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Philadelphia SchoolsGoing Lean, Greenand Meatless

June 9 2014 Meatless Monday 

Philadelphia SchoolsGoing Lean, Greenand Meatless
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Last fall, the Philadelphia City Council passed a Meatless Monday resolution. This spring, the citys schools took that resolution and acted on it. As announced at a School Reform Commission Action Meeting on May 29th, starting next fall, Philadelphia Public Schools, which serve 85,000 meals daily, will feature and promote meatless options every Monday. The program, titled Lean & Green Days, is a springboard to educate students on the benefits of good nutrition, while introducing delicious new plant-based meals in school cafeterias. The School District of Philadelphia’s decision to adopt Lean & Green meals is exactly the kind of positive change we had in mind when we passed the Meatless Monday resolution, City Council member Cindy Bass tells the University City Review. “It’s worth celebrating — a major win for children’s health, the environment, and animals. From Los Angeles to Long Island, the Philadelphia schools now join other cities and school districts across the country who are trying to start more conversations with students about nutrition, food, and, once a week, trying delicious vegetarian options. We wholeheartedly support Meatless Mondays in our schools, says Leah Jordan, a Philadelphia parent, on the Humane Leagues website. Going meat-free for one day each week in schools will benefit public health, the environment and animal welfare. Families will learn about healthy eating and discover alternatives to foods that lead to chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes while at the same time reducing greenhouse gasses. If you are interested in starting a campaign in your local school district, more information is available here. The post Philadelphia Schools Going Lean, Green and Meatless appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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