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A Less Heard Of Benefit Of Being Vegan

October 2 2017 Happy Cow veggie blog 

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Youve probably heard that a vegan diet is good for your heath. Youve probably heard that its good for the planet. And you know that its good for the animals. These things are all true. However, you might not have heard one of my personal favorite things about being vegan: its an adventure. I spent the past two weeks traveling on a sailboat through the San Juan islands in the Pacific Northwest. We started in Bellingham, Washington, sailed up through the islands as far north as Victoria, B.C, and headed back, taking our time as one does on a sailboat when there is no wind. We even got to see a massive pod of Orcas, swimming 75 deep up the coastline. A sight I wont soon forget. I prepared well for the trip. Being the only vegan in our party of 5, I knew that I might have to get creative, but hey, I welcome the opportunity. I brought plenty of snacks, cans on cans of pintos, and enough kombucha to (almost) sink a ship. On our 5th night, we docked at a tiny little town on San Juan island called Friday Harbor. The rest of the group wanted to […] The post A Less Heard Of Benefit Of Being Vegan appeared first on The Veggie Blog.

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