Survey Reveals Trends for Meatless Monday Restaurant Diners - vegetarian recipes

Survey Reveals Trends for Meatless Monday Restaurant Diners

August 17 2015 Meatless Monday 

Survey Reveals Trends for Meatless Monday Restaurant Diners
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Do you dine out on Meatless Monday? We wanted to help chefs and diners alike enjoy Meatless Monday more, so we asked what people loved best about meatless menus. Heres what respondents told us they loved (or would love) to see featured in restaurants for Meatless Monday. Seasonal 56 percent of respondents to the survey said theyd like to see seasonal specials on the menu. Showcasing the fruits and vegetables of the season at the peak of freshness is a wonderful way to design Meatless Monday menu options. Specials 53 percent wanted to see discounted specials available on the Meatless Monday menu. Choice cuts of meat are pricey; Meatless Monday options cost less overall, saving you money on a delicious specialty meal. Tasting Menus 40 percent of survey participants thought that tasting menus would be a wonderful way to sample a chefs talents and choices when cooking meatless. Tasting menus are a special treat for diners and an opportunity for chefs to demonstrate their skills.   When our survey asked about menu options, respondents said that unique veggie burger options (39 percent), grilled vegetables (37 percent) and vegetable soup (29 percent) were their favorite ways to go meatless at restaurants. What meatless meal options do you look forward to when dining out? In describing his own success with Meatless Monday, Executive Chef Jason Weiner said, Meatless Monday is expanding our clientele, challenging our cooks, and supporting our local growers. Put simply--Meatless Mondays is win, win, win. Chef Weiner features prix fixe Meatless Monday menus each week at Almond NYC and Almond Bridgehampton, and launched Meatless Monday in his new Almond Tribeca restaurant on August 10. Try his recipe for eggplant three ways for a tasty Meatless Monday treat you can make at home!   Over 200 respondents gave input for our survey on Meatless Monday in restaurants. The post Survey Reveals Trends for Meatless Monday Restaurant Diners appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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