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Tempe, Arizona Joins the Meatless Monday Movement!

August 24 2015 Meatless Monday 

Tempe, Arizona Joins the Meatless Monday Movement!
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Tempe, Arizona has officially joined the Meatless Monday movement! This month, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell issued the proclamation celebrating healthy eating and officially declaring Mondays Lean and Green. The goal of this proclamation is to encourage the public and businesses to go meatless once a week. Some school districts in Tempe have decided to jump on the Meatless Monday bandwagon and begin offering plant-based meal options every week in honor of the Lean and Green proclamation. The Kyrene School District in Arizona has been interested in Meatless Monday for years, but in the past parents had pushed back against going meatless once a week. Two years ago the school had suggested going fully meatless for just two Mondays in December, and parents of students in the district opposed the plan saying that it didnt give their kids enough options. This new promotion will focus on providing meatless options every Monday while still offering the typical menu. As Amanda Conti of the Kyrene School District explains, We will have meat entrees still available to kids, but every day we will feature a Lean and Green item on the menu. Participating in Meatless Monday means bringing more options to the table and demonstrating that delicious, nutritious meals don’t have to include meat every day of the week. Many organizations choose to emphasize meatless options on Mondays rather than eliminate meat from their menus altogether. Lauren Kuby, a Tempe Councilwoman, helped the proclamation become a reality. By saying, ‘lets eat lean and green one day of the week, or even one meal of the week,’ that is not to close down the whole animal-agriculture system,” Kuby said. The Kyrene School District and the Tempe Union High School District will begin offering Lean and Green meal options this October. We’re looking forward to hearing more about their work and supporting the movement to cut out meat once a week! To read more about Lean and Green in Tempe, Arizona, click here. The post Tempe, Arizona Joins the Meatless Monday Movement! appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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