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6 Reasons to Pack a Meatless Monday School Lunch

September 7 2015 Meatless Monday 

6 Reasons to Pack a Meatless Monday School Lunch
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With kids heading back to school, parents and teachers agree that a nutritious lunch is key to helping students succeed. While more and more schools are offering Meatless Monday dishes in the cafeteria, bringing lunch from home is another tasty option! There are many benefits to packing a creative, healthy lunch for students of all ages. Here are just a few reasons why packing a Meatless Monday lunch is an excellent choice for the student in your life! Nutrient-dense, plant-based foods are often thought of as side dishes or snacks. Make these foods the main event and youll have a lunch packed with all the things growing minds and bodies need (even protein!). Solve the picky-eater problem by creating new meals that will help them explore new foods. Have a kid that can’t get enough take-out? Pack them up a helping of tempeh fried brown rice. Have a student hooked on French fries? Whip up some sweet potato fries for a new twist. Encourage kids to connect with the planet by eating foods that are in season where you live. Talk to students about how plants grow, and why some fruits and vegetables in their lunches are only ripe at certain times of the year. Introduce students to cultural foods from family tradition or from other parts of the world. Part of the fun of Meatless Monday is finding delicious new-to-you recipes. Food can help kids learn about geography and social studies when they try new dishes! Turn a favorite snack into a meal that kids from kindergarten to high school will enjoy. Bananas quickly become peanut butter and banana sandwiches, while carrot sticks are transformed into tasty carrot slaw. Get kids excited about making meals by including them in planning and making their school lunches. Choose favorite fruits and veggies or experiment with new ones in the store, and encourage kids to help prepare meals with you in the kitchen. Send kids back to school with the best possible supplies: healthy meals to get them through the day. Nutritious food is key to helping students succeed - food that is rich in the vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber that kids need help them focus in class, get active on the playground, and grow and develop into healthy young adults. The post 6 Reasons to Pack a Meatless Monday School Lunch appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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