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Have a Happy,Healthy Holiday

December 15 2014 Meatless Monday 

Have a Happy,Healthy Holiday
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As the holidays approach with all their cheer and good spirit, you might be tempted to overindulge. So invariably you can find tips to avoid overeating and various admonishments that show the benefits of eating less. But well take a softer approach, here--if you do gorge, try to gorge smartly. Vegetables offer more dietary fiber than meats. So eat more vegetables and a little less meat--a little less brisket and a little more cauliflower latkes, a little less ham and a little more green beans. And if that fails, you can always reclaim your dignity by eating light the day after. Here are five festive dishes that will keep your table light. RED PEPPER PESTO PÂTÉ BARLEY RISOTTO BAKED ROSEMARY POLENTA HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! SPICY LENTIL POMEGRANATE TART ARTICHOKE STUFFING BITES                             BARLEY RISOTTO is a filling meal that keeps the menu light but still provides plenty of flavor. Risotto is the perfect one-dish crowd pleaser, and using barley instead of the traditional white rice adds extra healthy benefits. BAKED ROSEMARY POLENTA This dish provides everything we typically expect from a holiday meal - aromatic rosemary, savory mushrooms and comforting, creamy polenta. SPICY LENTIL POMEGRANATE TART This is a festive holiday showstopper thats worth the extra effort. If youre putting together a holiday spread, put this on your plate of tasty nibbles, slice it into bite-sized pieces and watch the oohs and ahhs ensue. ARTICHOKE STUFFING BITES Everyone looks forward to stuffing during the holidays, but its not written in stone that the dish has to come from inside a bird, or be served at a dinner table This snackable version is a crowd pleaser, and the artichoke leaves lend the dish a healthful, seasonal quality. RED PEPPER PESTO PÂTÉ Something spreadable is always a hit at holiday parties, and this festive version relies on layers of pepper purees, not cheese, to create a lighter, healthier, but still indulgent appetizer for holiday guests. The post Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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