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Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

December 8 2014 Vegan Richa 

Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls
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Whats better than some Chocolate to start the day! These soft and berrylicious rolls are filled with chocolate chips and drizzled with a Chocolate glaze! Serve them warm as is, or with the chocolate glaze and with some fresh berries.   I decided that I had to make some Cinnamon Rolls for Angela’s Bed in Breakfast guest series. Warm rolls with a glaze are perfect in this freezing weather. It also helps to start up the oven in the morning :). These rolls can be baked in the morning or baked a day before and served warm. I love adding fruit to my bread. The pureestrawberries in the dough keeps the breads extra moist and you need less sugar and glaze to eat these up. Use any berries that you like! Make these Cinnamon rolls this holiday season! Continue reading: Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon RollsThe post Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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