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Meatless Monday is in the House!

February 9 2015 Meatless Monday 

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Tony Cárdenas, Congressional Representative from Californias 29th District Meatless Monday has made it to the House of Representatives, thanks to Tony Cárdenas , Congressional Representative from Californias 29th District,  Congressman Cárdenas recently sent a Dear Colleague letter to his fellow Representatives in the 114th Congress that was all about Meatless Monday; its history, its benefits, and the reasons why last year he and his staff made the decision to join the global Meatless Mondays movement. The production of meat employs a tremendously wasteful amount of resources, wrote the Congressman.  Raising livestock for food causes the destruction of open space in favor of factory farms, the release of millions of tons of greenhouse gases, and the consumption of valuable drinking water. He also cited research by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization showing that livestock contributes to 15 percent of all human-related greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to go meat-free even one day a week, we can help conservation efforts and take one more action to help mitigate the threat of global climate change. In addition to the environmental impact, he also addressed the health benefits of giving up meat one day a week, referring to a recent draft of the Department of Agricultures new dietary guidelines which urge a shift toward more plant-based foods. He also quoted the American Heart Association which says, Going meatless at a meal every now and then can help you lower your cholesterol and may reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease. Cárdenas expanded on this in an interview with the Latin Post.   Latinos face higher risks from heart disease, due to more cases of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity in our communities.  He went on to say, Red meat also leads to an increased risk of heart disease and so cutting back on red meat is a great idea for Latino Americans concerned about their overall health. Since sending out the letter, Cárdenas says hes received an outpouring of support from local farmers, environmentalists, restaurants, and community members. Folks in the Valley want to know more about how they can eat healthy and how to cut down on meat to make their diet better and help the environment.   He is hoping his colleagues in Congress are equally as enthusiastic. He closed his letter to them with the following: The adoption and awareness of Meatless Mondays continues to grow. Some of the nations largest school districts, workplaces and public figures are signing up to start the week off by taking a day off from eating meat. Going meat-free means enjoying delicious vegetarian options at restaurants and trying out new recipes at home. I hope you will join me and my staff in observing Meatless Mondays and I hope that you will encourage our other colleagues to participate. The post Meatless Monday is in the House! appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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