Contest 2014 May - vegetarian recipes

Contest 2014 May

May 6 2014 Manjula's kitchen 

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Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! For this month’s contest, I would love to hear what makes your mother so special to you. What is your mother’s favorite vegetable recipe? Share some valuable cooking lessons she has taught you over the years. Feel free to share anything else about your mother. Please post your answers on the discussion forum topic: Mother’s Day 2014 that I have created. The winners will be selected randomly from all the forum post entries. Below is my checklist: - You will not have to email me anything this time. You can simply leave a posting on the Mother’s day forum topic. - If you are creating a new account for the forum, please enter your email address in the profile so that I can contact you after the contest is over. Don’t worry, your email address will not be public (only I will be able to see it). - The deadline is May 31th. - The winner will be featured on the homepage and a link to their website (if available). 1st Prize: $100 gift certificate from 2nd Prize: $25 gift certificate from **Anyone can join this contest**

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