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Wild Beets – Santa Gertrudis Ibiza

October 4 2017 Happy Cow veggie blog 

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Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera is a village located in the geographic heart of Ibiza. The village is seen as the center for foodies because of the many restaurants and shops with organic produce. Santa Gertrudis, short for Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, is also called the culinary heart of Ibiza. In and around Santa Gertrudis, various organic products are grown and sold. Santa Gertrudis is truly is a lovely Ibiza style village, but the main reason for our visit was a great vegan restaurant called Wild Beets. Wild Beets was founded by Cliff Grubin as a natural progression from his juice bar. He has spent much of his life investigating, researching and experimenting with food in a quest to live an aware and healthy life. Cliff designed Wild Beets as a place where people can experience healthy choices and find out more about veganism without sacrificing flavour and enjoyment. Wild Beets is a place for conscious eating - and, of course, they serve up deliciousness too! The menu is completely vegan and gluten-free, with several raw dishes. One review online stated: In 14 days we have eaten here 14 times. We varied between breakfast and lunch. Super food … and nice people. What […] The post Wild Beets – Santa Gertrudis Ibiza appeared first on The Veggie Blog.

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