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Chickpea Flour Scramble

April 18 2016 Vegan Richa 

Chickpea Flour Scramble
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Easy peppery Chickpea flour Scramble. Soy-free Breakfast Scramble. Make with lentil flour or lentil batter for variation. Vegan Gluten-free Soyfree Recipe. Pin this Recipe! Breakfast is the meal of the day where I want to eat a hearty almost meal, but there are always issues. Limited time, not wanting too heavy a meal like a real meal, but still substantial enough, and not a smoothie! Hah. We love savory breakfasts in my house, which range from Chickpea flour pancakes (Chilla), Oats hash, Tofu scrambles, Upma, frittata etc, to quick sandwiches with hummus and leftover veggies, or with panfried tofu + avocado+ tomato + cheese or creamy sauces (hollandaise , ranch), bean quesadillas or stuffed paratha flatbreads (Indian calzone).  Chickpea flour scrambles are another favorite which we make sometimes as an afterthought. I make a chickpea omelet with half the batter and then scramble up the next one, so we have both to share. This scramble is super easy. Cook up some veggies of choice. Add some spices if you wish. Blend up the chickpea flour batter and pour over the veggies. Cook for a few and scramble it up. You can also mix the cooked veggies into the batter and cook the batter on your pancake skillet to make an omelet. Break up the omelet when almost done for a scramble. Use other batters such as the lentil batter from this frittata for variation. You can also use chickpea flour tofu to make the scramble. Oh and I made a video of the recipe too. 

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