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Rosemary Pumpkin Flatbread. Yeast-free

October 12 2015 Vegan Richa 

Rosemary Pumpkin Flatbread. Yeast-free
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Everything Pumpkin season right. Add some mashed pumpkin to flatbreads!  These flatbreads are easy and use pumpkin puree as wet for the dough. Add rosemary or other herbs, roll into flatbreads, cook and serve. Use as tortillas, wraps, Rotis, or as a side. Use other spices or herbs or make without. If you roll them out evenly, then you can cook them over a direct flame to puff them like a pita bread. See step pictures here to puff the flatbreads over stove. These pumpkin tortillas /­­flatbreads are yeast-free. Use other veggie or squash puree like well mashed sweet potato, butternut puree etc. These flatbread are soft and go well with soups as well. Cut into bite size, warm, apply some olive oil and serve with soups and dips. I made a wrap with some leftover Carrot Green Bean Coconut stir fry and chickpea curry (pictured below). Fill up with black beans and roasted sweet potatoes with salsa or vegan sour cream for lunch on the go. Add a pinch of sugar to the pumpkin puree to enhance flavor. Make without herbs to use for PBJ wraps. To make these gluten-free, you can use chickpea flour. Use chickpea flour and not besan if possible. Use more flour during rolling to avoid sticking and tearing. handle lightly. the flatbread will have a strong chickpea flour taste. Continue reading: Rosemary Pumpkin Flatbread. Yeast-freeThe post Rosemary Pumpkin Flatbread. Yeast-free appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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