thanksgiving

October 25 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Because mashed potatoes just arent the same without gravy.

Cider Glazed Roasted Brussels Sprouts

October 21 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Brussels sprouts are coated up in a sweet maple-cider glaze and roasted up to tender perfection to make this flavorful and festive fall side dish.

Ingredient Spotlight: Aquafaba (+ 21 Amazing Aquafaba Recipes)

October 19 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Aquafaba is a game-changer for vegan baking. Who knew the liquid in canned chickpeas could do so much?!

My Veggie Kitchen (In Progress)

October 18 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Take a peak inside our editors kitchen.

5 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

October 5 2016 Oh My Veggies 

October is a month full of temptation, but these tips will help you stay in control.

15 vegan pumpkin recipes to get a jump on autumn

October 3 2016 Oh My Veggies 

From breakfast to dessert, these vegan pumpkin recipes will have you covered!

Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

September 29 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This pesto is free of dairy and nuts, but its still packed with flavor.

15 Vegetarian Ways to Stuff Winter Squash

September 27 2016 Oh My Veggies 

From butternut to spaghetti, were sharing some of our favorite vegetarian stuffed squash recipes.

Saturday Six | Portobello Pitas, Tofu Nuggets & Pumpkin Donuts

September 24 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spicy blackened portobello pitas, crispy almond-crusted tofu nuggets and sweet chocolate drizzled pumpkin donuts.

15 Vegan Quick Breads Everyone Will Love (Not Just Vegans!)

September 20 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Think swapping out dairy and eggs results in disappointing baked goods? Think again!

Why Ahiflower May Replace Flax Seed Oil for Vegetarians and Vegans

September 19 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Today, Id like to introduce you to Ahiflower. When I scheduled a call with the folks from Ahiflower about advertising with us, Ill admit to expecting something a little less exciting. Ahiflower is a new source of your daily omega-3 fatty acids, which we know most of us can use. Having only been vegetarian a... Read More »

Saturday Six | Queso Hummus, Cauliflower Sloppy Joes & Pumpkin Waffles

September 17 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spicy queso-flavored hummus, sloppy Joes with sneaky veggies, and totally vegan, totally flourless pumpkin waffles.

Spiced Chickpea Tacos with Apple-Radish Slaw

September 15 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan tacos with spiced roasted chickpeas, hummus and a crunchy apple-radish slaw are the perfect dinner for busy weeknights!

Make & Freeze Quinoa Chickpea Meatballs

September 12 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These protein-packed meatballs can be made in advance and frozen for later. Who needs takeout when you have a homemade dinner in the freezer?!

Video: Walnut butter oatmeal is everything right with mornings

September 9 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Ditch the dairy for nut butter for a sweet start to your morning. Your go-to breakfast just got better!

5 Nutritionist-Approved Tips For Packing Lunches

September 7 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Whether youre packing them for school or work, putting together lunches can be a drag, but these tips make it a little less painful.

Saturday Six | Bahn Mi Sliders, White Bean Alfredo & Peach Waffles

September 3 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including grilled eggplant bahn mi sliders, creamy white bean zucchini noodle Alfredo, and vegan waffles featuring juicy summer peaches.

Golden French Lentil Stew from Oh She Glows Every Day

September 1 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This hearty, healthy stew will keep you warm and satisfied on even the chilliest fall nights.

14 Delicious Ways to Make Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

August 30 2016 Oh My Veggies 

For a healthy, homemade back-to-school snack, you cant beat crispy chickpeas.

Video: The Only Spaghetti Squash Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

August 26 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Whether youve prepared spaghetti squash before or not, this tutorial will make sure youre doing everything right from start to finish.

Vegan Club Sandwiches

August 11 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Our vegan remake of the classic is perfect for an end-of-summer picnic.

Cucumber, Peach and Corn Salad

August 8 2016 Oh My Veggies 

A simple and fresh summer salad filled with seasonal produce and finished with a honey and apple cider vinegar dressing.

Video: Greek Platter with Homemade Hummus

August 5 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Learn how to make classic Greek style hummus with a spicy kick.

Kimchi Bowl with Red Curry Almond Sauce from Vegan Bowls Attack!

August 1 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Rice, adzuki beans, kimchi and broccoli are drizzled with a creamy curry sauce in these healthy meal bowls from Vegan Bowls Attack!

Video: Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Creamy Avocado

July 29 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These tofu lettuce wraps with avocado are surprisingly scrumptious.

How to Stir-Fry Without a Recipe

July 27 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Stir-fries are the ultimate easy weeknight meal--and you dont even need a recipe to make them!

Caprese Stuffed Zucchini

July 25 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Everything you love about caprese, in stuffed zucchini form.

Making Produce Last Longer with FreshWorks

July 22 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Strawberries that last for over 2 weeks in the fridge?! Yes, its possible.

Sopes with Smoky Pinto Beans and Avocado Salsa

July 21 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Youve probably had sopes at a restaurant before, but have you tried making them at home? So worth it.

Video: Vegetarian meatballs

July 15 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These savory meatballs are the perfect topper for a big bowl of spaghetti.

3 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

July 7 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Eating well can be hard when youre on the road, but these tips from our nutritionist make it a little bit easier.

17 Meatless Ways to Use Zucchini

July 5 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Looking for ways to use a summertime surplus of zucchini? Weve got them!

Video: Greek-Inspired Eggplant “Steak”

July 1 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Even meat-lovers will be jealous of this colorful, Greek eggplant steak.

Corn Fritters with Summer Bean Ragout from The Vegetable Butcher

June 29 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These crispy fritters are the perfect way to enjoy fresh summer corn.

Saturday Six | Korean Barbecue Tofu Sliders, Zucchini Mac & Black Bean Falafel

June 25 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including picnic-perfect tofu sliders, creamy zucchini mac & cheese, and healthy falafel made with quinoa and black beans.

Spicy Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu Sandwiches

June 23 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Spicy, crispy tofu is paired with creamy guacamole to make these filling vegan sandwiches.

A Week in Terra’s Kitchen

June 21 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Read about our experience using Terras Kitchen and try it yourself with a coupon code for $50 off your first order.

Video: Baked Vegetarian Southwestern Egg Rolls Packed With Veggies

June 17 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Making vegetarian egg rolls has never been so easy.

Baked Sweet and Sour Tofu

June 14 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Tofu, bell peppers and pineapple are baked in a gingery sweet and sour sauce in this lighter version of the takeout favorite.

Saturday Six | Quinoa Meatball Sandwiches, Curry Noodles & Veggie Pakora

June 11 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including hearty quinoa meatball sandwiches, quick curry noodles and crispy veggie pakora.

Ingredient Spotlight: Gochujang

June 8 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Everything you need to know about this spicy Korean condiment.

Video: Mushroom And Roasted Pepper Quesadilla

June 3 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Need a fast dinner? This quesadillas got you covered.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Cumin-Lime Cashew Crema

June 1 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Roasted poblano peppers are stuffed with a mixture of red beans and chile verde rice before being drizzled in rich cumin-lime cashew crema to make this flavorful vegan meal.

Saturday Six | Green Goddess Pasta Salad, Sweet Potato Fries & Champagne Cake

May 28 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including creamy green goddess pasta salad, grilled sweet potato fries and sweet vegan champagne cake.

Walnut Chickpea Burgers

May 26 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Walnuts add hearty texture and nutty flavor to these savory chickpea veggie burgers.

9 Picnic-Perfect Vegetarian Sandwiches

May 24 2016 Oh My Veggies 

We love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but these options are even better.

Saturday Six | Peperonata Bruschetta, Ginger Cheesecakes and Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

May 21 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including sweet peperonata bruschetta, vegan ginger cheesecakes and spicy tempeh lettuce wraps.

17 Recipes That Swap Mushrooms For Meat (With Delicious Results!)

May 17 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Who needs expensive processed faux meats when you can use mushrooms instead?

Roasted Strawberry and Brie Grilled Cheese

May 16 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This grilled cheese is the perfect way to celebrate strawberry season.

Video: Farro Veggie Risotto

May 13 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Top this veggie risotto with dill for the perfect spring touch.

Caprese Salad Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

May 9 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Roasted portabella mushrooms are filled with fresh caprese salad to make this healthy summer dinner.

Video: Fresh Kale Pesto With Linguine Recipe

May 6 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Have some extra kale on hand and dont know what to do with it? Whip up this flavorful pesto!

Raw Foods: Healthy or Hype?

May 4 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Are raw diets really the healthiest way to go? Our nutritionist explains the benefits (and drawbacks) of raw foods.

Saturday Six | Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Quinoa Fried Rice & Mint Nice Cream

April 30 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes, healthy quinoa fried rice and creamy mint chocolate chunk nice cream.

Raspberry Rhubarb Muffins

April 28 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These muffins are bursting with juicy raspberries, tangy rhubarb and crunchy walnuts.

Spicy Braised Tofu Tostadas from Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

April 26 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Use this spicy tofu as a filling for tacos or burritos, to top your nachos, or on crispy tostadas--so many possibilities!

Saturday Six | Vegan Salad Rolls, Tofu Meatball Wraps & Chickpea Pizza

April 23 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including colorful vegan salad rolls, spicy tofu meatball wraps and healthy chickpea pizza.

Middle Eastern Spiced Chickpea Fries

April 21 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Pair your next veggie burger with these crispy chickpea fries!

Smashed Roasted Potatoes with Avocado Dill Aioli

April 18 2016 Oh My Veggies 

A creamy vegan aioli is the perfect accompaniment to crispy smashed potatoes.

Video: Guilt-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

April 15 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Chocolate peanut butter cookies are always a good idea to have around. They’re great for kids and guests, they make dessert easy, and cookies make a tasty mid-afternoon snack. But wouldn’t it be a lot better if they were actually good for you? These guilt-free chocolate peanut butter cookies are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and egg-free. Cookie addicts rejoice!

Ingredient Spotlight: Fiddlehead Ferns

April 13 2016 Oh My Veggies 

You can eat ferns? Yes, you can. Heres everything you need to know about fiddlehead ferns.

Mediterranean Pasta Frittata

April 11 2016 Oh My Veggies 

This versatile frittata is the ultimate clean-out-the-fridge dinner--use leftover pasta and any veggies and cheese you have on hand.

Video: Taco Pizza

April 8 2016 Oh My Veggies 

For all those times when you cant decide between tacos and pizza.

Asparagus-Mushroom Melts

April 6 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Crusty toasted bread topped with spring asparagus, mushrooms, and plenty of melted cheese--dinner doesnt get much easier than this!

Roasted Beet and Orange Panzanella Salad

April 4 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Youve had panzanella salad before, but have you had it with rye bread? Its a game-changer.

Video: Mediterranean Orzo & Veggie Salad

February 26 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Brighten up your weekday lunch with this filling Mediterranean orzo salad.

Vegan Penne Alla Vodka

February 24 2016 Oh My Veggies 

With cashew cream and fire-roasted diced tomatoes, this vegan version of penne alla vodka is just as creamy and flavorful as the original.

BBQ Chickpea Deep Dish Pizza

February 22 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Chickpeas, caramelized onions, and red peppers top this sweet-and-savory deep dish pizza.

Video: Superfood Kale & Quinoa Salad

February 19 2016 Oh My Veggies 

The ultra-filling superfood salad makes a great weekday lunch or healthy side for dinner.

Indian Curried Cauliflower & Chickpea Burritos

February 17 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Spicy, saucy curried cauliflower and chickpeas are teamed up with rich coconut infused basmati rice in these flavorful Indian-inspired burritos.

Saturday Six | Vegan Scallops, One-Pot Enchilada Quinoa & Slow Cooker Mole

February 13 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a vegan version of scallops, veggie-packed enchilada quinoa, and slow cooker mole.

Vegan Fresh Raspberry Truffles

February 11 2016 Oh My Veggies 

We swapped in coconut milk for whipping cream to make these fruit-filled truffles dairy-free.

11 Veggie Tot Recipes That Everyone Will Love

February 9 2016 Oh My Veggies 

From cauliflower to Brussels sprouts, you can make just about any vegetable into bite-sized tots.

Saturday Six | Lentil-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Vegan Tagalongs & Sesame Cauliflower Wings

February 6 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Barbecue Lentil Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, easy vegan Tagalongs, and Sesame Cauliflower Wings.

Arroz Con (No) Pollo

February 4 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Beer simmered rice is mixed with savory seasoned tempeh and served up with veggies and green olives in this vegan version of arroz con pollo.

20 Vegan Muffins To Start Your Day Off Right

February 2 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were sharing some of our favorite muffin recipes--all made without eggs or dairy!

Saturday Six | BBQ Tacos, Sage Pesto Grilled Cheese & Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells

January 30 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including BBQ black bean and quinoa tacos, a winter-inspired version of stuffed shells, and sage pesto grilled cheese.

A Guide to Minimalism in the Kitchen

January 28 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Youve cleaned out your closets, now its time to tackle your kitchen. Learn how to pare down the clutter and create a more functional workspace.

Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwiches with Herbed Goat Cheese-Mascarpone Dip

January 25 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Spicy cauliflower pairs with an herbed cheese spread to make these crave-worthy vegetarian sandwiches.

VIDEO: Genius Ways to Use Kitchen Scraps

January 22 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Dont throw those beet greens away! The Food Network shows how to put kitchen scraps to use in 6 brilliant ways, including carrot-top pesto and pickled broccoli stems.

My Veggie Kitchen: Alissa from Connoisseurus Veg

January 20 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Meet Alissa from the vegan food blog Connoisseurus Veg--and get a peak inside her kitchen!

Spinach Goat Cheese Mini Quiches

January 18 2016 Oh My Veggies 

These protein-packed mini quiches can be made in advance, making them the perfect breakfast for busy weekday mornings.

Wild Rice & Roasted Root Vegetable Bowls

January 14 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Earthy wild rice pairs perfectly with roasted root vegetables in these healthy vegan meal bowls.

18 Creative Smoothie Ideas from Potluck

January 12 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Who needs kale and bananas? Change up your smoothie routine with these unique recipes featuring ingredients like beets, cilantro and lavender.

Saturday Six | Chipotle Chili, Cannellini Bean Risotto and Kale Power Salad

January 9 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a smoky chipotle chili, risotto made with pumpkin and cannellini beans, and a protein-packed chopped kale power salad.

Veggie Lo Mein with Pan-Fried Tofu

January 7 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Our vegan version of the takeout favorite features lots of veggies and chewy pan-fried tofu for protein.

Breakfast Sweet Potatoes With Quinoa Granola

January 4 2016 Oh My Veggies 

Change up your morning routine with these breakfast sweet potatoes! Theyre topped with yogurt, fruit and quinoa granola, making them a healthy way to start the day.

Oh My Veggies Best of 2015

December 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

With the New Year right around the corner, were taking a look back at our 12 most popular recipes from 2015.

Lentil Stuffed Pepper Soup

December 23 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Our meatless version of Stuffed Pepper Soup swaps in lentils for the ground beef, resulting in a hearty, comforting soup thats healthy too.

Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables

December 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Fragrant spices and a drizzle of red wine vinegar makes these roasted root vegetables a side dish everyone will love.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 12.21.15

December 18 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella Sandwiches; One-Pot Peanut Sesame Noodles; Cuban Fried Quinoa with Black Beans and Smoky Tempeh; Roasted Brussels Sprout and Red Cabbage Pizza; and Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Chili.

How to Make Homemade Vegan Kimchi

December 16 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Most kimchi isnt vegan. Solution? Make your own. Its easier than you think!

Brussels Sprout and Sweet Potato Israeli Couscous Salad

December 14 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes are tossed with Israeli couscous in this easy lunch salad.

Saturday Six | Vegan Snickerdoodles, Green Bean Casserole and Easy Baked Gnocchi

December 12 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including vegan and gluten-free snickerdoodle cookies, baked gnocchi in tomatoes and mozzarella, and a lightened-up take on green bean casserole.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 12.14.15

December 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Roasted Butternut Squash Panini; Creamy Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup; Sage Polenta Bowls with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Wild Mushrooms; Thai Kabocha Squash Curry; and Baked Fried Brown Rice.

A Guide to Vegetarian Food and Wine Pairing

December 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Learn how to select the best wines to pair with your favorite vegetarian dishes.

Cranberry Pumpkin Pie Overnight French Toast

December 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This easy breakfast bake is full of holiday flavors--prep it the night before and pop it in the oven when youre ready to eat!

Saturday Six | Slow Cooker Eggplant Curry, Lebanese Cauliflower & Masala Lentils

December 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including slow cooker curried eggplant, Lebanese-style cauliflower and easy masala lentils.

Citrus Cold Recovery Smoothie from Simple Green Smoothies

December 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Skip the OJ and nurse yourself back to health with this cold-busting green smoothie from Simple Green Smoothies. Its loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C, plus omega-3 fatty acids.

Oh My Favorites Holiday Giveaway Event

December 1 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Its that time again! Settle in with some hot cocoa, because were giving away 18 of our favorite kitchen tools and foods, from vegan cheese to tea to a Thrive Market shopping spree.

4 Ways to Use Spaghetti Squash

November 25 2015 Oh My Veggies 

You probably knew you could toss it with a sauce like pasta, but did you know you can bake it in a casserole? These are our favorite ways to use spaghetti squash.

Broccoli Cheddar Brown Rice Casserole

November 22 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This Broccoli Cheddar Brown Rice Casserole recipe is comfort food goodness--without the faux cheese or canned soups.

Caramelized Onion and Apple Cider Gravy

November 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This savory-and-sweet vegetarian gravy is made in a slow cooker, so its perfect for freeing up space on the stovetop for the rest of your Thanksgiving cooking.

19 Must-Make Vegan Pies

November 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

It wouldnt be Thanksgiving without the pie. Here are 19 of our favorite vegan versions, from traditional pumpkin and pecan to banana cream, chai-spiced sweet potato and beyond!

Saturday Six | Turnip Tacos, Hot Oil Noodles & Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes

November 14 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a 10-minute, gluten-free version of Chinese hot oil noodles, lemon-dill roasted turnip tacos, and mascarpone mashed potatoes with sage browned butter.

Wild Rice, Lentil & Cranberry Stuffed Delicata Squash

November 12 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Roasted delicata squash is stuffed with wild rice, lentils and dried cranberries in this vegan Thanksgiving dish.

Butternut Squash and Parsnip Tart

November 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

A puff pastry crust is topped with creamy ricotta and roasted fall vegetables in this easy main dish option for Thanksgiving.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 11.09.15

November 6 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: 30-Minute Vegetarian Pho; Pizza Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms; Chopped Power Salad with Baked Tofu and Almond-Miso Dressing; BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches; and Firecracker Cauliflower.

The Lowdown on FODMAPs

November 4 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Think you have gluten intolerance? You could be sensitive to FODMAPs, a group of carbohydrates that includes wheat, beans, alliums and other common foods.

Saturday Six | Quinoa Pumpkin Bread, Thai Chickpea Curry & Creamy Pumpkin Polenta

October 31 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spiced pumpkin bread made with quinoa flour, 30 minute Thai chickpea curry, and creamy pumpkin polenta topped with roasted beets.

4 Ways to Use Protein Powder

October 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Think protein powder is just for adding to smoothies? Nope! Here are some of our favorite (non-smoothie!) ways to use it.

Butternut Squash and Spinach Polenta Bowls

October 26 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Creamy polenta is topped with roasted butternut squash and spinach in these fall-inspired polenta bowls.

Saturday Six | Pumpkin Arancini, Broccoli Rabe Sandwiches and Baked Gnocchi

October 24 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a cheesy vegan broccoli rabe sandwich, pumpkin risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella, and a creamy French onion baked gnocchi.

How to Make Apple Butter

October 22 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Making your own apple butter is easier than you think--and you dont even have to can it either!

19 Sweet and Savory Slow-Cooker Breakfast Recipes

October 20 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Did you know you can make frittata, French toast and even breakfast burritos in the slow cooker? Its true! Try these 19 sweet and savory slow-cooker breakfast recipes if youre cooking for guests or just want a few more minutes of shut-eye in the morning.

Saturday Six | Healthy Almond Joys, Coconut Curry Noodles & Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

October 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including healthier homemade Almond Joys, Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls, and a 5-ingredient slow cooker butternut squash soup.

Ranked: Fast Food Options for Vegetarians

October 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Is it possible to get a well-rounded vegetarian meal at a fast food restaurant? Well, it might be difficult, but it is possible. Here are some of our favorite options.

20 Healthier Homemade Candy Recipes + DIY Candy Bar Tutorial Video

October 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Treat yoself the healthier way with 20 better-for-you-candy recipes you can make at home--with lots of vegan options!

Tortilla Pie with Black Beans & Zucchini

October 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

A vegetarian tortilla pie filled with black beans, corn, and zucchini. The best part? The veggies are cooked in beer!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 10.12.15

October 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Mushroom Chickpea Paprikash; Roasted Brussels Sprout and Red Cabbage Pizza; Butternut Squash, Lentil and Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing; Spaghetti Squash with Garlicky Kale Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes; and Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup.

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese from Food52 Vegan

October 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Butternut squash becomes a rich, creamy sauce for mac and cheese in this recipe from Gena Hamshaws Food52 Vegan.

Caramelized Onion & Fennel Pizza with Kalamata Olives

October 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

The combination of caramelized onions and fennel makes a delicious topping for pizza--no sauce needed!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 10.05.15

October 2 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Sage Polenta Bowls with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Wild Mushrooms; Roasted Butternut Squash Panini; Slow Cooker Corn and Red Pepper Chowder; Cheesy Kale and Quinoa Casserole; and Crispy Parmesan Cauliflower Steaks.

Raw Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Parfaits with Whipped Coconut Cream

September 30 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Creamy chocolate cheesecake is layered with fresh raspberries and whipped coconut cream in these easy vegan parfaits.

Saturday Six | Buffalo Cauliflower Sloppy Joes, Pumpkin Pasta & Sweet Potato Waffles

September 26 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Buffalo cauliflower sloppy joes, 2-ingredient pumpkin pasta, and sweet potato waffles.

4 Ways to Use Kohlrabi

September 24 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Not sure what to do with the kohlrabi you got in your CSA box? Weve got some ideas!

15 Twenty-Minute Pasta Recipes To Make Dinner a Breeze

September 22 2015 Oh My Veggies 

These are pretty much the easiest recipes youll ever make! Mix up your weeknight pasta dinner with 15 vegetarian and vegan pasta dishes that are on the table in a flash.

Saturday Six | Cheddar Sriracha Donuts, Maple Tempeh Sandwiches and Vegan Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

September 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spicy Sriracaha donuts, non-dairy pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and maple-tempeh vegan sandwiches with caramelized apples.

How to Cook with Seitan + A Turkish-Style Vegan Kebab Video

September 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Youre a pro at using tofu and tempeh in your cooking, but what about seitan? It has a savory flavor and chewy texture that makes it a great swap for meat in many recipes.

20 Delicious Vegetarian Lentil Recipes

September 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Learn to love these little bundles of protein- and fiber-filled joy with 20 meatless lentil recipes, from shepherds pie to soup, salads, dal, veggie burgers and vegan sloppy joes.

Spiced Pear Baked Oatmeal

September 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Make a batch of this baked oatmeal and pop it in the freezer for an easy healthy breakfast.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 09.14.15

September 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Roasted Fresh Corn, Poblano and Cheddar Pizza; Nectarine and Avocado Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing; Beer-Marinated Grilled Mushroom Tacos; Lemon-Garlic Zucchini Noodles with Roasted Tomatoes; and Vegan Cincinnati Chili.

Vegetarian Pasta Carbonara with Roasted Butternut Squash

September 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

With roasted butternut squash, this meatless version of Pasta Carbonara is perfect for fall.

Saturday Six | Tomato-Basil Breakfast Tarts, Mexican Sweet Potato Bake & Banana-Date Granola Bars

September 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including crustless Tomato-Basil Breakfast Tarts, one-pan Mexican Sweet Potato Bake, and kid-friendly Banana-Date Granola Bars.

Healthy Eating For Students: A College Survival Guide

September 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Going to college doesnt mean you need to subsist on pizza and nachos for the next four years! These tips will help you eat healthy on a budget.

26 Easy Recipes for Breakfast On-the-Go + 2-Ingredient Banana Pancake How-To Video

September 1 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Youll have no excuse for skipping the most important meal of the day with these easy, on-the-go breakfasts--from homemade granola bars to muffins, breakfast burritos, portable pumpkin spice breakfast shakes and more.

Saturday Six | Zucchini Tater Tots, Kung Pao Cauliflower and Peach Cobbler Ice Cream

August 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including healthy zucchini tater tots, spicy kung pao cauliflower and vegan peach cobbler ice cream.

4 Ways to Use Tahini

August 27 2015 Oh My Veggies 

You may know tahini as one of the essential components of homemade hummus, but there are so many more ways to use this savory spread.

Tofu Omelet from Cook With Kindness

August 24 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Have a fabulous brunch--sans eggs--with this easy Tofu Omelet recipe from Cook with Kindness. Fill with your choice of veggies and vegan cheese, and breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) is served.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 08.24.15

August 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Portabella Mushroom Cheesesteaks, Udon Noodles with Peanuts and Snow Peas, Strawberry Salad with Coconut Bacon and Black Pepper Vinaigrette, Eggs Benedict with Avocado, and Mediterranean Pesto Chickpea Salad.

Matcha Overnight Oats with Summer Berries

August 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Think you dont have time for a healthy breakfast? This Matcha Overnight Oats recipe will change your mind.

Make & Freeze Slow Cooker Veggie Tortilla Soup

August 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This simple, customizable slow cooker tortilla soup is a great way to use an abundance of fresh summer corn--and it can be frozen for later too.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 08.17.15

August 14 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: a hearty Vegan Taco Salad, Collard Wraps with hummus and spiralized beets, Thai-style vegan nachos, Spanish Eggs with Veggie Sausage and Peppers, and Whole Wheat Rotini with Broccolini and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Mediterranean Pesto Chickpea Salad

August 12 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether you serve it on a sandwich or eat it on its own, this Mediterranean Pesto Chickpea Salad is the perfect chicken salad substitute.

Grilled Halloumi and Summer Veggie Foil Packets

August 10 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Grilling (and cleanup) is a breeze with these easy foil packets. Halloumi cheese, fresh summer veggies get nice and tender together in the foil, and walnuts add a little crunch at the end.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 08.10.15

August 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Pepper jack-stuffed poblano peppers, African Peanut Soup garnished with fresh cilantro, easy Pasta with Cilantro Pesto and Fresh Corn, vegan Caprese Sandwiches with Garlic Cashew Cheese, and hearty Tikka Masala Tofu and Vegetables.

Vegan French Onion Dip

August 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Need a go-to party dish? This vegan take on French onion dip is even better than the original, thanks to creamy cashews, thyme and slightly sweet caramelized onions.

Cheesy Baked Black Bean and Veggie Taquitos

August 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Bell peppers, pattypan squash, cumin-spiced black beans and plenty of pepper jack cheese are rolled up into these tasty tortillas and baked--not fried--for a meatless take on a Mexican-restaurant favorite.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 08.03.15

July 31 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Curried Red Lentils and Quinoa, Asparagus Stuffed Shells, a vegetarian take on Korean Bibimbap, Italian Salad with Roasted Chickpeas, and Roasted Veggie Sandwiches with a fresh chimichurri spread.

Mushroom-Cannellini Bean Patty Melts

July 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Patty melts get a meatless makeover thanks to meaty mushrooms and creamy cannellini beans. Serve these patties on rye bread and top with caramelized onions and swiss cheese for a savory and satisfying sandwich.

Saturday Six | Homemade Fermented Pickles, Black Bean Burgers & Spicy Tequila Sunrise Popsicles

July 25 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including smoky black bean burgers, homemade fermented pickles, tequila sunrise popsicles and extra-spicy mango-cherry salsa.

4 Ways to Use Lemons

July 23 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Dont let those extra lemons go to waste! Here are 4 genius ways to use them, including pizza and probiotic lemonade.

29 Savory Peanut Butter Recipes

July 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

You already know how to use it in baked goods and desserts. But these 29 recipes--from veggie burgers to soups to curries--prominently feature peanut butters savory side.

Cucumber Chickpea Salad with Lemony Tahini Dressing

July 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Fill pitas, peppers or tomatoes with this refreshingly minty cucumber-chickpea salad with a tangy tahini dressing. Great for picnics!

Mushroom Chickpea Paprikash

July 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This vegetarian take on a hearty Hungarian dish uses chickpeas and mushrooms to give it protein and a meaty texture. The sauce is creamy, tangy and has plenty of smoky paprika!

Tikka Masala Tofu and Vegetables

July 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This homemade, vegetarian version of an Indian-restaurant favorite is heavy on the veggies and crispy tofu--and lighter on the cream, thanks to the addition of yogurt.

Saturday Six: Cookie Butter Ice Cream, Smoky Beet Burgers & Ethiopian Lentil Stew

July 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including decadent, no-churn cookie butter ice cream, smoky beet and quinoa burgers with adobo aioli, and a perfectly spiced Ethiopian lentil stew.

Guide to Growing Your Own Herbs + How to Dry Them

July 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

No need to run to the store for a sprig of mint or rosemary--growing your own herbs is easy and can be done in small spaces!

51 Crave-Worthy Vegetarian Curry Recipes

July 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

If you love curry, branch out with 51 vegan and vegetarian recipes ranging from traditional soups and stews to granola, pizza and even chocolate!

Zucchini & Corn Panini with Pepper Jack Cheese

July 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Corn in a sandwich? Yes! Its delicious! This Zucchini & Corn Panini with Pepper Jack Cheese is the perfect summertime lunch.

Plant-Based Probiotics for Vegans (or Yogurt-Haters)

July 2 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Like the benefits of probiotics, but yogurt, not so much? Here are 6 plant-based probiotic sources to keep your digestion on track.

Corn and Zucchini Galette

June 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This summery corn and zucchini galette sounds fancy, but store-bought pie crust makes it super simple--and its easy to make ahead!

Saturday Six | Roasted Jalape?os, Blueberry Corn Panzanella & Rainier Cherry Ice Cream

June 27 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Roasted Jalape?os, Rainier Cherry Ice Cream, Blueberry Corn Panzanella, Coconut Curry Soup, Vegan Summer Pizza with Sweet Corn, and Tofu Banh Mi Sandwiches with Lemongrass.

4 Easy Ways to Make Meatless Tacos

June 25 2015 Oh My Veggies 

No matter what youve got in the fridge, chances are you can make vegetarian tacos tonight!

12 of Our Favorite 4th of July Recipes

June 23 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether youre potluck-ing, picnicking or hosting a family barbecue this Independence Day, here are 12 of our favorite recipes to help you celebrate.

Grilled Caprese Naan Pizza

June 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Grilled naan makes a great pizza crust--especially when topped with a fresh caprese mixture and a balsamic reduction.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.22.15

June 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Chana Masala Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini and Corn Paninis with Pepper Jack, Greek Fattoush Salad, Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Soup, and a Summery Sweet Corn, Sausage and Thyme Pizza.

Chickpea Feta Tabbouleh

June 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Chickpeas and feta elevate this simple, fresh tabbouleh from side to main dish status.

Black Bean Jalape?o Poppers

June 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Love jalape?o poppers, but cant justify serving them for dinner? This healthier version of everyones favorite restaurant app is baked, not fried, and filled with black beans and fresh corn.

Saturday Six | Pizza Hummus, Beer Popsicles & Maple-Whiskey BBQ Tofu

June 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Maple-Whiskey BBQ Tofu Sandwiches, Berry-Beer Popsicles, Pizza Crackers, Feta & Olive Muffins, Grilled Nectarine & Zucchini Salad, and Black Forest Cupcakes.

Crispy Quinoa-Crusted Tofu with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

June 10 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This tofu is anything but boring! Cornstarch and quinoa flour make for an extra-crispy coating, and the dipping sauce adds a nice spicy-sweet kick.

Roasted Radishes with Radish Leaf Pesto Pasta

June 8 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Springs most underrated veggie--and its greens--are the star of this fresh pasta dish with radish-leaf pesto, microgreens and roasted radishes.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.08.15

June 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Chermoula Veggie Kebabs, Lemon Asparagus Linguine, Baked Tostadas, Firecracker Cauliflower and Southwestern Veggie Wraps.

Korean Barbecue Jackfruit Sandwiches with Tahini Slaw

June 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Curious about jackfruit? Try it out in these summery, spicy barbecue sandwiches topped with a tahini slaw.

Cheesy Broccoli and Pepper Baked Orzo

June 1 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Fresh vegetables add nutrition and flavor to this easy (and cheesy!) baked orzo casserole.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.01.15

May 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Duxelles Grilled Cheese; Creamy Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Soup; Tofu Vindaloo; Kale Spanakopita; and Firecracker Cauliflower.

Slow Cooker Smoky Refried Black Beans + Self-Serve Tostadas

May 27 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Dinners dont get much easier than this: freezer-friendly slow cooker refried beans and a build-your-own tostada bar.

Saturday Six | Curried Lentil Burgers, Ranch Pitas and Lemon Garlic Orzo

May 23 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spicy curried veggie burgers, vegan ranch pita sandwiches with roasted potatoes and chickpeas, and a veggie-packed orzo recipe.

How to Make (Almost) Anything Into Vegan Bacon

May 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

A few simple ingredients are all you need to make a wide variety of veggies and proteins into vegan bacon substitutes--well show you how.

59 Vegetarian Recipes That Are Perfect for Picnics

May 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Its picnic season! These recipes are both portable and easy to make in advance--and theyre all vegetarian.

Saturday Six | Nacho Potato Bites, Grapefruit Avocado Salad & Coconut-Crusted Tofu

May 16 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including vegan nacho potatoes, savory grapefruit avocado salad & more.

A Guide to Knives and Cutting

May 14 2015 Oh My Veggies 

When should you use a paring knife? Is a chefs knife the same as a Santoku knife? And how do you take care of them all? Weve got answers!

23 Recipes That Will Up Your Veggie Burger Game

May 12 2015 Oh My Veggies 

These creative recipes prove that veggie burgers are anything but boring.

Baked Polenta Fries with Garlic Tomato Sauce

May 10 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Meet your new favorite side dish: crispy baked polenta fries. Using pre-made polenta makes them a cinch.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.11.15

May 8 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Asparagus Stuffed Shells; Thai Tofu and Noodle Salad; Kung Pao Veggies; Beet Green Pesto Pizza with Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese; and One-Pot Curried Quinoa with Butternut Squash and Chickpeas.

Crispy Baked Avocado Tortas

May 6 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Crispy panko-coated avocado slices, roasted poblano peppers and a spicy black bean spread make for a delicious (and meatless!) torta.

Lasagna Verde from Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

May 4 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This spicy, dairy-free spin on traditional lasagna is from Kathy Patalskys new cookbook, Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.04.15

May 1 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Portabella and Kale Pizza with Roasted Garlic Sauce; Mushroom and Zucchini Quesadillas with Cilantro Pesto; Mee Goreng with Tofu and Bok Choy; Sweet and Sour Tempeh; and Spicy Chickpea Spinach Stew.

Veggie-Packed Spanish Rice

April 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Our Spanish Rice is the perfect hands-off side dish--just let it simmer on the stovetop while you prepare the rest of your meal.

Lemon-Asparagus Linguine with Garlicky Panko

April 27 2015 Oh My Veggies 

A few simple ingredients and 20 minutes of prep and cook time, and youve got a delicious springtime meal on the dinner table.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 04.27.15

April 24 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Vegetable Tetrazzini; Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches with Creamy Chimichurri Spread; Pesto Quinoa White Bean Cakes with Roasted Tomatoes; Huevos Rancheros Enchiladas; and Baked Fried Brown Rice.

Tempeh Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

April 22 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Marinated tempeh cubes and red bell pepper are skewered, baked and paired with a creamy peanut sauce for dipping.

Spring Pizza with Lemony Pea Pesto and Artichoke Hearts

April 20 2015 Oh My Veggies 

The bright, lemony flavor of homemade pea pesto makes this pizza perfect for spring.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 04.20.15

April 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Thai Red Curry with Asparagus and Tofu; Vegetable Lasagna Soup; Mexican Baked Polenta with Salsa Beans and Sautéed Veggies, Roasted Broccoli and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza; and Vegan Tuna Salad.

Green Goddess Wedge Salad

April 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Instead of the usual bacon, this vegan wedge salad is topped with smoky roasted chickpeas, then finished with a creamy herbed avocado-and-tahini dressing.

Duxelles Grilled Cheese (+ How to Make Duxelles)

April 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Duxelles is a savory mushroom spread thats a cinch to make and thats delicious in nearly anything you add it to--especially grilled cheese sandwiches!

Saturday Six | Mediterranean Zucchini Noodles, Kohlrabi Schnitzel & Vegan Cheesecake

April 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Mediterranean zucchini noodles, a meatless take on schnitzel and mini vegan chocolate peanut butter cup cheesecakes.

A Guide to CSAs

April 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

If youre thinking about joining a CSA this year, now is the time to sign up! This guide covers how to find one in your area, how to afford it and what to do with all that fresh produce.

54 Fantastic Vegetarian Pasta Dishes

April 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether youre looking for one-pot pasta, pasta bakes and casseroles, or simple meatless pasta dinners, weve got them all here.

Saturday Six | Beetroot Boulangere, Kumquat Ice Cream & Vegan Caesar Salad

April 4 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a savory beetroot and Jerusalem artichoke boulangere, candied-kumquat ice cream, and vegan chocolate-covered carrot cake balls.

What You Need to Know About Amino Acids

April 2 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Do you need to eat complementary proteins in the same meal? Which protein sources are complete and which are incomplete? Our nutritionist explains what vegetarians should know about amino acids.

80 Vegetarian Easter Recipes Everyone Will Love (Not Just Vegetarians!)

March 31 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Dont stress about holiday meal planning! These vegetarian Easter recipes are ones that all of your guests will enjoy, whether or not they eat meat.

Black Bean Flautas with Avocado Dipping Sauce

March 29 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Store-bought refried beans make these flautas an easy weeknight dinner--and dont skip the avocado dipping sauce!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 03.30.15

March 27 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Peanut Udon Noodles with Snow Peas; Roasted Vegetable and White Bean Pesto Hummus Pizza; Rustic Polenta Casserole with Mushrooms and Swiss Chard; and Curried Red Lentil & Quinoa Bowls with Cilantro Mint Chutney.

Mango Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

March 25 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether you serve them as an appetizer or as a light meal, these easy lettuce wraps are sure to be a hit.

Asparagus and Peas with Miso Butter

March 23 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Get ready to meet your new favorite condiment! A pat or two of miso butter is the perfect way to dress up fresh spring vegetables in this easy side dish.

Saturday Six | Fajita Guacamole, Millet Granola & Chocolate Coconut Bars

March 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including upgraded guacamole, snack-worthy millet granola with cardamom and maple, and vegan/­­gluten-free chocolate coconut bars.

How to Prep & Clean Leeks

March 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Leeks! Theyre in season now and yes, they can be a bit of a pain to work with. Well show you how to clean and prep them for cooking step-by-step.

20 Ways to Pack Some Protein Into Your Lunchbox

March 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

These 20 recipes are lunchbox-friendly, dont require any reheating and theyve all got at least 10 grams of protein per serving. Because you deserve better than a candy bar and bag of chips for lunch.

Italian Salad with Crispy Herb Roasted Chickpeas

March 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This is no ordinary side salad! The addition of crispy roasted chickpeas and a simple lemon-caper vinaigrette make it filling and delicious--perfect for pairing with a bowl of soup.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 03.16.15

March 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Curried Asparagus Soup; Grilled Portabella Panini with Artichoke Tapenade; Thai Peanut Empowered Noodle Bowls; Mediterranean-Style Rotini with Toasted Garlic Panko; and Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos.

Rustic Polenta Casserole with Mushrooms and Swiss Chard from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook

March 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were sharing a recipe from Americas Test Kitchens new vegetarian cookbook--a hearty polenta casserole topped with mushrooms, Swiss chard and melted cheese.

Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal

March 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Lightly sweetened and full of wholesome ingredients, this baked oatmeal is a healthy way to start your day.

Saturday Six | Harissa Tomato Soup, Matcha Cupcakes & Sweet Potato Falafel Burgers

March 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including savory sweet-potato falafel burgers, vegan matcha green tea cupcakes and spicy harissa tomato soup.

Iron: What Every Vegetarian Should Know

March 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Can you get enough iron from a vegetarian diet? Our nutritionist shares what every vegetarian needs to know about this important mineral.

20 Delicious Ways to Use Tempeh

March 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether you make it into vegan bacon or crumble it up to add meatiness to chili, tempeh is a great addition to any vegetarian diet. Here are 20 ideas for using it.

Make-Ahead Cheese & Roasted Vegetable Baked Manicotti

March 1 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether you eat it right away or assemble it and freeze it for later, this veggie-packed manicotti recipe is sure to be a hit.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 03.02.15

February 27 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Cremini and Chard Stuffed Shells; Crispy Tofu Sandwiches with Ginger Peanut Sauce; Black Bean and Pepper Jack Stuffed Poblano Peppers; Nourish Bowls with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes; and Slow Cooker Corn and Red Pepper Chowder.

The Ultimate Vegan Taco Salad

February 25 2015 Oh My Veggies 

A surprise ingredient replaces the meat in this satisfying vegan taco salad.

Collard Hummus Wraps with Golden Beets and Sprouts from Inspiralized

February 23 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were sharing a recipe for Collard Hummus Wraps with Golden Beets and Sprouts from the new Inspiralized cookbook.

Saturday Six | Chickpea Bites, Mushroom Asada and Beet Burgers

February 21 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including crispy chickpea bites, a meatless version of carne asada and freezer-friendly beet burgers.

How to Roast Beets

February 19 2015 Oh My Veggies 

If you think you dont like beets, roasting them in the oven might just change your mind. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how.

15 Recipes for Homemade Vegetarian Meatballs

February 17 2015 Oh My Veggies 

These 15 vegetarian meatball recipes are made with wholesome ingredients like beans, quinoa and oats. Because spaghetti just isnt the same without a good (meatless) meatball.

Cheddar & Cholula Mashed Potatoes

February 15 2015 Oh My Veggies 

These mashed potatoes are a quick, easy side dish for any meal. You can never go wrong with spicy and cheesy!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 02.16.15

February 13 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Make-Ahead Cheese & Roasted Vegetable Manicotti, Seitan Cacciatore, Sweet & Spicy Mango Fajitas, Cauliflower & Chickpea Coconut Curry, and Veggie Burgers with Baked Coconut Onion Rings.

Vegetarian Chicken Stock

February 11 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This simple homemade stock can be switched in for chicken stock in just about any recipe. Make it, freeze it and have it on hand whenever you need it!

Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta

February 9 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This simple pasta dinner is definitely a bright spot on a dark and chilly evening. I love how light and fresh it tastes, while still providing that need for comfort food in the dead of winter. The broccoli and lemons are roasted together in the oven with a couple of leeks, which is a flavor combination that... Read More »

Saturday Six | Winter Panzanella, Salt & Pepper Cauliflower and Indonesian Noodles

February 7 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a winter-inspired panzanella, crispy Salt & Pepper Cauliflower and spicy Indonesian stir-fried noodles.

Stevia: Healthy or Hype?

February 5 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Stevia is everywhere these days, but is it really any better than other sugar alternatives?

68 Delicious Ways to Use Tofu

February 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

So you went vegetarian and you bought a block of tofu--now what? Well, you cook it! Weve rounded up nearly 70 tofu recipes to help give you a little inspiration.

Slow Cooker Corn & Red Pepper Chowder

February 1 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Buttery Yukon Gold potatoes and non-dairy milk make this slow cooker chowder creamy and rich without the heavy cream.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 02.02.15

January 30 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Creamy Roasted Garlic & Mushroom Soup, Socca with Sautéed Chard, Gnocchi with Brussels Sprouts, Lemon & Pine Nuts, Crispy Cauliflower Carrot Fritters and Vegan Cincinnati Chili.

Eggplant Spinach Meatballs

January 28 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Whether you serve them as an appetizer or pile them on top a bowl of spaghetti, these Eggplant Spinach Meatballs are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Veggie Nacho Bar Party + Sriracha Beer Queso

January 26 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Looking for a fun party idea? Try a veggie nacho bar party! Let guests assemble their own plates of nachos with their choice of toppings. And dont forget the Sriracha Beer Queso--weve got a recipe for that too.

Saturday Six | Cilantro Smoothies, Baked Cauliflower Tots and Mexican Brown Rice Casserole

January 24 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a smoothie to use up your leftover cilantro, a healthier take on tater tots and a one-skillet Mexican-inspired casserole.

How to Make Risotto

January 22 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Risotto has a reputation for being fussy and difficult, but its easier than you think. We break it down step-by-step in this post.

20 Irresistible Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

January 20 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Forget the plain cheese and spinach lasagnas -- vegetarian lasagna can be so much more than that! From root vegetables to vegan alfredo, weve rounded up 20 meatless lasagna recipes for some dinnertime inspiration.

How to Make Vegetable Broth (With Kitchen Scraps!)

January 18 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Dont throw away those vegetable scraps! Instead, collect them in a freezer bag and use them to make your own vegetable broth.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 01.19.15

January 16 2015 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Black Bean & Veggie Baked Tostadas, Vegetarian Posole, Stovetop Pesto Mac, Butternut Squash, Lentil and Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing, and Spaghetti Squash with Garlicky Kale Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Slow Cooker Mushrooom-Lentil Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

January 14 2015 Oh My Veggies 

These hearty and satisfying vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls swap in chopped mushrooms and lentils for the meat.

Garden Veggie Freezer Burritos

January 12 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Make these freezer-friendly veggie burritos over the weekend and youll have easy lunches and dinners ready to go for the work week.

Saturday Six | Chopped Thai Salad, Broccoli Quinoa Casserole & DIY Dukkah

January 10 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a Thai-inspired chopped salad, a creamy vegan quinoa casserole and a recipe for homemade dukkah.

Banana Caramel Smoothie

January 8 2015 Oh My Veggies 

This Banana Caramel Smoothie recipe tastes just like a caramel milkshake -- but its made with good-for-you ingredients.

5 Simple Ways to Be Healthier in the New Year

January 6 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Tired of hearing about diets, cleanses and detoxing? Our nutritionist shares 5 easy, attainable changes anyone can make to start the New Year off right.

Saturday Six | Winter Chopped Salad, Black-Eyed Pea Tacos & Tomato Rice Patties

January 3 2015 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a chopped salad full of winter goodness, black-eyed pea and sweet potato tacos, and crispy rice cakes.

Creamy Mushroom and Kale Lasagna

December 29 2014 Oh My Veggies 

No dairy? No problem! Raw cashews are blended to make a creamy alfredo-like sauce for this veggie lasagna.

81 Vegetarian Taco Recipes That Take Taco Tuesday to the Next Level

December 23 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Who needs ground beef when you can fill your tacos with mushrooms, chickpeas, tofu and cactus? (Yes, cactus!)

Saturday Six | Vegan Reubens, Broccoli Gratin and Chile Rellenos Bake

December 20 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including vegetable reubens, a cheesy broccoli gratin thats perfect for the holidays, and an easy chile rellenos bake.

30 Recipes for Vegan Holiday Cookies, Candy and Treats

December 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Cookies, chocolates, fudge and cakes -- weve got all your favorite holiday treats, made without dairy and eggs!

Saturday Six | Unstuffed Cabbage, Butternut Fritters & Vegan Gumbo

December 13 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including deconstructed stuffed cabbage, butternut squash fritters served with sage pesto and a vegan gumbo made with sweet potatoes.

Roasted Butternut Squash Panini

December 11 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Tender roasted butternut squash, fresh mozzarella cheese and ribbons of sage make a unique (and delicious!) filling for this fall-inspired panini.

Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake

December 8 2014 Oh My Veggies 

A little bit of cinnamon makes this healthy breakfast shake extra delicious.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 12.08.14

December 5 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Fettuccine Kalefredo, Roasted Brussels Sprout and Red Cabbage Pizza, Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, Autumn Nourish Bowls and Sweet Potato Green Curry.

A Hamster Shows You How to Make Miso Soup

December 3 2014 Oh My Veggies 

An adorable hamster shows you how to make miso soup. If a hamster can do it, you can too!

Saturday Six | Veggie Sausages, Chai Baked Oatmeal & Raw Hazelnut Truffles

November 29 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including hearty chai-spiced baked oatmeal, homemade veggie sausages and gift-worthy raw truffles.

85 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes from Potluck

November 25 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Are you still planning your holiday menu? You better get cracking! These 85 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes from Potluck will give you all the ideas you need, from main dishes to desserts.

Chia Seeds: Healthy or Hype?

November 23 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Are chia seeds all theyre cracked up to be nutritionally? Get the real deal on these trendy little seeds.

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu + 3-Day Game Plan

November 21 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Our vegetarian Thanksgiving menu includes 6 delicious meatless dishes. Weve also got a 3-day game plan to help you prep dinner in advance to keep Thanksgiving Day stress-free!

Pumpkin Cheddar Stuffing

November 19 2014 Oh My Veggies 

With sauteed apples, cheddar cheese and pumpkin puree, this vegetarian stuffing is sure to be a welcome addition to any Thanksgiving menu.

Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes

November 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Rosemary, garlic, Yukon gold potatoes and a dollop of sour cream make for scrumptious mashed potatoes with next to no effort. Slow cooker magic strikes again!

Saturday Six | Slow Cooker Marinara, One-Pot Pasta and Korean Tacos

November 15 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a slow cooker marinara sauce, one-pot pasta with peas and spinach, and a Korean twist on tacos.

Caramelized Onion Gravy

November 12 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Pureed caramelized onions are the key to this rich golden-brown gravy that everyone - meat-eaters and vegetarians alike - will be sure to gobble up.

Lentil and Roasted Root Vegetable Strudel

November 10 2014 Oh My Veggies 

A savory mixture of lentils, roasted root veggies and goat cheese rolled up in layers of flaky phyllo dough. Great as a Thanksgiving main dish!

Saturday Six | 30-Minute Chickpea Curry, Mushroom & Wild Rice Burgers and Quinoa Stuffing

November 8 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including an easy weeknight curry dinner, homemade veggie burgers, and gluten-free vegan stuffing for Thanksgiving.

Butternut Squash Tacos with Cranberry-Jalape?o Relish

November 5 2014 Oh My Veggies 

An autumnal take on a go-to weeknight meal, these vegan butternut squash tacos are topped with a sweet-tangy-spicy cranberry-jalape?o relish.

20 Delicious Salads for Fall

November 4 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Add some color and nutrition to your next meal with one of these beautiful autumn-inspired salads.

Autumn Nourish Bowls

November 2 2014 Oh My Veggies 

These simple, hearty nourish bowls include roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, crispy chickpeas and a creamy dressing to tie it all together.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 11.03.14

October 31 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Curry Roasted Vegetable and Avocado Naan-wiches, Broccoli Pepper Stir-Fry with Ginger Peanut Sauce, Tofu Vindaloo, Easy Chickpea Pot Pie, and Gingery Carrot Stew with Peanuts and Cilantro.

Sweet and Sour Tempeh Meatballs

October 29 2014 Oh My Veggies 

With the holidays approaching, these sweet and sour, pineapple- and Sriracha-infused tempeh meatballs are perfect for parties.

Vegan Gingerbread Pear Bundt Cake + $250 MightyNest Giveaway

October 27 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Bold gingerbread cake studded with chunks of pear and baked in bundt form -- and dont forget the caramel sauce! Get the recipe and enter to win $250 in kitchen gear from MightyNest.

10 More Staples for Easy Vegetarian Meals

October 26 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Make meal-planning easy with the help of tempeh, tofu, chickpeas and 7 other must-have staples for easy vegetarian meals!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 10.27.14

October 24 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Vegan Portabella Fajitas, Cuban Fried Quinoa, Aloo Gobi Masala, Gnocchi with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Slow Cooker Lentil Pumpkin Chili.

Easy Chickpea Pot Pie

October 22 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This easy chickpea pot pie has all the savory goodness of the old-fashioned chicken version, minus the meat.

Veggie Fries! 13 Ways to Make Fries Without Potatoes

October 21 2014 Oh My Veggies 

When you cut a vegetable into fries, magic happens. Okay, maybe not, but veggie fries are pretty irresistible. Here are our favorite ways to make them.

7 Sugar Myths Debunked

October 19 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Should you avoid fruit? Is brown sugar healthier than white sugar? Our nutritionist debunks 7 common myths about sugar.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 10.20.14

October 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Warm Roasted Butternut Squash Salad, One-Skillet Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls, Chickpea & Rice Soup, Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Chili with Porter, and Cheese Tortellini Bake with Roasted Broccoli.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches with Cholula Cashew Cheese

October 15 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Even egg lovers will be thrilled with these vegan breakfast sandwiches: chickpea egg patties layered with avocado and spicy Cholula cashew cheese.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Pomegranate and Massaged Kale Salad

October 13 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Pomegranate, roasted sweet potatoes and goat cheese take massaged kale salad to a new level in this quintessentially fall recipe.

Saturday Six | Polenta Cakes, Butternut Squash Fries and Tofu Cauliflower Korma

October 11 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including crispy polenta cakes topped with mushrooms and burrata, butternut squash fries, and a quick meatless korma.

Samosa Cakes with Apple Chutney

October 9 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Tender Indian-spiced potato cakes, lightly browned and served with a fall-inspired apple chutney. All the flavors of samosas, made easy right at home. And theyre vegan too!

4 Ways to Make Brussels Sprouts Irresistible

October 7 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Think you hate Brussels sprouts? Maybe you just havent had them prepared the right way! These 4 tips will have you loving sprouts in no time.

Butternut Squash Burritos with Black Beans and Kale

October 6 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Need a new way to use a favorite fall ingredient? Try these slightly sweet, cheesy butternut squash burritos with cumin, black beans and kale.

Saturday Six | Beer Battered Olives, Vegetable Pot Pie & Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

October 4 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including beer batter fried green olives with Sriracha mayo, vegetable pot pie with a cheddar biscuit crust, and a cauliflower mac and cheese casserole.

Thai Kabocha Squash Curry

October 2 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Kabocha, cauliflower, tofu and kale simmer in Thai yellow curry sauce for a scrumptious and satisfying meal. Bonus: it makes a big batch, so youll have leftovers for later!

A Lumberjack Badger Shows You How to Cut Butternut Squash

September 30 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Butternut squash is a fall favorite, but it can be a pain to prep -- not only is it tough to cut through, but its also oddly shaped! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to cut and cube it.

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Chili with Porter

September 29 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This hearty, make-ahead butternut squash chili includes porter and black beans. Let it simmer in the slow cooker all day for a comforting fall favorite.

Saturday Six | Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup, Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls & Zucchini Brownies

September 27 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a creamy (but creamless!) cauliflower soup, burrito bowls made with spaghetti squash, and healthy zucchini brownies.

Lunchbox-Friendly Mexican Cauliflower Rice Salad

September 25 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Mix and match your way to a healthy, tasty lunch with this Mexican Cauliflower Rice Salad, a Tex-Mex-inspired lunchbox favorite.

20 Protein-Packed Vegetarian Breakfasts

September 23 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Weve rounded up 20 vegetarian breakfasts that all have 10 or more grams of protein per serving. No bacon or sausage needed!

Couscous Bowls with Za’atar Chickpeas and Roasted Cauliflower

September 21 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Couscous, chickpeas and cauliflower are the perfect vehicle to try trendy zaatar. Top it all off with a parsley-tahini sauce and brown-butter pine nuts.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 09.22.14

September 19 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Crispy Orange-Ginger Tofu with Broccoli, Curried Red Lentil Quinoa Bowls, Open-Faced Spinach, Artichoke & White Bean Grilled Cheese, Quinoa Roasted Vegetable Burrito Bowls and One-Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta.

Ideas for Fall on Oh My Veggies

September 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Our ultimate guide to fall cooking, with seasonal recipe ideas and resources from Oh My Veggies--all in one convenient place!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Grilled Cheese

September 16 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Dont limit yourself to slices of American cheese on white bread! These 5 ways to upgrade your grilled cheese will change the way you think about this humble sandwich.

A Guide to Tofu

September 14 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Siken, soft, firm, extra-firm...extra-extra firm? Whether youre a newbie or not, this guide to tofu will take the guesswork out of shopping and cooking.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 09.15.14

September 12 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Greek Fattoush Salad, Slow Cooker Pasta e Fagioli Soup, Sweet & Spicy Cold Peanut Noodles, Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake, and Curried Coconut Corn Chowder.

The Best Vegan BLT (With Eggplant Bacon!)

September 10 2014 Oh My Veggies 

A vegan BLT? Oh yes, you can! Smoky eggplant bacon, lettuce and tomatoes get topped with a spicy sriracha cashew mayo in this vegan spin on the classic.

How to Make and Freeze Homemade Tomato Sauce

September 9 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Follow this tutorial for making and freezing your own homemade tomato sauce, and enjoy the taste of summer tomatoes all winter long--no canning equipment needed!

Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Chowder

September 7 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Summer meets fall in this spicy, creamy, vegan sweet corn chowder with coconut milk. Top with cilantro, jalape?os, coconut flakes and fresh corn.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 09.08.14

September 5 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Pasta with Cilantro-Jalape?o Pesto, Tempeh Black Bean Taco Salad, Stuffed Zucchini with Creamy Peanut Lime Sauce, Chickpea Fajitas, and Jamaican Chickpea Stew.

Cheesy Taco Casserole

September 3 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This vegetarian taco casserole includes a hearty three-bean filling, layers of veggies and crunchy tortilla chips and, of course, plenty of cheese.

Crispy Baked Coconut Onion Rings with Sweet Chili Sauce

September 1 2014 Oh My Veggies 

You dont need a deep-fryer for crispy onion rings! These Coconut Onion Rings are baked to perfection and served with a sweet-and-spicy dipping sauce.

Saturday Six | Stir Fried Udon Noodles, Vegetable Bolognese, and Kale Power Bowls

August 30 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a simple udon noodle dinner, veggie-packed bolognese sauce, and a kale power salad with creamy miso dressing.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Creamy Avocado-Basil Dressing

August 28 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Grilled lettuce? Yes, grilled lettuce! Smoky, sweet grilled romaine is topped with marinated heirloom tomatoes and fresh corn, then drizzled with a creamy avocado-basil dressing.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Breakfast Parfait

August 27 2014 Oh My Veggies 

It tastes like a dessert, but you can eat it for breakfast--whats better than that?! This Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Breakfast Parfait is delicious and healthy.

Veggie Enchilada Stacks with Roasted Tomatillo Sauce

August 25 2014 Oh My Veggies 

No more soggy enchiladas! Stacks are the way to go. This version layers sautéed summer vegetables with cheese and tangy roasted tomatillo sauce.

Saturday Six | Chickpea Panzanella, Turmeric Smoothies, and Vegan Taco Salad

August 23 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including panzanella made with roasted chickpeas, a glowing turmeric smoothie, and a vegan taco salad.

Vegan Kale Spanakopita

August 21 2014 Oh My Veggies 

A kale-and-cashew cheese filling makes this vegan spanakopita hearty and filling--sans dairy or eggs!

How to Make Perfect Crepes

August 19 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Making perfect crepes is all about the technique. This step-by-step tutorial will show you the best way to make the batter, how to keep your crepes from sticking to the pan, and how to freeze them for later.

Kohlrabi, Corn & Tofu Curry

August 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Not sure what to do with kohlrabi? This easy curry dish pairs it with fresh summer tomatoes, sweet corn, and tofu.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 08.18.14

August 15 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Caramelized Onion, Spinach & Avocado Quesadillas, Balsamic Pasta with Toasted Garlic & Pine Nuts, Lemon-Garlic Zucchini Noodles with Roasted Tomatoes, Black Bean Burgers with Sriracha Aioli, and Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas with Lemon-Dijon Dressing.

Vegan “Tuna” Salad

August 13 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Making seafood substitutes at home can be a little tricky, but this vegan version of tuna salad comes pretty close to the real thing. Hello tuna salad sandwiches!

One-Pot Peanut Sesame Noodles & Veggies

August 11 2014 Oh My Veggies 

One pot, lots of veggies! This easy weeknight dinner is ready in about 9 minutes, and its packed with savory, Asian-inspired goodness.

Saturday Six | Vegan Creamsicles, Mushroom Stroganoff, and Quinoa Smoothies

August 9 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including dairy-free Mint Chocolate Creamsicles, Dreamy Mushroom Stroganoff, and protein-packed Quinoa Smoothies.

Heat-Free Lentil and Walnut Tacos from Choosing Raw

August 7 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Lentils and walnuts combine to make a meaty vegan taco filling in this easy recipe from the new Choosing Raw cookbook.

4 Ways to Use Hummus (and dip isn’t one of them!)

August 5 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Its not just for snacking! You can make hummus into a salad dressing, use it as a topping for pizza, and so much more.

Carrot Fritters with Cumin-Lime Cashew Cream

August 3 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Our recipe tester declared these fritters to be one of the best recipes shes ever made -- theyre that good! Find out how to make them yourself and get some tips on how to grow carrots at home.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 08.04.14

August 1 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Eggplant Parmigiana Panini, Taco-Stuffed Zucchini, Soba Noodles with Miso-Roasted Tomatoes, Broccoli Cheddar Brown Rice Casserole, and Black Bean & Quinoa Freezer Burritos.

Chermoula Veggie Kebabs with Halloumi Cheese

July 30 2014 Oh My Veggies 

These veggie-and-cheese kebabs are marinated in and basted with a fresh and tangy chermoula sauce--perfect for a summery weeknight meal.

Lemon-Garlic Zucchini Noodles with Roasted Tomatoes

July 28 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Get out your spiralizer, its zucchini noodle time! Zucchini noodles are tossed with a light lemon-garlic dressing, oven-roasted tomatoes, and pine nuts in this simple salad recipe.

Saturday Six | Homemade Tahini, Sweet Potato Tostadas, and Cherry Chia Jam

July 26 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including homemade tahini, crispy oven-baked tostadas topped with sweet potatoes, and the easiest cherry jam you will ever make!

Braised Zucchini, Cherry Tomato, and Chickpea Pasta + Le Creuset Giveaway

July 24 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Braised zucchini teams up with heirloom cherry tomatoes and chickpeas in this simple summer dinner -- its done in under 25 minutes! Get the recipe and enter to win a Le Creuset saucier on the Marketplace.

How to Make Zucchini Chips

July 22 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Have an overabundance of zucchini? Make delicious, healthy zucchini chips with this simple tutorial -- and you dont even need a dehydrator!

Stuffed Squash Blossoms with Cherry Tomato-Zucchini Ragout

July 20 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Squash blossoms are only in season for a short amount of time, so get them while you can! Weve stuffed them with goat cheese, given them a crispy cornmeal crust, and baked them to perfection in this light summer dinner recipe.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 07.21.14

July 18 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Kale Salad with Peaches, Corn, and Basil-Honey Vinaigrette, Zucchini Walnut Feta Cakes, Ratatouille Pasta, Socca with Sautéed Chard and Parmesan, and Warm Cauliflower and Israeli Couscous Salad

Chocolate-Coconut Bacon Doughnuts

July 16 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Homemade vegan doughnuts topped with a rich chocolate glaze and crispy coconut bacon. Smoky, sweet, and totally addictive - you cant eat just one!

Blueberry, Almond, and Puffed Amaranth Granola Bars

July 14 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Corn isnt the only grain that can be popped! Amaranth is an ancient grain that can be popped on the stove, just like popcorn. We love it as a nutritious addition to these homemade granola bars.

Saturday Six | Quinoa Bake, Lentil Meatballs, and Zucchini Noodles

July 12 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a cheesy quinoa bake (with kale!), lentil meatballs with homemade pesto, and a raw zucchini noodle salad.

Thai Iced Tea Pops

July 10 2014 Oh My Veggies 

These Thai Iced Tea Pops might not be orange, but they taste just like the real thing -- in convenient popsicle form! Instead of condensed milk, we used coconut milk to make them, which means theyre dairy-free too.

15 Gorgeous Heirloom Tomato Recipes

July 8 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Its hard to resist heirloom tomatoes -- theyre colorful, they come in all shapes and sizes, and theyre packed with flavor. Weve rounded up some of our favorite recipes for showcasing these summer gems.

Beet Green Pesto Pizza With Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese

July 6 2014 Oh My Veggies 

You might not think of beets as a summer vegetable, but they can be grown in warmer weather too! Weve got a few tips for growing them yourself and a tasty pizza recipe that uses both the beet greens and the roots.

Roasted Garlic Kale Hummus from Let Them Eat Kale!

July 3 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were celebrating the release of Julias new cookbook, Let Them Eat Kale!, by sharing her tasty Roasted Garlic Kale Hummus -- and with a big giveaway!

4 Ways to Use Leftover Herbs

July 1 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Dont you hate it when a recipe calls for a tablespoon of cilantro or parsley and youve got a whole bunch of it left to use up afterwards? Instead of throwing it in the compost bin, weve got 4 easy ways to use those extra herbs.

Smoothies vs. Juice: The Ultimate Smackdown

June 29 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Some people say that juice is the way to go, while others are firmly on Team Smoothie. Our nutritionist weighs in on the pros and cons of each and shares some healthy recipes to get you started.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.30.14

June 27 2014 Oh My Veggies 

On the menu this week: Avocado and Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Seitan Cacciatore, Garlicky Grilled Kale Salad with Grilled Bread, Mexican Baked Polenta with Salsa Beans & Sautéed Veggies, and Fettuccine with Swiss Chard & Garlic.

Veggie Pad Thai

June 25 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Most vegetarian Pad Thai recipes are really just glorified peanut noodles. We love peanut noodles, but theyre not Pad Thai! Our version is a restaurant-style Pad Thai, made without the fish sauce.

Mix & Match Breakfast Cookies

June 23 2014 Oh My Veggies 

These no-fuss breakfast cookies can be customized with your favorite ingredients, so theyre sure to be a hit. Even better? You can make a big batch and freeze them for busy mornings.

Saturday Six | Watermelon Mojito Granita, Tempeh Lettuce Wraps, and Pizza Quinoa Bites

June 21 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a refreshing Watermelon Mojito Granita, sweet-and-spicy Tempeh Lettuce Wraps, and Quinoa Pizza Bites.

Raw Strawberry Chocolate Dessert Pizza

June 19 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Raw Strawberry Chocolate Dessert PizzaA rich chocolate pizza crust topped with creamy cashew sauce, fresh sliced strawberries, and a healthy drizzle of chocolate sauce -- this no-bake vegan dessert is sure to fly off the table at any summer get-together.

How to Make Your Own Polenta

June 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

How to Make Your Own PolentaOur step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make your own polenta at home and what you can do with it once youve made it. Its easier than you think!

A Guide to Hot Sauces

June 15 2014 Oh My Veggies 

A Guide to Hot SaucesIf you cant stand the heat, well, this post might not be for you. Our guide to hot sauces tackles all your burning questions about this spicy condiment -- and weve got lots of recipe ideas too!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.16.14

June 13 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.16.14On the menu this week: Summer Vegetable Linguine with Feta, Pesto Quinoa & White Bean Cakes with Roasted Tomatoes, Kung Pao Veggies, Cherry Almond Farro Salad, and Crispy Vegetable Quesadillas.

Firecracker Cauliflower

June 10 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Firecracker CauliflowerThis vegetarian spin on firecracker take-out features crunchy baked cauliflower in place of chicken or shrimp. Serve over rice and drizzle with a sweet and spicy homemade chili sauce for a dish that rivals any restaurant.

Nectarine and Avocado Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing

June 9 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Nectarine and Avocado Salad with Ginger-Lime DressingWith juicy nectarines, wheat berries, and avocado, this salad manages to be both light and filling. In other words, its the perfect summertime dinner.

Saturday Six | Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips, Southwest Salad, and Mushroom Quinoa Burgers

June 7 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Saturday Six | Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips, Southwest Salad, and Mushroom Quinoa BurgersWere rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a vegan Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips, and Southwest Salad with creamy avocado dressing, and savory Mushroom Quinoa Burgers.

Vegan Blueberry Banana Bread

June 5 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Vegan Blueberry Banana BreadA super-moist, super-scrumptious dairy-free banana bread recipe studded with sweet blueberries. Even if youre not vegan, you will love this bread!

4 Ways to Use Hemp Seeds

June 2 2014 Oh My Veggies 

4 Ways to Use Hemp SeedsHemp hearts are packed with protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients, but what can you do with them?! Well, well show you! Weve got 4 easy ways to incorporate these healthy seeds into your diet.

Oh My Favorites Summer Giveaway Event

June 1 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Oh My Favorites Summer Giveaway EventLets kick off the summer with some tasty prizes! Throughout the month of June, were giving away 17 of our favorite foods, kitchen tools, and more. Enter to win them all!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.02.14

May 30 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 06.02.14On the menu this week: Three Pea Ginger Tofu Stir Fry, Make-Ahead Cheese & Vegetable Baked Manicotti, Roasted Broccoli & Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza, Spicy Indian Chickpeas with Brown Rice, and Veggie Burgers and Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce.

Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Baked BBQ Tofu

May 28 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Baked BBQ TofuComfort food doesnt get much better than Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese. But then it did because we topped it with Baked BBQ Tofu to make a meatless version of Noodles & Companys BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese.

Roasted Broccoli & Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

May 26 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Roasted Broccoli & Sun-Dried Tomato PizzaA few simple shortcuts make this flavorful pizza completely doable for a weeknight dinner. Because pizza night should never be complicated.

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.26.14

May 23 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.26.14On the menu this week: Cream of Asparagus Soup, Balancing Buddha Bowls, Cabernet Portabella Burgers, Detox Salad with Lemon Dressing, and Mediterranean Quinoa.

Vegan Spiced Carrot Muffins

May 22 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Vegan Spiced Carrot MuffinsCinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger complement the carrot in these hearty, satisfying vegan muffins. Theyre the perfect way to enjoy veggies for breakfast!

9 Everyday Superfoods

May 20 2014 Oh My Veggies 

9 Everyday SuperfoodsForget the unpronounceable berries and strange root powders - these 9 everyday superfoods are things you probably already have in your pantry!

Saturday Six | Mushroom & Quinoa Meatballs, Portabella Bacon & Crispy Baked Asparagus

May 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Saturday Six | Mushroom & Quinoa Meatballs, Portabella Bacon & Crispy Baked AsparagusWere rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including meatless meatballs made with quinoa and mushrooms, panko-crusted baked asparagus, and portabella mushroom bacon!

Strawberry Salad with Coconut Bacon & Black Pepper Vinaigrette

May 15 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Strawberry Salad with Coconut Bacon & Black Pepper VinaigretteFresh mixed herbs and greens, sweet in-season strawberries, crunchy almonds and pepitas, and smoky coconut bacon -- all dressed with zingy black pepper vinaigrette. This salad is happiness on a plate!

How to Make Chia Seed Jam

May 13 2014 Oh My Veggies 

How to Make Chia Seed JamForget the pectin, chia seed jam is where its at! Not only is it easier to make than traditional jam, its also healthier too, with added fiber and protein from the chia seeds. Well show you step-by-step how to make it yourself.

Saturday Six | Mexican Cauliflower Casserole, Garlic Tofu, & Black Bean Brownies

May 10 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Saturday Six | Mexican Cauliflower Casserole, Garlic Tofu, & Black Bean BrowniesWere rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including a cheesy Mexican Cauliflower Casserole, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownies made with black beans, a simple Asian Garlic Tofu recipe and more!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.12.14

May 9 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.12.14On the menu this week: Sweet Potato Burritos, Vegetarian Pho, 30-Minute Coconut Curry, White Bean & Potato Tacos, and Sweet Potato Vegan Alfredo.

Cabernet Portabella Burgers

May 7 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Cabernet Portabella BurgersTake your portabella burgers to the next level by basting them with a red wine reduction and serving them on grilled focaccia. So fancy!

Mexican Baked Polenta with Salsa Beans & Sautéed Veggies

May 5 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Mexican Baked Polenta with Salsa Beans & Sautéed VeggiesThis easy dinner uses two of our favorite pantry staples: a tube of prepared polenta and a can of black beans. Add fresh vegetables, salsa, and cheese and youve got yourself a delicious Mexican-inspired meal!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.05.14

May 2 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.05.14On the menu this week: Shaved Asparagus & Gorgonzola Pizza, Smashed Chickpea Guacamole Egg Salad Sandwiches, Lentil Taco Salad, Cauliflower Hummus Burgers with Mint Tzatziki, and Roasted Cauliflower and Red Onion Pasta.

Oh My Veggies Is Hiring!

May 1 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Oh My Veggies Is Hiring!Were hiring two new contributors for our veggie-loving team! Interested in applying? Read on to find out more.

20 Protein-Packed Meatless Dinners

April 29 2014 Oh My Veggies 

20 Protein-Packed Meatless DinnersWeve rounded up 20 meatless dinner recipes that have at least 20 grams of protein per serving. Thats a lot of protein!

Saturday Six | Baked Herb Falafel, Beauty Smoothies, and Green Goddess Salad

April 26 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Saturday Six | Baked Herb Falafel, Beauty Smoothies, and Green Goddess SaladWere rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Baked Herb Falafel, a vitamin-packed Beauty Smoothie, Green Goddess Salad with Avocado Dill Dressing and more!

Asparagus and Avocado Spring Rolls with Citrus Dipping Sauce

April 24 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Asparagus and Avocado Spring Rolls with Citrus Dipping SauceAsparagus is in season and it makes the perfect filling for spring rolls! Weve also added avocado slices and paired them with a light Citrus Dipping Sauce that lets the fresh flavors of the filling shine through.

What’s the Deal with Smoothie Bowls?

April 22 2014 Oh My Veggies 

What’s the Deal with Smoothie Bowls?What do you get when you cross smoothies with cereal? Smoothie bowls! Well show you how to build one thats both delicious and nutritionally balanced too.

Saturday Six | Spicy Vegan Mac & Cheese, Sweet & Sour Cauliflower, and Avocado Hummus

April 19 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including Spicy Vegan Mac & Cheese, Sweet & Sour Cauliflower, Avocado Hummus, and more!

Strawberry, Coconut & Lime Smoothie

April 17 2014 Oh My Veggies 

When youve got more strawberries in the fridge than you can possibly eat, what do you do? You whip up some smoothies, of course! These Strawberry, Coconut & Lime Smoothies make a great breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.

A Guide to Salad Greens

April 15 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Dont know your mesclun from your mache? Our guide to salad greens is just what you need. Weve got details on several of the most popular varieties of greens, instructions for storage and prep, and lots of delicious recipe ideas. Now go make yourself a salad!

Saturday Six | Banana Protein Bars, Curried Couscous, and Stuffed Shells

April 12 2014 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks Saturday Six features a springtime version of stuffed shells, a super easy curried couscous recipe, lightened up twice-baked potatoes, and three more favorites from Potluck contributors.

Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad

August 24 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad isn’t a complicated salad, but all the ingredients go so well together! This cauliflower salad is tasty and crunchy.  

Lemon Sugar Cookies

August 17 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These Lemon Sugar Cookies are delicious and tangy. You can vary your choice of citrus and use orange, lime, or even grapefruit.

Greek Salad

August 14 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Fresh, quick to prepare, and bursting with flavors--this Greek Salad is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine.  

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

August 10 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This Stuffed Portobello Mushroom recipe is easy to prepare and very delicious. Thats what I call a perfect recipe!    

Black Forest Cake in a Glass

August 7 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Make each Black Forest Cake in an individual glass.    

Chocolate Popsicles

August 3 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This Chocolate Popsicle recipe provides a way to make fudge popsicles a little healthier. This version uses banana and avocado, which makes the popsicles creamy and adds a dose of vitamins.    

Summer Pasta Salad

July 31 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This delectable pasta salad contains many different textures and flavors. It’s perfect for potlucks or gatherings around the BBQ!    

White BBQ Sauce

July 27 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Here is a different BBQ sauce made with mayonnaise. Its delicious in hot sandwiches and over grilled meat.  

Easy Rosé Pasta Sauce

July 24 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This rosé sauce is perfect for pasta. It’s simple to make and extremely tasty!    

Stuffed Mexican Sweet Potato

July 20 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This sweet salty recipe is tasty and simple to cook!    

Melon and Bocconcini Skewers

July 17 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These sweet and salty appetizers are perfect for a snack in the sun.    

Creamy Macaroni Salad

July 13 2019 Oh My Veggies 

A good macaroni salad makes you realize that its summer time! This macaroni salad is simple, good, and never goes out of style.    

Chickpea Burger

July 10 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Requiring few ingredients, our veggie chickpea burger will be ready to eat after only 15 minutes of preparation and 10 minutes of cooking!    

Red Beans and Rice Burritos

July 6 2019 Oh My Veggies 

A really easy and quick dish to make, these burritos are especially full of flavors. If you don’t like burritos, you can remove the tortilla and make it into a burrito bowl.  

Honey Tofu Skewers

July 3 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Crispy, sweet tofu skewers on the BBQ! Even the family member who doesnt love tofu will love this recipe!    

The best Chocolate Chips Cookies

June 29 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Finally, an excellent recipe for chocolate chip cookies! They are super easy and quick to prepare and they are incredibly delicious. Rich, mellow, and equally succulent straight from the oven or when cooled.    

Cauliflowers Patties

June 26 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These cauliflowers patties are as pretty as they are good, and easy to make! Your children will feast and love to eat their vegetables! You can make patties of different sizes to serve them as an appetizer or as an main course.    

Orzo Salad

June 22 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This is a salad full of flavors. Served cold with is delicious dressing, it’s a real treat!  

Taco Salad

June 19 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This summer salad is simple, fast, and goes well as a good nutritious lunch.      

Tomato Egg Noodle

June 15 2019 Oh My Veggies 

These tomato egg noodles are an inexpensive meal that will please the whole family!

Cake in a Mug

June 8 2019 Oh My Veggies 

The cooking time of this cake may vary depending on your microwave’s wattage and the size of the cup, pot, or ramekin you use.

Veggie Scrambled Eggs

June 5 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Because there are so many ways to prepare eggs, there is always something for everyone! Scrambled eggs remain an indestructible classic--so simple to make and yet so easy to overlook. A minute of cooking too much, a fire a little too strong and that’s it; the scrambled eggs become dry and overcooked.

Date and Apple Muffins

June 1 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I love the delicious combination of apple and dates! These date and apple muffins are very nourishing--both healthy and tender.

Lentil No-Meat Pie

May 29 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Here is a comforting veggie version of a hearty classic. This no-meat pie is perfect for lunches and busy evenings. The lentils in this pie provide a source of affordable and nutritious protein.

Green Vegetables and Tofu Stir-fry

May 25 2019 Oh My Veggies 

The taste of plain tofu is not a taste that makes us jump with joy, but when given a little love it becomes very interesting. The best way to make it tasty is to let it sit in a marinade. The longer it marinates, the tastier it will be! Even after 1 hour it will have absorbed many flavors.

Crispy Sweet Chili Zucchini with Lime-Almond Dipping Sauce

May 20 2019 Oh My Veggies 

We love zucchini! Even more we love breaded zucchini that tastes like fried! And then because you can’t have breaded zucchini without an accompanying sauce, we upped the snack ante with a spicy, tangy Lime-Almond Dipping Sauce on the side. Kind of like a peanut sauce, but with almond butter instead. The result is an Asian-inspired twist on breaded zucchini that will satisfy even the pickiest of snackers. And the best news? Rice cakes aren’t boring anymore! Disclosure: Brandfluential sponsored the development of this recipe and asked me to share Lundberg’s Rice Cake Double Take contest, but all opinions are my own.

Mexican Baked Polenta with Salsa Beans & Sautéed Veggies

May 17 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This easy dinner uses two of our favorite pantry staples: a tube of prepared polenta and a can of black beans. Add fresh vegetables, salsa, and cheese and youve got yourself a delicious Mexican-inspired meal!

Recipe | Thai Tofu and Noodle Salad

May 13 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Last weekend I went to the mall in attempt to find some jeans that are not skinny jeans and I realized that OH MY GOSH it’s pretty much summer. (Side note: can they please start making jeans that are not skinny jeans again? Because some of us have chunky calves. Thanks.) The air was thick and humid and it was hot out. Not hot hot, because it gets way hotter here, but hot enough that I knew that all the alternating warm-and-cold days of spring were over and now it’s just going to get hotter and hotter until it finally starts to cool down again in the fall. So now that it’s feeling like summer, I think it’s time to start putting some summer recipes on the blog. I decided last summer that cold noodle salads were my most favorite summertime food. Then I remembered: oh, corn. Corn is my favorite summertime food. Duh. But cold noodle salads are a close second! The veggies make them feel light, but the noodles make them more substantive than a regular salad. And they’re cold, which is always welcome on a hot day. This is one of those fun salads where you can […]

Roasted Green Beans & Mushrooms with Walnuts

May 10 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This Roasted Green Beans & Mushrooms recipe is one from my side dish arsenal. Side dish arsenal? Yes! It’s my collection of fast, effortless side dishes–things that can be thrown together quickly so when my main dish requires a little more work, I can make a side that’s pretty much hands-off. They’re also a little bit lower in calories, so they pair perfectly with heavier entrees. I’ve shared a lot of these recipes here already–Barbecue Zucchini Fries, Roasted Broccoli, and Roasted Cauliflower & Kalamata Olives are a few of my favorites. I make sides like this all the time–I used to rely on frozen veggies in such cases, but I’ve been working on building a collection of go-to recipes that take only a few more minutes than those frozen vegetables, but taste a million gazillion (actual number!) times better. This recipe really couldn’t be much easier–the most time-consuming part is trimming the green beans. (And trust me, if you’ve never had roasted green beans before, the 5 minutes of trimming and cutting is well-worth the effort.) Once you’ve cut the beans and mushrooms, you throw them onto a baking sheet with the walnuts, spray them with cooking spray, and 15 […]

Twice Baked Salsa Potatoes with Fajita Veggies

May 6 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Do you ever go to a restaurant and order the same dish every time? For better or worse, I’m a person who likes routine. Usually when I find something I like at a restaurant, I stick with it. My husband always ribs me for ordering the same thing time and time again, but it works for me, so why not, right? But there was one Mexican restaurant that we used to go to and both of us would order the same thing every time we went there–Veggie Fajitas. And then we’d both get a side of spicy, cheesy mashed potatoes. Even my husband couldn’t branch out and try something different because the fajitas were just so flippin’ good. But then! One hot August afternoon, we went to get our usual fajitas-and-potatoes combo and what the server brought out to us shook me to the core. Oh yes, I was shook! Instead of the usual zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and corn, there on our fajita plate was a sad, soggy mix of onions, peas, and carrots. Frozen veggies! Frozen veggies that do not even belong in fajitas! Who puts frozen peas in fajitas? Who?! And even more importantly, why? As much as […]

Roasted Vegetarian Puttanesca Sauce

May 3 2019 Oh My Veggies 

I’m not a lazy cook, but I’m also not opposed to a few shortcuts now and then. One shortcut that I use a lot is jarred pasta sauce. Because it’s easy! And if you buy the right brand, it tastes good too. Or, at least, good enough. (Sometimes good enough is good enough, you know? Especially after a long work day.) Making my own pasta sauce seemed like such a chore, I never bothered attempting it. Well, I’m now fully aboard the homemade pasta sauce train. Homemade pasta sauce! What took me so long?! And the best part is, it’s really not as time-consuming as I thought it would be. Because I’m a big fan of roasting veggies, I decided to use roasted tomatoes as the base for vegetarian puttanesca sauce rather than making it on the stove. Not only does this make the sauce more flavorful, it also reduces the hands-on time for the recipe. Sure, opening a jar of sauce and heating it up in a saucepan is still quicker, but this sauce is worth the (short) wait. You can use the roasted tomatoes as a base for just about any kind of pasta sauceroast the tomatoes with […]

Mushroom & Zucchini Quesadillas with Cilantro Pesto

April 29 2019 Oh My Veggies 

How do you feel about cilantro? Because if you’re a cilantro hater, you may want to avert your eyes. (Or maybe run in terror?) These Mushroom & Zucchini Quesadillas have a generous helping of cilantro pesto on them. So you’ve been warned, okay? Personally, I love cilantro. I never really got all passionate hatred directed towards this inoffensive little herb. I mean, I’m sure there are people who hate basil or oregano. But they don’t make a thing out of it. And cilantro hating is most definitely a thing. There’s even an I Hate Cilantro website. Well, apparently it’s a matter of genetics. Cilantro haters taste soap when they eat cilantro. It’s a genetic predisposition, something they’re born with. There are other explanations too, though–some of the molecules that form the aroma of cilantro are also molecules found in both lye (soap!) and insects. Interestingly, crushing cilantro leaves converts these molecules into other substances which makes them inoffensive to cilantro haters. So cilantro pesto? Should be totally cool with both cilantro haters and cilantro lovers alike. Of course, if you hate cilantro with a passion, it might be too much to ask to even put you in the same room […]

Recipe | Sweet and Sour Tempeh

April 26 2019 Oh My Veggies 

If you’ve been a vegetarian for a while, maybe you remember that in the mid-aughts, Gardenburger was a really big deal. (Sidenote: Don’t you love the word “aught”? It’s so old timey.) When it came to vegetarian convenience foods, there was Gardenburger and there was Amy’s. But then Gardenburger went bankrupt and they were bought out by Kellogg’s and suddenly all the yummy frozen meals were no more. They still make the burgers, but even those aren’t in every grocery store like they used to be. And when I can find them, it’s only the Original flavor, not any of the others. This makes me sad! When I had a bunch of pineapple to use, I was brainstorming for ideas and I remembered the Gardenburger Sweet and Sour Pork that I used to buy constantly when I was in school–my favorite part was always the little bits of pineapple. The whole faux pork thing doesn’t appeal to me so much anymore, but I still think of that frozen meal once in a while, so I thought I’d try recreating it using tempeh. I’ve written about using tempeh before; for a recipe like this, I like to cut the tempeh into […]

Hummus Wraps With Slow-Roasted Tomato & Basil Hummus

April 22 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Are there any vegetables that you absolutely will not eat? I have a few that I could do without, and a few that I like prepared some ways but not others, but I can’t think of very many that I just won’t eat. Carrots and tomatoes, I’ll eat cooked, but not fresh. I’ll eat spinach raw (although I don’t enjoy it much), but unless it’s mixed in with a lot of other things, I won’t eat it cooked. I like peas sometimes, in small amounts, although snow peas can show up on my plate anytime and I’ll happily chow down on them. I try to push myself to give all these things another try once in a while (except my dreaded raw tomatoes), but whenever I do, I quickly conclude, “Okay, I just don’t like this.” And I think that’s okay; we don’t have to like everything, even healthy foods, as long as we’re eating a well-rounded diet. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t like any vegetables. And that can be a problem! A lot of kids just aren’t big on veggies, so parents try to find ways to sneak them in by throwing butternut squash into mac & […]

Recipe | Deconstructed Breaded Zucchini

April 15 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Clearly I am watching too much Top Chef. Because everything on Top Chef is deconstructed, right? You can’t argue with the fact that breaded zucchini is awesome. So why deconstruct it? Well, because breaded zucchini is a huge hassle to make what with the egg on the hands and the breadcrumbs under the fingernails. And painstakingly dipping each little zucchini round into egg and then breadcrumbs takes a lot of time too. Deconstructed breaded zucchini is breaded zucchini for those of us who are short on time, lazy, or a little bit of both. While the onion might not be included in the original version, I threw it in because I had it on hand and I like sauteed zucchini with onions. So why not? This might not be quite the same as breaded zucchini, but it does take half the time (and effort!), which is a big plus in my book.

Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal

April 12 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Having never lived in the tropics, I can’t really tell you when mango season is. But I do know that a few times a year, there’s suddenly an abundance of champagne mangoes at the grocery store. They’ll be strategically positioned at the front of the produce section, boxes stacked precariously on top of each other. And they’re always 5 for $5. While I like regular mangoes just fine, I like the champagne ones even more. They’re a little bit smaller, but I have yet to get one that wasn’t sweet or that was stringy or weird in some other way. So, in summary, I love champagne mangoes and it’s that time of year–cheap champagne mango season. Exclamation point! I’ve been trying out different kinds of overnight oatmeal lately, but I haven’t had success until I came up with this Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal recipe. The first time I made overnight oatmeal in a jar, I tried using steel cut oats. I’ve read other people raving about using those in overnight oats, but I have TMJ and chewing on them gave me a jaw ache that stayed with me the rest of the day. Not good! I also tried adding cocoa […]

Recipe | Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Gelato

April 8 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This is the recipe that finally made me realize that our freezer does not get as cold as it should. All last summer, I was on a Zoku kick and I made popsicles at least once a week, if not more. It was our first summer in North Carolina and it was hot. I had never been much of a popsicle person, but in that hot weather, suddenly they were all I wanted to eat. In my popsicle making frenzy, I noticed that the Zoku was taking much, much longer than it should have to freeze my popsicles. So naturally, I blamed the Zoku. In December, I got my ice cream maker. I’ve used it a few times and each time, the ice cream turned out a little bit soupy. I blamed the ice cream maker. So when I made this Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Gelato, it was the same story–it just barely set in the ice cream maker, so I decided to Google it and see what was going on. There were virtually no bad reviews for it and the few bad reviews there were had comments saying, “Your freezer probably isn’t cold enough!” Oh. So that’s why the Zoku […]

Thai Red Curry with Asparagus and Tofu

April 5 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This Thai Red Curry with asparagus and tofu is simply amazing and is so easy to make. Better still, you can serve it with rice noodles or over rice. It’s terrific with both white rice (we recommend a nice jasmine rice for this dish) or brown rice. You really can’t go wrong.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries

April 1 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Yeah, these chocolate chip cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are healthy. So healthy you can eat them for breakfast. And they’re vegan! They’re indulgent (did we mention they taste like cheesecake?!), but the protein from the cashews helps keep you full. They make a great summertime dessert–if you’re serving them to a crowd, cut the tips off the strawberries and stand them on a platter!

Dark Chocolate Banana Breakfast Muffins

March 25 2019 Oh My Veggies 

In my quest for the perfect breakfast muffin, I’ve made Banana Strawberry Oatmeal Muffins and Whole Wheat Chocolate Cherry Muffins. But these Dark Chocolate Banana Breakfast Muffins are my current pick for favorite breakfast muffin. They’re just chocolatey enough to make things exciting, without being so chocolatey that you feel like you’re eating a cupcake for breakfast. Like most of the baked goods I make, I let these cool to room temperature and then I threw them in the freezer. (Well, I put them in a freezer bag and then I threw them in the freezer.) Since it’s just my husband and me in our household, polishing off a batch of muffins or cookies before they go stale just isn’t the best idea, particularly since I’m trying to lose weight. So freezing everything right away gets rid of that “Well, if I don’t eat these, they’ll go bad!” excuse. When I’m having a muffin for breakfast, I let it thaw on the countertop overnight or I microwave it for 20-30 seconds so it’s nice and warm, like it just came out of the oven. Muffins and most cookies tend to freeze pretty well–I haven’t had any issues so far. Just […]

Curried Baked Carrot Chips

March 18 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Last weekend, I harvested carrots. Lots of carrots. Tiny carrots. I always have problems with vanishing seedlings when I try seeding directly in my raised beds, so last fall I thought I’d be smart and sow a ton of carrot seeds and then pull the extra seedlings out when I was sure they were big enough to survive any attacks from small animals or insects. But then it got cold and I got busy and I never thinned out the seedlings. So when I was preparing my raised beds for spring last weekend, I pulled out about 50 bitty carrots. They might be small and okay, they’re a little bit pale too. But I grew them! And they were perfect small carrots. I was kind of excited about my wee carrots, but Chris made fun of them and thought I should throw them in with the compost, to which I responded: “I’m going to blog about this!” (That’s my new response anytime he says or does something I don’t like, by the way.) My carrots may have been too small to use for much, but after I harvested them, I started coming up with ideas for carrot recipes and I […]

Recipe | Shiitake Panini with Roasted Asparagus Pesto

March 11 2019 Oh My Veggies 

When I make asparagus, nine times out of ten, I roast it. Steamed asparagus is good and sautéed asparagus is better, but neither compare to roasted asparagus. Just like with cauliflower, roasting mellows the flavor of asparagus. It gets caramelized and tender and just perfect in every way. As soon as I saw spring asparagus at the grocery store, I knew I had to buy it, but other than roasting it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I played around with different ideas and settled on a sandwich. Roasted asparagus sandwich! You never see asparagus on a sandwich, right?! But then the more I thought about it, I realized there’s probably a reason for that–asparagus would be a little bit unwieldy on a sandwich. So I decided to make an asparagus pesto to spread onto the sandwich and I topped that with roasted shiitake mushrooms and Fontina cheese. Believe it or not, I grilled this on my Griddler, but I can never get nice grill marks on my panini, no matter how long I let it sit on there. Well, the inside still got nice and melty, which is more important than the aesthetics, I think. Served with […]

Recipe | Sweet Potato French Toast Cups with Vanilla Cardamom Creme Anglaise

March 4 2019 Oh My Veggies 

A typical weekend breakfast in our household involves microwaved muffins or string cheese. We’re always busy on the weekends and it seems like from Saturday morning to dinnertime on Sunday, we’re running errands or working in the yard. Taking the time for a sit-down breakfast seems like a small luxury. And when we do have traditional breakfast foods like pancakes or waffles, it’s usually for dinner because I’m in no mood for cooking first thing in the morning. The wonderful thing about French toast casseroles, though, is that they can be made the night before–and really, they’re so much better when you make them ahead of time too. Although I’ve never made a French toast casserole myself, I thought I’d try one because doing most of the work the night before and simply popping it in the oven in the morning seemed like the happy medium between the string cheese breakfast and homecooked pancakes or waffles. We’d still have something delicious to sit down to, but I wouldn’t have to be flipping pancakes while groggy and cranky. Of course, a whole French toast casserole is a little too much for two people, so I decided to make Sweet Potato French […]

Recipe | Butternut Squash, Lentil & Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

February 22 2019 Oh My Veggies 

On Friday, the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining and I felt excited and hopeful that spring was almost here. I even tweeted this: I know it's mid-February, but it looks like spring outside. Hooray for sun! — Oh My Veggies (@ohmyveggies) February 15, 2013 ...and then about 20 minutes later, I got a winter weather alert on my phone. And, indeed, we got about an inch of snow on Saturday. I think Chris and I are now true North Carolinians because, when looking out the window at the (pitiful!) accumulation of snow, we decided it was best to stay off the roads and hunker down for the day. How soon I’ve forgotten the days of schlepping around campus at the University of Wisconsin in blizzard conditions or being unable to open the balcony door in our apartment because several feet of snow had sealed it shut. This Butternut Squash, Lentil & Kale Salad was supposed to be my farewell to winter post. I was going to vow to you that you wouldn’t see another kale or winter squash recipe on my blog until next fall rolls around. But after this weekend, I’m thinking it’s more fitting to […]

Chocolate Bread Pudding

February 16 2019 Oh My Veggies 

To use leftover bread, I often make French toast or croutons. This week, I had a little more stale bread than usual, so I decided to make some bread pudding. Bread pudding is a fairly compact and moist dessert, made from leftover (or brioche) bread. The bread is mixed with eggs, sugar, butter, and milk, then baked. I decided to revisit my grandmother’s classic dish by replacing the traditional raisins with chocolate chips.

Leek Pie

February 13 2019 Oh My Veggies 

The eggs and cream in this leek pie give it a smooth, thick texture. This succulent salty pie combines leeks--a delicious vegetable--with eggs to make this tasty quiche. Share this tasty dinner with family and friends!  

Mac and Cheese

February 9 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This isn’t a recipe for your typical Kraft dinner; this Mac and Cheese is an appetizing, melting-in-your-mouth dish with a crispy topping--a good little dish to wake up the child in you!

15 Healthy Desserts for Valentine’s Day

February 4 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Sure, Valentine’s Day is all about the splurging, especially when it comes to dessert. But if you don’t have to load up on saturated fat and empty calories, why do it? Think sultry dark chocolate, sparkling jeweled fruits, and luscious–but lighter–versions of classic favorites like chocolate cake and cheesecake. We’re smitten with these decadent healthy dessert recipes. Recipe Title: Pomegranate Cranberry Hearts Description: No-bake and no-guilt. Cranberries and pomegranates lend a gorgeous natural scarlet hue to these heart-shaped treats from Spabettie–but the real clincher is that sesame cashew crust. Get Recipe Now!

Apple and Cottage Cheese Muffins

January 26 2019 Oh My Veggies 

The advantage of this recipe is that it requires very few ingredients. These muffins are quickly mixed, quickly baked… and quickly eaten! They can be transported easily to eat on the go, in the office, or at school. The inspiration for this recipe came from my having leftover cottage cheese, which I decided to incorporate into some muffins. The cottage cheese makes these muffins so tender and gives them an enjoyable, creamy taste.

Tortellini with Roasted Pepper Sauce

January 23 2019 Oh My Veggies 

When the only things on your shopping list are stuffed pasta and a vegetable, that’s what we call a simple recipe. But not only is this recipe simple, it’s also super tasty! In this recipe I use tortellini to switch it up from the traditional penne and spaghetti. Quick tip: If want to remove the skin from your roasted peppers, remove peppers from the oven, put the pepper pieces in a paper  bag, and wait a few minutes. Once the bag fills with steam, you will be able to easily remove the pepper skins with a knife.

Chocolate Buttermilk Waffles

January 19 2019 Oh My Veggies 

What’s better than a waffle? A waffle with chocolate! These simple waffles are a well-balanced combination between a crispy outside and soft inside that you want from a good waffle. This recipe must absolutely become part of your brunch repertoire. Waffles will keep for up to 1 month in the freezer; just warm it in the toaster when you’re ready to eat!

Broccoli and Parmesan Soup

January 16 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This velvety broccoli soup with parmesan cheese is perfect to warm up and feast in the winter. Beautifully colored and rich in flavor, this soup is prepared quickly and with very few ingredients. Broccoli is full of vitamins, so enjoy it without any restriction!

Cheesy Vegetables Bagels

January 12 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Many parents find it hard to prepare nutritious lunches for their little ones and dont know where to turn. This quick recipe is the solution! It will easily fill a place in your child’s lunchbox. Fresh and light, this must-have recipe can be easily adapted to your needs! You can choose whether to make it sweet or salty; your imagination is the only limit! For a sweet version: remove the vegetables and mix the cream cheese with a mix of fruits like strawberries, blueberries, apples, etc.

Delicious Three-Cheeses Stuffed Shells

January 9 2019 Oh My Veggies 

This recipe may seem a little elaborate, but you can easily double the recipe and make another dish that you can freeze for future use. You can also make the cheese preparation ahead of time, reserve it in the fridge, and use it to stuff shells in the future. The shells are easier to serve than lasagna (since they come apart) making this recipe ideal for a shared supper or buffet. Both children and adults will love these three-cheeses stuffed shells!

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Gumbo

January 4 2019 Oh My Veggies 

Kidney beans, zucchini, and mushrooms, replace the meat in this healthy, goodness-packed slow-cooker stew. And don’t worry! The heat is still there with the addition of Cajun seasoning and hot sauce. If you’re not opposed to meatless sausage, Field Roast’s Mexican Chipotle Sausage would be a great way to add some heat (and a little faux meat) too.

Taco Bowl

December 29 2018 Oh My Veggies 

You can serve this taco salad in various ways. For example, you put everything in a large bowl to share with your guests. Another option is to present all the ingredients in small pots so that everyone can create their own salad. Want a more filling salad? Opt for the burrito bowl: in this case, you can add a portion of rice. You also have the opportunity to serve your taco salad in an edible bowl, made from a tortilla.  

Chocolate and Nuts Toffee

December 26 2018 Oh My Veggies 

This toffee was a revelation for me! I had eaten commercial toffee before, but after trying this recipe, store-bought toffee just did not compare. Before this recipe, I always thought that toffee was too complicated to make at home. But it’s really quite simple, as you will see. With a candy thermometer, it’s really a charm to make! This toffee can be stored in a suitable container for at least 10 days.

Mushroom Gravy

December 22 2018 Oh My Veggies 

This sauce recipe can be served with lots of meals. It’s definitely going to become one of your go-to recipes!  

Tex-Mex Sweet Potatoes

December 19 2018 Oh My Veggies 

To change up your classic potato dishes, why not dare to try sweet potatoes? These potatoes hold up to their name because of their beautiful orange color and sweet taste. Here, I have stuffed them with a delicious Tex Mex mixture.

Holiday’s Granola

December 15 2018 Oh My Veggies 

This recipe opens up a world of possibilities for customization! Just let your desires be your guide.  

White Chocolate and Coconut Cookies

December 12 2018 Oh My Veggies 

If you are a lover of white chocolate and coconut, this will become your favorite treat. You can lengthen the cooking time by 2 or 3 minutes if you prefer a firmer cookie. For a super-moist biscuit, bake for 10 minutes, let it cool on a rack for 10 minutes, and enjoy!

Roasted Broccoli with Meyer Lemon and Garlic

December 7 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Sometimes I have an idea so brilliant that I need to stop whatever it is I’m doing and start working on that idea right away. This week, I had one of those ideas--I would Photoshop my cats into the Kardashian Christmas card. YES. And I did it, but it didn’t quite work out as I had planned because I have surprisingly few pictures of my cats standing straight up, so I couldn’t replace the Kardashians with cats. And then I thought that maybe I would Photoshop my cats’ heads onto the Kardashians’ bodies, but that would take this project from “Ha ha, cats!” to “I think Kiersten is having some kind of mental break and needs help.” So in the end, I just had to Photoshop my cats around the Kardashians, which wasn’t nearly as awesome as my original idea. Isn’t it the worst when you have an idea that sounds so great and then it doesn’t work out? But then sometimes you have ideas you’re not sure about and they end up being even better than expected. Like this Roasted Broccoli with Meyer Lemon & Garlic! I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did and we loved […]

Chocolate and Peanut Balls

December 1 2018 Oh My Veggies 

These balls make excellent pre-workout snacks, but can also fill your cravings for cookies. They are easy and quick to make. You can freeze the balls and take them out when guests arrive unexpectedly. You can also make a big batch for the holidays right around the corner!    

Fried Eggs on Kale bed

November 28 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Contrary to popular belief, spinach is not a particularly significant source of iron. The myth around its high iron content was born from a study in which a decimal point had been moved by mistake. However, spinach does contain many important nutrients--especially antioxidants and bioflavonoids that help stop carcinogenic substances and processes. Spinach is, for example, rich in carotenoids, plant pigments that are responsible for its dark green color. Spinach is a good source of antioxidants essential for our skin and our health, whether raw, cooked, canned, or frozen.  

Chocolate Pomegranate Granola Bites

November 16 2018 Oh My Veggies 

  These chocolate pomegranate cookies have a fantastic granola taste and, even though they’re small, they’re substantial enough that one is quite satisfying. This recipe makes 40 cookies and if you lack that self-control like I do, you’ll want to freeze a bunch–thaw them on the countertop or zap them in the microwave for a few seconds before eating.

Recipe | Citrus Sesame Kale

November 12 2018 Oh My Veggies 

So tell me, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you eat a lot of food? Are you feeling a little bit sick right now? Need something light and healthy for dinner? Yeah, me too. As I mentioned on Friday, our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of some semi-Thanksgivingish things from Whole Foods (twice baked potatoes? Why not!), so we just got enough for one meal and we didn’t have any leftovers. I was feeling pretty good about not having days worth of mashed potatoes or pie in the fridge, but then I made brownies. Sugary, buttery super rich Mexican chocolate brownies. Ugh, you guys, no more brownies. Or sweet potatoes. Or stuffing. No! More! Can we just talk about salads and ice water this week? The good thing about holiday over-indulgence is that when it’s all over, I feel more motivated to eat healthy. There’s nothing like a night spent regretting eating that extra Thanksgiving brownie (and topping it with gelato–oh yeah, that happened) to help get you back on track, right? So here’s a recipe that’s light and healthyCitrus Sesame Kale. And it’s also easy, because after Thanksgiving, I bet you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking either. […]

Vegan Baked Fried Rice

November 9 2018 Oh My Veggies 

FINALLY! “Fried” rice you can love without the self-loathing! Although baked fried rice takes longer than fried fried rice, it’s not any more work–in fact, it’s probably a little bit less. And you end up with that perfect fried rice texture and taste in a healthier package!

Recipe | Cauliflower and Chickpea Coconut Curry

November 5 2018 Oh My Veggies 

The nice thing about moving from the frigid Midwest to the South is that you can gloat to all your family and friends back home about the weather when fall starts. “Oh, it snowed there today? That’s nice. It’s 70 here.” (Yes, I am a terrible person.) But a week or two ago, when I saw people posting pictures of the first snow of the year on Facebook, I felt a little bit jealous. Could it really be? Do I miss snow?! The last winter we spent in Wisconsin, I pretty much had a mental break over the weather. I worked on the University of Wisconsin campus and I took the bus to work, which meant that I had to walk several blocks to my building everyday in the wee early hours of the morning. And those wee early hours were cold! The wind and the snow and the sub-zero temperatures would make my face ache and by the time I got to the office, my toes would always be numb no matter how many pairs of socks I layered on. I was done! Done with winter! But now I feel a little nostalgic for it. Maybe not for the […]

Healthy Omelette

October 31 2018 Oh My Veggies 

An omelette is often a special meal--eaten on the weekend with family or with guests. It is also a great way to eat well for cheap. So why not make a nice omelette at your next brunch? You can also try it for a week-night dinner. Its simple and it takes hardly any time to cook.  

Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services to Try This Year

October 28 2018 Oh My Veggies 

An increasing number of people are jumping on the vegetarian or vegan bandwagon. However, a fast-paced lifestyle sometimes doesnt allow you to dedicate enough time to your plant-based diet. You might be too busy to read vegetarian cookbooks and go searching for the best ingredients. Luckily, there are a bunch of vegetarian meal delivery services that can help you maintain your healthy diet. Don’t worry if you’re a vegan because most meal delivery companies have a menu designed to cater specially to your dietary needs. Lets take a look at some of the best vegetarian meal delivery services that you should try. 1. Veestro This meal delivery service sends you mouth-watering plant-based meals that are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Veestro is proud of the fact that each dish they produce is completely GMO-free and preservative-free. Also, as you may already assume, all the ingredients are organic. There are four options to choose from at Veestro. You can have veggie meal packs, delicious a la carte dishes, or go for the services cold-pressed juice cleanses. However, Veestros weight loss meal plan is the true standout because few other meal delivery services take care of your weight. No matter what […]

Crunchy Cauliflower Salad

October 24 2018 Oh My Veggies 

This is a salad that you will certainly appreciate. Not only does it taste good, but it is also a complete and balanced meal. I like that it’s all in one dish. It’s easy to prepare in advance, and makes a perfect lunch. Simple and fast to make, the longer you let this salad sit in the fridge the tastier it will be.

Vegan Pumpkin Mug Brownie

October 22 2018 Oh My Veggies 

I had been obsessed with the Instructables eggless mug brownie for a few weeks, but with two tablespoons of oil in each serving, I just had to break up with it. After seeing a recipe for 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies on Cookies & Cups, I wondered if maybe I could shave some calories off the Instructables brownie by using pumpkin instead of oil. Well, it took a few tries. The first time, I tried to make the pumpkin mug brownie even healthier by cutting the flour and sugar too. This did not work! It tasted really good, but as my husband so kindly put it, “That literally looks like poop.” (Except he didn’t say poop. But this is a family-friendly blog!) Back to the drawing board. I found that I couldn’t stray too far from the original if I wanted this to work out. So I didn’t. There are still 4 tablespoons of flour in this pumpkin mug brownie and 4 tablespoons of sugar. This may be vegan and oil-free, but it’s not healthy! It’s healthier. Without all the oil, it’s a little bit less rich than the original. But the richness is replaced with pumpkiny-ness. (Sure that’s a word! Sure […]

Delicious Almond Cake

October 20 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Almond lovers, you may become totally addicted to this cake--it’s out of this world! This is a recipe that has been a great success with my friends and family. Its easy & quick to make, and the texture is downright amazing. This cake is a pure delight with every bite! Even better, this is a gluten-free recipe.  

Cherry Overnight Oatmeal

October 17 2018 Oh My Veggies 

This oatmeal recipe is prepared the day before and makes life easier in the morning. It can be kept in the refrigerator for four days. If you want to make some variations, you can replace the oatmeal with the same amount of quinoa, buckwheat, millet, etc.

Is Agave Vegetarian? The Truth about the Popular Sugar Substitute

October 14 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Most vegetarians with a sweet tooth constantly search for the next vegetarian-friendly sweetener to add to their diet. Different sugar substitutes are perfectly suitable for vegetarian consumption, and agave syrup is among the most popular ones. It has found its way into a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes, but some might still ask the question is agave vegetarian? Simply put, agave is vegetarian and its syrup is an excellent sugar substitute for vegetarians and vegans alike. However, there might be more to it than meets the eye, so it’s worth it to get a better understanding of agave. How to Define Vegetarian According to the Vegetarian Society, a vegetarian is a person whose diet consists of grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based products. Some vegetarians might include dairy products or even eggs, but meat is--of course--out of the question. Following the same plant-friendly line, it should be easy to connect the dots. Agave is a plant and the juice that is extracted from it cant be an animal-based product. Therefore, if anybody asks you, “Is agave vegetarian?” your answer should be simple and straightforward--yes it is. Beyond this simple answer, it pays to delve a little deeper and […]

Crispy Tofu Sandwiches with Ginger Peanut Sauce

October 12 2018 Oh My Veggies 

I have a thing for magazines. People always say that print is dead and that the internet has replaced magazines and newspapers. Well, clearly these people do not know me. Because I will take a print magazine over the internet any day. There’s something about magazines that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It’s probably because I grew up reading magazines. My grandma subscribed to just about every publication under the sun–Cosmopolitan, Allure, Good Housekeeping, Lucky. But my favorite were the tabloids. Once a week, my grandparents would drop off a big shopping bag full of old magazines for my mom to read and I’d immediately rifle through them, pull out The National Enquirer, and bring it up to my room. I was quite possibly the only third grader who knew all about Jessica Hahn or that Kitty Dukakis was drinking rubbing alcohol before her stint at Betty Ford. And when I grew up, it was kind of fitting that I was a periodicals librarian. For a while, at least. Although I still love tabloids, most of my magazine subscriptions are food-related now. If it’s a magazine and it involves food, you can bet I probably get it delivered […]

Grilled Vegetables and Halloumi Cheese Salad

October 10 2018 Oh My Veggies 

I dont know if you have ever tasted it, but grilled halloumi is absolutely delicious. The flavor remains fresh and delicate with crispy edge. Even alone its great! When added to another dish, like in this recipe, the dish is completely changed--and it only takes a few minutes! Halloumi is an off-white cheese, generally in a rectangular shape and is characterized by a fold in the center. Originally from Cyprus, halloumi has a firm texture, even in cooking--the opposite of mozzarella--and made from sheep’s milk or cow’s milk. It is very unique. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 Ingredients 2 cups salad of your choice 3 tablespoons of olive oil 1 onion 1 red pepper 1 cup of white mushroom 3 cloves of garlic Herbs of Provence 250gr of halloumi 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar Preparation Cut the onion and pepper into thin slices and sauté them in a skillet in olive oil. Chop the garlic and add them to the onion. Season with herbs of Provence. Cut the Halloumi block into 5 slices to obtain small scallops. Cook in a non-stick skillet until you obtain a smooth and soft texture. Add the salad to a plate, […]

Recipe: Mediterranean-Style Rotini with Toasted Garlic Panko

October 8 2018 Oh My Veggies 

When I saw the recipe for Fusilli with Caramelized Spring Onions and White Wine sitting in my “Recipes to Make” folder (an actual folder, mind you, not one on the computer–I am old school like that), I thought I’d add it to my meal plan because I had everything on hand for it except the onions. When I went to write up my meal plan post, I noticed that the recipe had pretty mediocre reviews online, with readers commenting that the dish was bland and flavorless. Oh, what to do! I had already done my shopping for the week, so it was too late to make something else. Instead, I decided to change the recipe–I added everything I could find in the pantry to give this pasta dish a big boost in flavor. I could have gone the easy route and doused this with massive amounts of cheese, but I opted to add ingredients that pack a lot of flavor into a small amount of calories and fat, making this Mediterranean-Style Rotini recipe both delicious and healthy.

Penne with Cheesy Sauce

October 6 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Provolone is a cheese originally from southern Italy, though it is now also produced in the northern regions of Italy. Made from cow’s milk, this semi-hard cheese comes in various shapes and sizes thanks to the plasticity of its dough. Provolone brings a gourmet touch to many dishes. This Penne with cheese sauce is creamy, tasty, very easy, fast, helps you empty your fridge, and its nutritious too! Ingredients 2 tbsp. butter 1 chopped onion 2 tbsp. flour 2 cups milk 1 1/­2 cups Provolone cheese, grated 3 tbsp. tomato paste 1 tsp. fresh basil, chopped 2 cups of penne pasta Preparation Melt the butter in a medium saucepan, then fry the onion until tender. Stir in the flour. Gradually add the milk. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture is bubbling and thickening. Remove from heat. Add the cheese and stir until melted. Add tomato paste and basil. Warm up if necessary, but avoid boiling. Mix the sauce with the cooked pasta. Garnish with basil and more grated provolone if desired.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants - Portland

September 27 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Portlands culinary trends are always changing. The city doesnt have much in terms of a signature dish, but there is a signature dining experience if you will. If youre into food carts and the pub grub experience, Portland is the place to be. There are a lot of Mexican, Asian, Italian, and European influences in almost all the menus in Portland. If youre looking to eat at one of the best vegetarian restaurants, Portland is definitely a top option. Farm Spirit If youre looking for a personalized culinary experience, Farm Spirit is one of the best vegetarian restaurants. Portland makes a fitting location for the restaurant that can make that happen. The menu has everything you could hope for, including a decent selection of both vegetarian and vegan dishes. The place is rather small and has a cozy ambiance, but since almost everyones eating at the bar, you never really feel alone. The plating resembles fine-dining more than the pub grub scene and the locally sourced ingredients are fresh every single day. Papa Gs Vegan Organic Deli It rains a lot in Portland, so you may get a craving for some comfort food to improve your mood. If thats the […]

Best Vegetarian Dishes at Cheesecake Factory You Should Definitely Try

September 25 2018 Oh My Veggies 

The Cheesecake Factory is one of the most famous restaurant chains. Over the years, it has spread to more than 200 locations all over the world and it keeps one of the most comprehensive menus out there. The restaurant chain caters to everybodys taste with its wide selection of animal-based, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. If you are a vegetarian visiting the Cheesecake Factory, you wont leave hungry. The vegetarian dishes at the Cheesecake Factory stand out from the others because of their nutritional properties and beautiful presentation. Here are some of the best vegetarian dishes at Cheesecake Factory that you shouldn’t miss on your next visit. Steamed Edamame To be perfectly honest, steamed edamame is not exactly a dish. It is more of an appetizer to stimulate your taste buds before a more substantial vegetarian meal. You can order the steamed edamame as a starter while waiting for a veggie burger or one of the tasty vegetarian salads. Steamed edamame is a great thing to munch on all you want because it is full of fiber, plant protein, and a bunch of other nutrients. Whats more, you can share this appetizer with your friends. Evelyns Favorite Pasta When it comes […]

Zucchini Vegetables Delight

September 22 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Today I have a delicious recipe for you.  This vegetable dish is consistent enough to be served as a meal, but you can very well serve it as a side dish. Rich in colors and flavors, this recipe will be appreciated by all! Zucchinis are 95% water, which makes them a diuretic. It helps to purify the kidneys! Rich in fiber, it is also beneficial for the digestive tract.  Zucchini is also your slimming ally--very low calorie (13.3 kcal/­­100g) and very little lipid (0.1g). In addition, it ensures the reduction of cholesterol. It prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol and thus the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes Servings: 6 Ingredients 3 zucchini?s 2 yellow squash ?4 Roma tomatoes 1 onion 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp oregano 3/­­4 cup cheese (I used a Mexican mix, but you can also use cheddar) 1/­­4 cup fresh parsley salt and pepper to taste 2 cloves of garlic minced Instructions Preheat the oven to 400?F. Cut the onion and mince the garlic. Sauté the onion and garlic with olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat; cook until the onions are soft and transparent. Slice the zucchini, […]

Best Vegetarian Restaurants - Charlotte

September 20 2018 Oh My Veggies 

Charlotte, North Carolina, has been in rapid development since the mid-00s. The restaurants and bars in this city reflect the changing needs of its residents. While this citys cuisine traditionally focuses on seafood and barbecued pork, you can now find vegetarian restaurants that will provide you with an authentic North Carolina dining experience. Charlotteans have a fondness for comfort food and there is a growing appreciation in the city for East Asian dishes. 12 of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Charlotte, NC It can take a while to discover all the best vegetarian restaurants Charlotte has to offer. This list will help you find the best fit for your taste. 1. Fern Fern is an elegant all-vegetarian restaurant that promises fresh flavors from the garden. Their East Boulevard location has an old-fashioned, welcoming ambiance. In 2013, Fern was named one of Charlottes top 25 restaurants. Each dish at Fern is beautifully served. There are elaborate and refreshing salads, and you can order additions that include vegan cheeses, seared tempeh, and pumpernickel. Dont miss out on the delicious toasts or the beet burger and make sure to try the apple cobblers or carrot cake for dessert. 2. Ma Ma Wok Although […]

13 Bloody Mary Recipes to Serve at Your Next Brunch

December 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Brunch can be a slow, relaxing experience meant to allow friends and family to enjoy time together. It also gives us the opportunity to try as many Bloody Marys as we want.

15 Irresistible Vegetarian Omelets to Make for Breakfast

November 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?! It is essential to start your day off right with protein and nutrient-dense vegetables, and what better way than with vegetarian omelets?  Here are 15 irresistible vegetarian omelets to make for breakfast. Apple and Sharp Cheddar Omelette /­­/­­ This unique omelette from Nourish […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Lotus Root

November 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

The lotus plant is a beautiful sight with majestic blooms and unusual seedpods atop large leaves floating on ponds across Asia. Often depicted in paintings, the sacred plant has a symbolic significance in Hindu and Buddhist art and literature. The entire plant is edible, but the root that grows under the water is the most […]

Vegan Banoffee Pie with Date Caramel Sauce

November 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Vegan Banoffee Pie is a ridiculously simple dessert to pull together but it looks and tastes super impressive. Everyone will think this recipe took all day!

Thai Banana in Coconut Milk

November 14 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Ever since I learned to make Kluai Buat Chi (the spelling may vary, but it merely means banana in coconut milk) at a cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it has become my go-to sweet fix. It takes no more than 15 minutes to make and requires only four simple ingredients. It’s great for any time of […]

15 Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes Everyone Will Love

November 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Chilly fall days and cold winter nights call for hot chocolate. In our opinion, those are the perfect times to enjoy this rich, chocolaty warm up, but really, its a drink that can to enjoy any time of the year.

Cookbook Review: Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless

November 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Sheet pans are having a moment, and we are here for it. Once a kitchen tool relegated to holiday cookie baking, theyre finally getting the due they deserve when it comes to being the star of The Big Show: Dinner. Veggie lovers have long known the beauty of a tray of roasted vegetables. Imagine the […]

18 Creative and Delicious Hemp Seed Recipes

October 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Not only are they a complete protein (meaning they contain all 9 essential amino acids) but theyre also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Vegan Meal Plan | Red Lentil Dahl, Sheet Pan Fajita Bowls & Slow Cooker Potato Soup

October 20 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes red lentil dahl, vegan sheet pan fajita bowls, and chard lentil & potato slow cooker soup.

Pumpkin, Mushroom, and Spinach Tater Tot Casserole

October 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Traditional tater tot casserole gets a healthy fall makeover with mushrooms, spinach and pumpkin.

21 Drool-Worthy Recipes for Vegan Brownies

October 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Rich, fudgy, and bursting with your favorite stir-ins, nothing satisfies a chocolate craving like a brownie. Here are 21 of our favorite vegan brownies to try.

Roasted Brussels Sprout Tacos with Chipotle Aioli

October 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Refried black beans are slathered on warm tortillas and topped with roasted Brussels sprouts and smoky chipotle aioli to make these flavor-packed vegan tacos.

A Beginner’s Guide to Seasonal Eating

October 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Our nutritionist shares her top tips on seasonal eating.

Easy Curried Pumpkin Hummus

October 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Pumpkin puree adds a vibrant hue and creamy texture while spices add flavor to this delicious and easy pumpkin hummus thats perfect for fall.

15 Delicious Recipes That Take French Toast to the Next Level

October 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Weekend mornings and holidays call for something extra special at breakfast. Enter: French toast! Here are 15 of our favorite French toast recipes to try.

19 Recipes that Swap Lentils for Meat (With Delicious Results!)

October 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With their earthy flavor and hearty texture, lentils are a vegetarian cooks best friend! Here are 19 delicious recipes that swap lentils for meat.

16 Satisfying Kale Salad Recipes

October 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

For a seriously hearty and meal-worthy salad, ditch the lettuce -- kale is where its at! Here are 16 of our favorite kale salads to try.

Ingredient Spotlight: Adzuki Beans

September 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Adzuki beans are a pantry staple that works deliciously in both sweet and savory recipes. Heres what you should know in order to get cooking with them!

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Sweet Potato Soup, Apple Pizza & Baked Gnocchi

September 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes sweet potato, pear and leek soup, apple cheddar pizza with caramelized onions & one-pan vegetable baked gnoccchi.

Open-Faced Walnut & Pear Sandwich with Blue Cheese

September 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With creamy blue cheese, peppery arugula, and tangy balsamic glaze, this open-faced walnut and pear sandwich is packed with flavor and makes a perfect autumn lunch.

17 Cozy Split Pea Soup Recipes to Try This Fall

September 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Fall is officially here, and when temperatures drop, a cozy bowl of split pea soup is sure to warm you up! Here are 17 of our favorite recipes to try.

Za’atar-Spiced Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner with Tahini Miso Sauce

September 25 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vibrant vegetarian sheet pan dinner is made with zaatar roasted veggies served over rice or quinoa and topped with a creamy miso-tahini sauce.

49 Savory Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Right

September 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Think giving up eggs and dairy means an end to hearty, savory breakfasts? Think again! Try these 49 delicious vegan savory breakfast recipes.

Piri Piri Pit-Za from Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking

September 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This easy vegan pizza is made with a pita bread crust thats topped with creamy cashew spread and spicy piri piri sauce.

18 Chia Seed Pudding Recipes Everyone Will Love

September 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Chia seed pudding is a healthy, delicious, and super easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth! Herea re 18 of our favorite chia pudding recipes to try out.

16 Vegetarian Freezer Cooking Breakfasts to Start Your Day Right

September 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Save time on morning meal prep by stocking your freezer with any of these delicious vegetarian freezer cooking breakfasts.

Tomato Jam

September 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This tomato jam packs both sweet and savory flavors and is made with juicy summer tomatoes and a hint of thyme.

15 Crave-Worthy Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

September 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With fillings like eggplant, tofu, and sweet potatoes, vegetarian sushi is the best sushi! Here are 15 of our favorite recipes to get you rolling.

A Guide to Legumes

September 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Legumes are a great way to add nutrition and staying-power to vegetarian meals. Our guide to legumes gives you the lowdown on the different types and the benefits of each.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Taco Casserole, Curry Noodle Bowls & Eggplant Parm Stacks

September 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: cheesy taco casserole; rainbow vegetable curry noodle bowls; zucchini & corn panini with pepper jack cheese; lightened-up eggplant Parmesan stacks; and end-of summer vegetable stir-fry.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants: New York

August 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Planning to visit New York? Be sure to take advantage of the abundance of vegan and vegetarian fare! Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in New York.

17 Delicious Quiche Recipes

August 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With savory fillings and flaky crust, homemade quiche is irresistible as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Here are 17 of our favorite quiche recipes to try.

Summer Egg and Veggie Bake with Cheese

August 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This veggie-packed egg and cheese casserole cooks up in one skillet and makes a delicious dinner or savory breakfast.

Chili Blanco with Summer Veggies and Ale

August 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

White beans and summer veggies are simmered up in a base of ale and spices to make this flavor-packed vegetarian chili blanco.

Vegetarian Substitutes for Bacon: 16 of Our Favorite Recipes

August 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Just because you dont eat meat doesnt mean you cant have bacon. No, really! These 16 recipes prove that vegetarian bacon is not only a thing, but its pretty darn delicious too!

Apple Cheddar Pizza with Caramelized Onions & Walnuts

August 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Working on this recipe was quite an internal struggle for me. I knew I wanted to do an apple cheddar pizza, and I kind of thought I wanted to add walnuts too. But a little voice kept nagging at me. “Add caramelized onions! Caramelized onions!” I tried to resist because, well, I don’t want you […]

Summer Veggie Tartines

August 6 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These summery tartines are made with crusty slices of toast topped with a creamy chickpea spread, juicy roasted cherry tomatoes and eggplant.

20 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

August 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Slurping down a smoothie is one of the best way to get some healthy greens into your diet. Here are 20 of our favorite green smoothie recipes to try.

15 Creamy & Dreamy Rice Pudding Recipes

August 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With a creamy base, soft rice grains, and just enough sweetness, rice pudding is the ultimate dessert comfort food. Here are 15 of our favorite recipes.

Cajun Red Bean Burgers with Fried Green Tomatoes

August 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan Cajun burgers are made from red beans, loaded with spices, and topped with crispy fried green tomatoes and creamy diary-free remoulade sauce.

Blueberry-Basil Muffins

July 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

A little bit of basil adds bright, fresh flavor to these blueberry muffins.

Vegan Meal Plan | Portabella Steaks, Panzanella Salad & Tempeh Tacos

July 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: mojo marinated portabella steaks; panzanella salad with roasted garlic; chipotle tempeh tacos with peach salsa; vegan Caprese sandwiches with garlic cashew cheese; and ratatouille polenta stacks.

Cherry Tomato Gazpacho with Mint Pesto Croutons

July 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This refreshing cherry tomato gazpacho is served with crispy homemade mint pesto croutons and is perfect for serving on hot summer days.

The Easiest Homemade Natural Stove Cleaner

July 22 2017 Oh My Veggies 

A couple of ingredients you probably have on hand are all thats needed to get your stove shining.

Peanut Butter Puffed Amaranth Granola

July 19 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Puffed amaranth, rich peanut butter, and hearty oats come together to create this scrumptious granola thats perfect for breakfast or snacking.

Vegetarian Broccoli Salad with Coconut Bacon

July 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This healthy spin on classic broccoli salad is made with a creamy Dijon-yogurt dressing, golden raisins, crunchy almonds, and smoky coconut bacon.

Grilled Corn Poblano Panzanella

July 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This summery southwestern-inspired panzanella salad features juicy grilled corn, spicy poblano peppers, and sourdough bread with a zippy lemon dressing.

Vegetarian Eggplant Tajine

July 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This Moroccan spiced stew features tender chunks of eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers, served over couscous with a sprinkle of fresh mint.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Carrot Fritters, Black Bean Burgers & Caprese Pizza

July 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: carrot fritters with cumin lime cashew cream; chipotle black bean burgers with sweet corn relish; blueberry corn panzanella with maple chipotle dressing; grilled Caprese naan pizza; and Swiss chard and gruyere strata.

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Feta Mason Jar Salads

July 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

When its too hot to cook, try these individual watermelon feta salads with cucumber, feta cheese, fresh basil, and a honey-jalape?o dressing.

4 Ways to Use Cherry Tomatoes (that aren’t in a salad!)

July 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Cherry tomatoes are more than just a salad topper. Here are 4 of our favorite ways to use cherry tomatoes!

Smoked Almond Cheddar Spread

June 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Raw almonds are blended up with roasted red peppers and seasonings to make this creamy spreadable vegan cheese.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Chipotle Aioli

June 25 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Crispy roasted fingerling potatoes and smoky cashew-based aioli pair up to make an addictive side dish or snack.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Thai Tacos & One-Pot Pasta

June 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: black bean & pepper jack stuffed poblano peppers; chickpea & peanut Thai tacos; one-pot lemon pasta with greens & sundried tomatoes; sweet & spicy mango fajitas; and cabernet portabella burgers.

A Guide to Healthy Fats

June 20 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Our nutritionist gives the lowdown on which fats are healthy and which ones you should avoid.

Mojo Marinated Portabella Steaks

June 18 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Savory portabella mushrooms are marinated in zippy mojo sauce and served with a sprinkling of fresh cilantro to make these flavor-packed portabella steaks.

Vegan Meal Plan | Mushroom Tacos, Peanut Soba Noodles & Cuban Fried Quinoa

June 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: beer marinated grilled mushroom tacos with pepita relish & chipotle crema; cilantro peanut soba noodles; Cuban fried quinoa with black beans and smoky tempeh; tofu frittata with spinach and peppers; and chipotle peach farro BBQ sandwiches.

Lightened-Up Guacamole

June 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Hidden veggies slash the calories (but keep the flavor!) in this creamy lightened-up guacamole.

How to Cook Fried Rice

June 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Fried rice makes a delicious and easy meatless meal that you can throw together without even using a recipe. Let us show you how!

Summer Veggie Cioppino

June 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegetarian cioppino is packed with fresh summer veggies, chickpeas, and shiitake mushrooms simmered in a garlicky tomato and red wine sauce.

Portabella Banh Mi Bowls

June 4 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These simple and flavorful vegetarian banh mi bowls are made with marinated mushrooms, quick pickled veggies, and spicy sriracha mayo served over brown rice.

Vegan Meal Plan | Black Bean Noodles, Plantain Tacos & Mango Sushi Bowls

June 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: black bean noodle bowls with spicy sesame sauce; plantain black bean tacos with chimichurri sauce; mango sushi bowls with quick pickled vegetables; lentil taco bowls; and lentil mushroom burgers.

What Parents Need to Know About Raising Vegetarian Children

May 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Our nutrition shares her best advice for parents raising their kids on a vegetarian diet.

Mocha, Almond & Chocolate Chunk Brownies

May 28 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan and gluten-free brownies are infused with coffee and studded with dark chocolate chunks and crunchy almonds.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Portabella Fajitas, Indian Burritos & Southwestern Quiche

May 26 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: portabella mushroom fajitas; Indian curried cauliflower & chickpea burritos; mushroom cannellini bean patty melts; southwester style quiche with quinoa crust; and savory waffles with roasted broccoli and cauliflower.

Tempeh Reuben Wraps

May 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Savory tempeh, creamy dairy-free Russian dressing, and tangy sauerkraut go into these flavor-packed vegan Reuben inspired wraps.

Creamy Vegan Cajun Pasta

May 22 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegan Cajun pasta is coated in a creamy cashew-based sauce and topped with scallions, juicy tomatoes, and spicy shiitake mushrooms.

Vegan Meal Plan | Taco Salad, Thai Noodle Bowls & Spring Minestrone

May 19 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: the ultimate vegan taco salad; Thai peanut empowered bowls; roasted mushroom vegetable bowls; teriyaki chickpea stir-fry; and spring minestrone soup.

Cauliflower Risotto from The Blossom Cookbook

May 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegan risotto is made from cauliflower rice thats cooked up in creamy cauliflower sauce and served over polenta cakes with sautéed shiitake mushrooms.

Best Turmeric Recipes

May 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Turmeric used to be added to dishes to add color, but now we have evidence of all of its health benefits. Here are the best turmeric recipes you can make.

Drink apple cider vinegar for this

May 15 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Even though it may seem weird, you should drink a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar!

Lightened-Up Veggie Ramen Bowls

May 14 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These easy vegetaian ramen bowls are packed with shiitake mushrooms and bok choy, and made with a flavorful miso ginger broth.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Roasted Strawberry Grilled Cheese, Pad See Ew & Spring Nourish Bowls

May 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: roasted strawberry and brie grilled cheese; balsamic roasted veggie baked ziti; vegetarian pad see ew; spring nourish bowls; and roasted asparagus and arugula pizza.

Top Creamy Vegan Pasta Dishes

May 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Who says vegans cant enjoy comfort food? Check out our favorite creamy vegan pasta recipes for a cozy night in.

Chai Coconut Milk Vegan French Toast

May 10 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegan French toast is made with crusty bread slices dipped in spiced coconut milk batter and pan-fried to golden perfection.

Vegetarian Meatloaf Recipe – By Popular Demand!

May 8 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Check out this meatloaf recipe too–it turned out much better! Vegetarian Meatloaf Part 2 (The Redemption) And by popular demand, I mean two people. Here’s the recipe I used for my vegetarian meatloaf failure.  The instructions in bold are things that I didn’t do when I made it–if you make these changes, you might be […]

Caprese Orzo Pasta Salad with Blueberries

May 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This quick and easy orzo pasta salad is bursting with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, arugula and blueberries.

Vegan Meal Plan | Plantain Moqueca, Tofu Stir-Fry & Tempeh Burgers

May 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: vegetable & plantain moqueca; mango daikon glass noodle salad; Thai basil tofu stir-fry; cauliflower and chickpea coconut curry; and maple sriracha tempeh burgers.

Herbed Fresh Pea Soup with Garlic Croutons

May 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This cozy fresh pea soup is seasoned with fresh parsley, mint and scallions, then served with garlicky homemade croutons.

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

May 2 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Smoothie bowls are the perfect plant-based breakfast (or snack!) during the spring and summer. Heres our guide to creating the perfect smoothie bowl.

Saturday Six | Mango Ice Cream, Mushroom Wonton Soup & Tofu Benedict Pockets

April 29 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including no-churn mango ice cream, savory mushroom wonton pockets, and tofu Benedict thats stuffed in a savory fillo crust.

Creative Guacamole Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

April 27 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Give your guacamole recipes a twist with these creative guacamole recipes, perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

A Guide to Gluten-Free Baking

April 25 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Giving up gluten doesnt have to mean missing out on all your favorite baked treats. Here are our top tips for gluten-free baking.

Spring Minestrone Soup

April 23 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This easy and hearty spring minestrone is filled with asparagus, carrots, zucchini and chickpeas, and finished with a touch of arugula and fresh lemon.

Vegan Meal Plan | Tofu Bowls, Avocado Tortas & Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

April 21 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: roasted chili basil lime tofu bowls; crispy baked avocado tortas; vegan sun-dried tomato fettuccine Alfredo; vegan sun-dried tomato & balsamic veggie paninis; and make & freeze slow cooker tortilla soup.

Maple Sriracha Tempeh Burgers

April 19 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These tempeh burgers are flavored with spicy sriracha sauce and a touch of sweet maple syrup.

Teriyaki Chickpea Stir-Fry

April 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This easy chickpea stir-fry with veggies, cashews, and teriyaki sauce takes just under 30 minutes to cook up and is perfect for busy weeknights.

Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Meal Plan | Tempeh Tacos, Vegetarian Pho & Pesto Grilled Cheese

April 14 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian and gluten-free meal plan includes: tempeh tacos; Mexican-style pizza with sweet potato crust; 30 minute vegetarian pho; spinach, basil pesto & tomato grilled cheese; and pizza quinoa stuffed portabella mushrooms.

Balsamic Roasted Beet Sandwiches with Creamy Dill Cashew Cheese

April 12 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan sandwiches are made with tangy balsamic roasted beet slices and slathered in a creamy dairy-free cashew cheese.

Your Guide to Edible Insects: A Source of Sustainable Protein

April 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

For more protein and nutrients would you eat edible insects? Theyre one of the most sustainable vegetarian sources of protein.

Breakfast Tacos with Scrambled Eggs & Kale

April 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These quick and easy breakfast tacos are filled with sautéed bell pepper, kale, scrambled eggs, and creamy avocado!

Vegan Meal Plan | Southwestern Wraps, Carrot Lentil Soup & Sesame Soba Noodles

April 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: southwestern veggie wraps; carrot, ginger and red lentil soup; sesame soba noodle bowls with roasted veggies & baked tofu; barbecue chickpea sweet potato polenta bowls; and General Tsos (not) chicken bowls.

Vegan Lemon Bars

April 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Coconut oil shortbread crust is baked up to tender perfection and topped with a luscious coconut cream lemon curd to make these vegan lemon bars.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants: Chicago

April 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Heading to Chi-town? Hit up these amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants. These are by far the best vegetarian restaurants Chicago.

Saturday Six | Cookie Dough Hummus, Turmeric Cauliflower Rice & Chai-Spiced Banana Muffins

April 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including snackable cookie dough thats made from chickpeas, healthy turmeric cauliflower rice, and chai tea infused banana walnut muffins.

How to Become a Morning Person

March 30 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Being a morning person isnt impossible. By making it a habit and following these tips, youll be a morning person in no time.

Indian-Inspired Chilli Chickpea Pizza

March 27 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This Indian-inspired pizza is topped with chickpeas in spicy sauce, roasted peppers and onions, and drizzled with creamy tahini sauce.

Saturday Six | Mushroom Tikka Masala, Green Goddess Pizza & Broccoli Tater Tots

March 25 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including spicy mushroom tikka masala, vegan green goddess pizza with garlicky kale pesto, and healthy broccoli tater tots.

Vegan Meal Plan | Peanut Noodles, Asparagus Soup & Mushroom Bolognese

March 24 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegan meal plan includes: peanut udon noodles with snow peas; curried asparagus soup; miso glazed sweet potato bowls; BBQ tempeh sandwiches; and pasta with mushroom Bolognese sauce.

Vegan Balsamic Veggie & Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Panini

March 22 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These vegan panini sandwiches are stuffed with balsamic glazed veggies and a creamy sun-dried tomato hummus.

Asparagus Flatbread with Garlic Cashew Cream Sauce

March 20 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Naan is topped with rich garlic cashew cream sauce, shaved asparagus and fresh herbs to make this flatbread thats perfect for spring.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | Baked Orzo, Green Goddess Potatoes & Cauliflower Tacos

March 17 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: cheesy broccoli and pepper baked orzo; chickpea mushroom paprikash; green goddess baked potatoes; roasted cauliflower tacos with chipotle cream; and broccoli quinoa quesadillas.

10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

March 16 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Here are ten of the best vegetarian cookbooks to make your life easier and happier!

Matcha Doughnuts with Almond Glaze

March 13 2017 Oh My Veggies 

These baked doughnuts get a burst of color from matcha green tea, and are topped with a sweet almond glaze and a sprinkling of crunchy almonds.

Saturday Six | Carrot Baked Oatmeal, Greek Quesadillas & Tandoori Cauliflower

March 11 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Were rounding up some of our favorite recipes from this weeks Potluck submissions, including healthy rainbow carrot baked oatmeal, chickpea and veggie stuffed Greek quesadillas, and spicy baked tandoori cauliflower.

Kitchen Minimalism for Cooks

March 9 2017 Oh My Veggies 

With kitchen minimalism, youll be able to make pretty much everything, while retaining your kitchen space and sanity.

18 Satisfying Vegetarian Stuffed Potatoes

March 7 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Whats a sure-fire way to make a vegetarian meal thats super satisfying? Stuff it in a potato! Here are 18 of our favorite vegetarian stuffed potato recipes.

Vegetarian Pad See Ew

March 5 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This vegetarian version of pad see ew is made with bok choy, mushrooms, eggs, and stir-fried rice noodles in a sweet and savory sauce.

Vegetarian Meal Plan | 03.06.17

March 3 2017 Oh My Veggies 

This weeks vegetarian meal plan includes: cheesy kale & quinoa casserole; baked sriracha tempeh bowls; maple sage apple and cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches; one-pot pasta primavera; and sweet potato and kale pizza with caramelized onions.

Chickpea Chorizo Tostadas with Avocado Crema

March 1 2017 Oh My Veggies 

Spicy meatless chorizo made from chickpeas and walnuts is piled onto crispy shells and drizzled with rich avocado crema to make these mouthwatering vegan tostadas.

Lentil Kibbeh

February 27 2017 Oh