C-CAP Celebrates 25 Years of Transforming Lives - vegetarian recipes

C-CAP Celebrates 25 Years of Transforming Lives

March 9 2015 Meatless Monday 

C-CAP Celebrates 25 Years of Transforming Lives
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  On Tuesday, March 3, Careers Through Culinary Arts Program held their annual benefit, this year honoring business leader & philanthropist Dick Parsons and chef/­­restaurateur Alexander Smalls . For those of you who couldnt afford the $1000 ticket or dont live near New York, heres a brief summary of the event: Delicious. Inspiring. Incredible. C-CAP is a national non-profit that prepares at-risk high school students for college, and careers in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Founded in 1990, C-CAP has awarded over $43 million in scholarships, and classrooms have received $3.8 million worth of supplies and equipment. Meatless Monday has been a major supporter of the program for many years.   Marcus Samuelson and other illustrious New York chefs, several of them C-CAP alums, gathered to support the cause. Together with their restaurants, each chef prepared a signature dish; then the crowd of supporters, celebrities, and the media roamed the tables and sampled the exquisite offerings. Besides offering the opportunity to taste luscious creations the event also provided a chance to speak with chefs about the latest trends in cooking, especially if theyre friends of Meatless Monday like chef/­­owner Bill Telepan of Telepan . A lot of restaurants are seeing an upturn in vegetarians coming in. I started seeing it about ten years ago so weve included a lot of vegetarian dishes on our menu...and theres so much great produce in this area, that its crazy not to utilize it...It helps us be more creative as chefs.   Jonathan Waxman, Chef at Barbuto , created a delectable farro salad with fennel, olive, meyer lemon & almond for the occasion. When asked what vegetables were particularly popular right now, he said, Honestly I think vegetables in general are the trend...People are not only recognizing that vegetables are good for them, and delicious, but they can be spectacular. You dont need to have meat. You dont need to have cheese. You dont need to have anything else. You can just have vegetables. The Corporate Chef at Dos Caminos , Ivy Stark, sounded a similar note. Vegetables are huge right now....just the fact that more and more chefs are using them as the center of the plate item is the trend...its a good thing. Chef Bryce Shuman from Betony served up beets with horseradish and goats milk for the crowd. According to him, people are more excited than ever about enjoying vegetables. Think about how many meats we eat. Ten, maybe twelve. Or different types of seafood you eat? Forty or fifty? But then veggies - its just like thousands and thousands of different types of vegetables. You have so many vegetables to cook, so much variety to choose from...Im really excited to see the trend. Because...I love veggies. While chefs got to show off and New York society got to enjoy some spectacular food, the auctions and sponsorships made sure more underserved kids will get the opportunity to be tomorrows brilliant chefs and restaurateurs. The post C-CAP Celebrates 25 Years of Transforming Lives appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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