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Alpine yoghurt cake with raspberries

May 21 2014 The Everyday Vegetarian UK 

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Anyone who has spent time in the French alps with know and love yoghurt cake. It is really easy to make and will stay moist and fresh in your bag after spending the day skiing or hiking. A friend told me that yoghurt cake is popular in the alps because the altitude has an effect on normal cake mixtures rising – but I’m not sure how true this claim is. Ingredients (1 large cake) 400g butter 400g caster sugar 6 eggs 300g yoghurt 250g plain flour 50g flaked almonds 100g raspberries Salt 1 vanilla pod (or 1tsp vanilla extract) Method Start by creaming the butter and sugar until it becomes lighter in colour. Add the beaten eggs slowly. Then add the flour, a pinch of salt, almonds and yoghurt as well as the seeds from inside the vanilla pod. Chop up the raspberries and add half to the cake mixture. Line the inside of a cake tin with baking paper and pour in the mixture. Put the remaining raspberries on top of the cake before putting in the oven for about 40 minutes at 150 degrees.

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