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Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread with Cranberries

November 24 2015 Vegan Richa 

Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread with Cranberries
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I try to provide gluten-free options on the blog whenever possible. Gluten-free vegan baking is difficult. It doesn’t always behave the way we expect it to behave and it turns out dry, gosh so dry! There have been many loaves of bread or baked things that I had to either trash or slice and bake into biscotti which no one wanted to eat. This one does not have that problem!  The pumpkin and banana hold the structure together and make this a very moist loaf and make this more of a Banana Pumpkin Bread. This bread also doesn’t need added gum. You can use a 1/­­2 tsp xanthan with the dry ingredients to help the crumb if you want. Use chocolate chips or dried fruit of choice for variation. For a regular wheat based loaf, see this 1 bowl Pumpkin Bread. Add cranberries for a festive breakfast loaf. I and the home are not gluten-free. So gluten-free baked goods have to be really good and close to their with gluten versions to really be liked. And that is what I always aim for. This loaf uses brown rice flour, almond flour, starch and oat flour. You can use any other flour which is similar to oat flour to sub oat flour if needed. I have not tried the loaf with any other starch. Arrowroot hasn’t worked well for me in the past. A blend of tapioca and corn might work, but I would recommend sticking to potato starch for the first try. Make this festive loaf with cranberries and walnuts/­­pecans and let me know how it turns out! Feedback helps future recipe development. Whether it turned out good, just ok, something didn’t work out or you did not like (taste, texture), suggestions, anything, leave me comments on the post or on social media.  Also check out my Vegan Gift Guide for ideas to gift this holiday season and an update on Projects and organizations supported by us.  And All the Thanksgiving meal, sides, brunch options here. Happy ThanksLiving!Continue reading: Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread with CranberriesThe post Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread with Cranberries appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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