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London Vegan Restaurant Scene Evolution

January 18 2020 Happy Cow veggie blog 

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London ranked No. 1 in the world on HappyCow’s Top 10 Vegan Friendly Cities List 2019.  This doesnt come as a surprise, many of us having already heard, or had the chance to experience first-hand, how wonderful the city’s vegan food scene truly is. The Top 10 Cities List was published in December of 2019, and after letting the results sink in, I couldnt help but wonder: (1) When was it that London became so great for vegans? (2) Are the number of vegan restaurants catching up to that of vegetarian ones? Keep reading to find out. I was given access to a slice of HappyCows Database (as of December 2019), containing the essentials for my analysis: restaurant types (vegan /­­ vegetarian), location (London), and opening/­­closing dates. After some sorting-through of the raw data, I was able to generate the results below – which hopefully speak for themselves. Note: HappyCow has been in existence online since 1999 – slightly more than 20 years. However, the current system of data recording has been in effect only since 2007. This means that we do not have additional data from prior to 2007. However, since veganism was in its infancy at this time, […] The post London Vegan Restaurant Scene Evolution appeared first on HappyCow.

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