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Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipe

December 23 2016 Vegan Richa 

Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipe
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Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipe with eggy chickpea flour custard , almond milk, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Homemade Nog. Make Golden Eggnog with Turmeric or add Cardamom for Chai spice. Vegan Holiday Drink Recipe Vegan Nog is easy to find these days with so many brands coming out with vegan options. If you want to make some from scratch, this is an amazing version for you. Add spices to preference, add liquor or not and make this holiday drink. Honestly, I don’t think I ever actually liked eggnog in my pregan days. Those days feel so far away that I cannot remember why I didn’t like eggnog. But this vegan version has me hooked. This Vegan Eggnog is all creamy and foamy with no eggs. Chickpea flour (or use regular flour) is cooked up into a thick custard, that is blended into non dairy milk and spices. I like this chilled when using almond milk since some almond milk brands dont do well with boiling. For a hot version use soy milk or other non dairy milk. Fold in some whipped aquafaba for more foamy texture.  If you make this, do leave me a comment here on the post or tag me on Instagram. Continue reading: Easy Vegan Eggnog RecipeThe post Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipe appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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