Declare Your Independence From Meat This Monday! - vegetarian recipes

Declare Your Independence From Meat This Monday!

July 4 2016 Meatless Monday 

Declare Your Independence From Meat This Monday!
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Whats patriotic? Its not a color (red, white, and blue). Its not hot dogs and grilled burgers. Its a feeling inside--a feeling of pride, of being proud to be part of a country and a planet that can be free and sustainable. Its a feeling of commitment to make that sustainability a reality. This year July Fourth falls on Meatless Monday--the perfect opportunity to refrain from eating meat once a week in support of our own well-being and the well-being of the planet. Those of us who follow Meatless Monday do it with joy. Holidays included! But what if youre invited to a Fourth of July barbecue thats overloaded with meat? Not to worry! Here are 5 ways to stay proud and and go Meatless Monday on a prime grilling day! Meet them burger for burger. Theres absolutely no need to give into carcinogenic charred meat any time of the year. Instead, protect your health and choose from our delicious stock of TWELVE different kinds of meatless burgers--from Supreme Crispy Quinoa Burgers to Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers to Grilled Watermelon Pineapple Teriyaki Burgers. Send our recipes to your hosts ahead of time or bring along the ingredients and cook together. Just make sure you bring enough; one bite and guests will be wanting more. Grill the fruit and veggie aisle. Nothing says Meatless Monday better than delicious fruits and vegetables. And dont be intimidated by the word grilling. From avocados to artichokes, there are lots of unusual fruits and vegetables you can happily throw on the rack and nudge that steak aside! For even more ideas, check out our Recipe section. Commandeer the sides. Even meat-packed barbecues usually feature great summer side dishes like crisp salads, grilled corn, and juicy chunks of fresh watermelon. Bring along a can of garbanzo beans or feta cheeseand sprinkle onto your salad for an extra boost of protein. Give a toast to Meatless Monday. Pick up a glass of bubbly (kombucha works great!) and make a salute to everyones health. Follow-up with a shout-out about Meatless Monday and explain how its one of the best things youve ever done to lower your cholesterol and reduce your chances for chronic disease. Brag about your lowered emissions. When your friends rave on about their new low-emission vehicles, tell them that by not eating meat for just one day a week, you are saving the carbon equivalent of driving your car every day for a month! Not to mention, youre also helping to conserve the planets water supply. Check out this video for more eco-oriented talking points. The post Declare Your Independence From Meat This Monday! appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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