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Spicy Crispy Breaded Tofu Strips

November 16 2015 Vegan Richa 

Spicy Crispy Breaded Tofu Strips
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For the longest while I disliked Tofu. I think it was because of the way it was prepared. Too bland, too fried or what not. After transitioning to a vegan diet, I was faced with a challenge to figure out how to make tofu on my own so I could like it. In general, I don’t necessarily need to eat Tofu at home. There are enough beans, lentils, veggie dishes that make up our meals. But when I eat out is when the options get limited by my dislike of tofu (and broccoli). I mean think of something like a saucy Thai Cashew delight minus both, it would just be cashews and onions. ha! So once I started cooking some at home, I warmed up to this silky gelly beany slab. We eat Tofu infrequently at home, but at least the warming up has helped me be open to trying more options at restaurants. My current favorite tofu dishes come from Wedgewood II Thai in Seattle (Capitol Hill).  Back to today’s recipe. This easy crisped up tofu needs just a few minutes of active time. Brush the marinade on the Tofu strips and let it sit for a while, then bread and grill. Serve as side or main with a side of salad or pilaf. Pictures below with a flavorful Butternut Squash Pilaf.  The ketchup, spices, soy sauce make a great marinade, which also acts like a sticky coat to keep all those breadcrumbs on. Continue reading: Spicy Crispy Breaded Tofu StripsThe post Spicy Crispy Breaded Tofu Strips appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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