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The With or WithoutMeat Cookbook By Jackie Newgent

September 29 2014 Meatless Monday 

The With or WithoutMeat Cookbook By Jackie Newgent
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In the With or Without Meat Cookbook there are two sides to every recipe--veggies up for Meatless Monday, meat up for another day. But either way you flip it this cookbook is a healthy, whole food, flavor-forward collection compiled with the diabetic in mind. Though you need not be diabetic to enjoy what this collection has to offer. Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN is a classically trained chef, a dietitian, a television personality, and a Meatless Monday friend and now shes delivered a book that could possibly answer that age-old question how does a vegetarian date a meat eater? Or--for you--maybe shes just answered the question how can I maintain a health-conscious, flexitarian lifestyle and keep it delicious? Each recipe offers first a vegetarian take and then a meat-fish-or-poultry add-in--so indecision need not prevent you from opening the book to the Tarragon White Bean Salad. Nor should different dietary wants demand that you make two separate dishes to please both the veg and the meat eater. The cookbook features 125 recipes, largely in the style of the Mediterranean diet. The recipes put fruits and vegetables forward, limit unhealthy fats, and prefer whole grains. Its nutrition that promotes your cardiovascular health and your overall health. The books is especially great for those with diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart-health issues, or really for anyone simply looking to improve their diet. This flexitarian approach to eating provides the best of both worlds. Each recipe includes nutrition information and follows the American Diabetic Association’s nutritional guidelines. And, The With or Without Meat Cookbook has a familiar, friendly tone that makes it feel more like a conversation than a numbered list of instruction. Check out the Red Onion Soup with Shiitake Broth recipe from the With or Without Meat Cookbook. The post The With or Without Meat Cookbook By Jackie Newgent appeared first on Meatless Monday.

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