hominy - vegetarian recipes

hominy vegetarian recipes

Vegan Gluten Free Recipes from VegKitchen

May 12 2017 VegKitchen 

Vegan Gluten Free Recipes from VegKitchen It can be challenging to be either vegan or gluten free, but when you’re both, it’s doubly tricky to find suitable vegan gluten free recipes. VegKitchen offers lots of vegan gluten free recipes for every meal of the day. Use this list as a great resource for easy, everyday recipes to suit both dietary needs. […] The post Vegan Gluten Free Recipes from VegKitchen appeared first on VegKitchen.

How to Cook and Embellish Grits

February 3 2016 VegKitchen 

How to Cook and Embellish Grits Grits, or hominy grits, are hulled, dried, and cracked corn kernels. To add variety to your grain repertoire, do try them! Please seek out stone-ground grits, which are much more flavorful than the stripped-down quick-cooking grits sold in supermarkets.

Poblano & White Bean Chili

October 12 2015 Meatless Monday 

Chili made with white beans and chicken is a carnivorous classic, but toasting your own spices in this vegetarian version adds a flavor punch so fragrant and delicious, you won’t miss the meat. This recipe comes to us from Maria of Bean a Foodie. Serves 4 - 2 tbsp canola oil - 1 tsp salt - 1/­­2 tsp pepper - 1 onion, diced - 1 poblano pepper, seeded and diced - 4 cloves of garlic, minced - 3 tsp cumin seeds (or 1 tbsp ground) - 3 tsp coriander seeds (or 1 tbsp ground) - 1 1/­­2 tsp chili powder - 1 1/­­2 tsp smoked paprika - 1/­­8 tsp liquid smoke (optional) - 4 cups vegetable stock - juice and zest of 1 lime - 1 1/­­2 cups corn kernels (about 1 cobs worth) - 3 15.5 oz cans white beans - 1 15.5 oz can hominy - 1/­­2 cup cilantro, roughly chopped - Optional toppings: avocado, more cilantro, sour cream, hot sauce or shredded cheese In a small saute pan, heat cumin and coriander seeds over medium. Toast seeds for about 60 seconds or until fragrant - be careful not to burn them. Allow to cool slightly and then grind into a powder. If youre not using spices from seeds, skip this step. Heat oil in a large dutch oven set over medium high heat. Add in onion, poblano, salt and pepper and saute for 7-10 minutes or until softened. Next, add in the garlic, cumin, coriander, chili powder paprika, and liquid smoke. Saute for another 2 minutes. Add in vegetable broth ensuring to scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pot with your wooden spoon. Bring soup to a boil and then add in the lime juice and zest, corn, white beans and hominy. Reduce chili until simmering and cook for another 45-60 minutes stirring occasionally. Lastly, add in the cilantro. Taste chili and adjust for flavorings. I added some more lime zest and juice for an extra kick! If you want it spicier, add in some cayenne or hot sauce! Serve with sliced avocado, cilantro, sour cream or cheese! The post Poblano & White Bean Chili appeared first on Meatless Monday.

6 Tasty Recipes Combining Fresh Summer Tomatoes and Corn

July 15 2015 VegKitchen 

6 Tasty Recipes Combining Fresh Summer Tomatoes and CornJuly and August are the best months to enjoy fresh summer tomatoes and corn --and combining the two in simple, tasty dishes is a great way to double the pleasure. Tip -- if youre concerned with GMO corn, just make sure to buy it organic and you’re on the safe side. Fresh Corn and Tomato Salad (above) is a pleasing combination of two of summers premier bumper crops makes for a delightful mid-to late-summer salad. In Stewed Tofu with Corn and Tomatoes, these two summer crops are highlighted in an easy skillet stew, making it a great way to serve tofu for warm weather meals. Fresh Tomato and Corn Soup offers an easy and tasty way to enjoy a cool bowlful of fresh summer tomatoes and corn at their peak of flavor. Grits with Fresh Corn and Tomatoes, spiked with chili peppers, is an inviting summer dish -- good for a weekend brunch or for dinner. Quinoa, Corn, and Bean Salad also includes plenty of tomatoes, and joins forces with avocado to make a sturdy main dish salad featuring southwestern flavors. Brimming with fresh corn and tomatoes, Pasta Salad with White Beans and Corn is a reliable offerings for summer company, and is easy enough for everyday meals.

7 Fantastic Fresh Corn Recipes

August 16 2014 VegKitchen 

7 Fantastic Fresh Corn RecipesSummer is the best time to enjoy fresh corn on the cob. Purchase organic corn if you’d like to be sure it’s non-GMO -- it’s not hard to find! Corn is amazingly versatile; and for those times when you don’t want to use it in recipes, try grilling it as shown above for a fabulous treat. Corn fritters with tomatillo-cilantro sauce – Photo by Susan Voisin At the height of fresh corn season, Corn Fritters with Tomatillo-Cilantro Sauce  can be served as a tasty side dish or as an appetizer. Theyre good warm or at room temperature, and the easy tomatillo-cilantro sauce adds a lot of flavor. Mexican Roasted Corn Salad with Avocado by Terry Hope Romero from Salad Samari Mexican Roasted Corn Salad with Avocado is a deluxe vegan version of  esquites, the queen of creamy roasted corn salads. Unlike most corn salads, this is best eaten when the corn is still warm from roasting, so prep all of the veggies (and the dressing, but you knew that already!) first, so all thats required is toasted hot corn for a mouthwatering treat. Coconut Creamed Corn –  Photo by Hannah Kaminsky In Coconut Creamed Corn, the flavors of corn and coconut are deliciously compatible. This is a wonderful way to use fresh corn when its abundant, and the novelty of having it on the cob or roasted has worn off. The most time-consuming part of this, by which I mean all of 5 minutes or less, is stripping the corn kernels off the cob. Southwestern Summer Succotash Southwestern Summer Succotash features a bright melange of the freshest corn, tomatoes, and summer squash, for a wonderful celebration of the summer harvest.  I like to steam the green beans separately and add at the last minute, because their cook time is unpredictable, and I like them to be bright and just tender-crisp in the dish. Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Noodles Photo by Hannah Kaminsky Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Noodles is a simple, tasty pasta dish traditional to the plain and simple Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine. Its a perfect way to use fresh summer corn and tomatoes when theyre at their peak of flavor and abundance. In its original form this recipe is made with egg ribbons; to make it vegan, I recommend substituting ribbons made of hearty whole grain flours like spelt or quinoa. Thai Coconut-Corn Soup Photo by Susan Voisin Nearly-Instant Thai Coconut Corn Soup is great for any kind of weather, not just when its chilly and rainy. Because its ready to serve in 20 minutes, its for any time you want soup in a hurry. You can even chill it and serve it cold on warm days.  Grits with Fresh Corn and Tomatoes Photos by Hannah Kaminsky Grits with Fresh Corn and Tomatoes is an inviting summer dish -- good for a weekend brunch or for dinner. Stoneground grits are more flavorful than those available in supermarkets; theyre available in natural food stores and well-stocked supermarkets with natural foods sections.  - VegKitchen has lots more recipes for using  fresh corn.

Vegetarian Posole with Pinto Beans and Poblano Peppers

October 1 2014 Oh My Veggies 

Our meatless posole retains the richness of this hearty Mexican soup, but gets a veggie update with the help of pinto beans, hominy, carrots and poblanos.

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