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Should I be Taking Turmeric?

April 12 2016 Vegetarian Times 

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Have you heard about the inflammation-fighting power of the dried spice (or fresh root!) turmeric?  The fresh root and the bright orange dried spice contains a substance called curcumin, which is responsible for most of the health benefits associated with turmeric consumption. Curcumin has been linked to improved joint health, brain health and even chronic disease prevention.  In cooking, turmeric brings a bright orange/­­yellow pigment to your dishes and lends a warming and somewhat bitter flavor--if you want an idea of the taste, think of curry powder, where turmeric is a main ingredient. You can add turmeric to your curry dishes, of course, but also soups and stews. And even your morning smoothies! The great thing is that little turmeric spice goes a long way  Just 1/­­2 -1 teaspoon in your morning smoothie is enough to reap its health benefits.  Heres another thing to know about turmeric: the spices potency is enhanced when its paired with black pepper (yes, right from the shaker) and some fat. These two additions enhance the bioavailability and anti-oxidant function of curcumin to help make it even MORE powerful within the body.  In Foundations of Plant-Based Nutrition, well discuss nutrient synergies and bioavailability in depth, so youll learn even more about pairing foods to enhance their health-promoting properties within the body.

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