The Pizza Collection:10 Simple Recipes fromTop Cookbook Authors - vegetarian recipes

The Pizza Collection:10 Simple Recipes fromTop Cookbook Authors

May 12 2014 Meatless Monday 

The Pizza Collection:10 Simple Recipes fromTop Cookbook Authors
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Calling all pizzaioli. A new Meatless Monday cookbook is out, and this time, were giving Americas favorite food the Monday treatment. Similar to our Comfort Food Cookbook and Chili Cookbook, which gave classic recipes a vegetarian twist, the mission behind the Meatless Monday Pizza Collection is designed to help people rediscover the joy of homemade pizza, thanks to 10 colorful recipes from top cookbook authors. Cooking pizza should be a family affair. In the time it takes your oven to reach 500 degrees, kids can be covered in flour and rolling out dough, parents can be cutting their favorite vegetable toppings, and soon enough everyone will be enjoying a delicious meal thats produce packed, endlessly creative, and easy on the budget. Here, there are recipes for every home cook. Starting with the simplest recipe, Mark Bittmans Marinara Pizza is, essentially, four ingredients: dough, tomatoes, garlic and capers. Of course, the veggies are everywhere: Sarah Copeland uses shaved Brussel sprouts; Dina Cheney features zucchini; and Kim ODonnels Arugula & Lemon Pizza bursts with flavor. Looking for a change from traditional white flour? Sharon Palmers whole grain pizza and Dawn Jackson Blatners chickpea flour pizza provide healthy food for thought. Or, if you want to get away from a traditional looking pizza altogether, Annie Bells Asparagus Tart, Ellie Kriegers Pizza Strudel and Peter Berleys Pita Pizza are new shapes worth considering. Finally, Joe Yonan brings a creative twist to the actual cooking process, introducing readers to the idea of cooking on the back of a cast iron skillet. At Meatless Monday, we think its time pizza returns to its Neapolitan roots as a light, simple meal using fresh ingredients. Download your copy of the Meatless Monday Pizza Collection here. Dawn Jackson Blatner Annie Bell Dina Cheney Kim O’Donnel Ellie Krieger Joe Yonan Mark Bittman Peter Berley Sarah Copeland Sharon Palmer The post The Pizza Collection: 10 Simple Recipes from Top Cookbook Authors appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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