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Breakfast Nachos

May 4 2014 Isa Chandra Moskowitz 

Breakfast Nachos
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Serves 8 Total time: 1 hour || Active time: 1 hour You got your nachos in my breakfast. No, you got your breakfast in my nachos. OMG, its breakfast nachos! These are loaded with all of the brunchy requirements: scrambled tofu, roasted potatoes, avocado salsa and a creamy, cheesy, cashew sauce. Theyre great for sharing with a crowd or for a slightly messy breakfast in bed. Its definitely company food. You dont want to eat breakfast nachos alone, unless you really really love yourself. You can make a few huge plates for everyone to share, perhaps as the savory component of a brunch. Because, yes, nachos are a great appetizer before pancakes. Or make little individual servings. Either way, just remember to layer ingredients between the layers of chips. I hate when all of the fun stuff is just dumped on top and youre left with empty chips at the end. An empty chip is just a crime. There are a few components here, but its very easy to put together. None of them are crazy difficult. While the potatoes roast, you can pretty much prepare everything else, just remember to set a timer because you dont want to burn the taters. Its always been my opinion that brunch without potatoes is like going whale watching but seeing no whales. Its fine, but next time, gimme some whales. Anyway, dig in! I swear there are some chips under there. Here’s the Instagram pic where you can actually see ’em.

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