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Badam Burfi – Almond Fudge And Basundi

October 31 2016 Vegan Richa 

Badam Burfi – Almond Fudge And Basundi
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Badam Burfi – 5 min Almond fudge with Cardamom and Vegan Basundi – thickened milk with saffron and nuts. Basundi or Rabri with almond milk. Indian Vegan Sweets for Diwali. Vegan Dairy-free Gluten-free Soy-free Recipe. Its a 2 in one post today! I whipped up some new sweets for Diwali and wanted to post them all yesterday. But life is a bit busy as we are fostering a 6 month old bundle of energy (Peppen), who is available to adopt in the state of WA. He is incredibly cute, foxy, frisky, and also a lap dog, who loves to just be outside and go for walks.  This Badam Burfi is super quick. Warm up the vegan butter and maple syrup then mix in almond butter. Fold in sugar and almond flour to make a soft dough, pat onto parchment. Chill, slice and serve! I use finely granulated sugar in the burfi for texture. Burfis generally are very sweet as the cooking method (using loads of dairy products) often causes the sugar used to crystallize during cooking adding a slightly crunchy texture. Here no long cooking times, no dairy, and burfi ready within 5 minutes. Chill for another few to set, then slice. You can also drizzle chocolate on top to make Halloween Candy instead.  Continue reading: Badam Burfi – Almond Fudge And BasundiThe post Badam Burfi – Almond Fudge And Basundi appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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