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5 Vegetarian Cheeses for Your Holiday Cheese Plate

December 12 2014 Vegetarian Times 

5 Vegetarian Cheeses for Your Holiday Cheese Plate
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Serving cheese at your holiday party? Brian Ralph, cavemaster at Murray’s Cheese Shop in New York City, suggests picking three to five kinds. “Any more than that and you’ll overwhelm your guests,” he says. Here are some of our favorites: Cowgirl Creamery Organic Mt Tam Step aside, Brie--this triple-cream cheese is just as rich and buttery. Vermont Creamery Fresh Goat Cheese Classic Chevre Pair this little log with fig jam for tangy-sweet wow factor. Redwood Hill Farm Aged Goat Cheddar A mild, tasty twist on classic Cheddar. Also try the smoked variety. Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue Cheese This bold, velvety blue cheese goes great with dried fruit. Point Reyes Farmstead Toma Swap out Gouda for this nutty-tasting crowd-pleaser. (And save extra for grilled cheese!) Not sure if your go-to wedge is veg? Here’s how to figure out if a cheese is vegetarian.

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