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Sampling The Vegan Scene In Sheffield

October 16 2017 Happy Cow veggie blog 

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One of the greatest things about traveling full-time is meeting all kinds of amazing people from all over the world. While on a year-long backpacking trip through Latin America, I met a British guy named Julien and we hit it off, traveling with each other through Bolivia before parting ways in Peru. I later told him that Id be heading off to the U.K at some point and he invited me to come by Sheffield to check out his university town and hit the pub for a few pints. I quickly learned that a few pints never really means a few and that Rugby Socials are hands down the craziest events on this planet. I also learned that the Vegan scene in Sheffield is absolutely booming. In my 5 days in Sheffield, I was lucky enough to photograph 5 of the top vegan and veggie restaurants in the area. Here are their stories and some photos from the trip. Want to follow along? Check out my vegan-photo-filled Instagram @DropEverythingAndTravel   Humpit Located just south of The University of Sheffield, Humpit is the place in town to get your weekly required fill of hummus. They offer a well-priced menu catering to […] The post Sampling The Vegan Scene In Sheffield appeared first on The Veggie Blog.

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