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Spicy Tofu Peas stuffed Naan Calzone

July 16 2015 Vegan Richa 

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These easy Naan calzones are great as a carry out lunch or a change from the usual pizza. The calzones are filled with spicy tofu and pea scramble, vegan cheese and sriracha. You can also make these into Naan Pizzas. Shape the dough into oval Naan flatbreads. Add a layer of marinara or pizza sauce, spread the scramble, vegan cheese, bake and serve.  The dough for Naan flatbreads always makes soft and puffy Naans. The key to the softest naan is a soft and somewhat sticky dough with enough moisture. Add less flour to begin with and add more if needed. It is easier to add more flour to a sticky dough and than to incorporate water into a stiff dough. The Naan dough is made into calzones with the nigella seeds on top for the naan flavor. The filling is a simple tofu and pea scramble spiced with spices and green chili.  For variation, use well cooked chickpeas or beans or tempeh for the scramble filling. For gluten-free Naan dough to use in the recipe, see my cookbook. Continue reading: Spicy Tofu Peas stuffed Naan CalzoneThe post Spicy Tofu Peas stuffed Naan Calzone appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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