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Spicy Chipotle Garlic Jackfruit Tacos

September 8 2015 Vegan Richa 

Spicy Chipotle Garlic Jackfruit Tacos
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Jackfruit is the thing these days and starting to appear in stores that we visit. I got a bunch of cans from the Indian store this past weekend. When I told Mom, she said, you guys will never learn the the intricacies of how to peel a real Jackfruit (kathal in hindi) from scratch, remove the seeds and so on, everything you get is always packaged. I know Mom, I try to reduce all the packaging, but then I have only so much energy to spend in the kitchen, so the packaged stuff makes it convenient some days. Also, Jackfruit can become a sticky mess!  Use other shreddable things like squash, soy curls, meat subs, or use beans of choice. See this Easy Jackfruit Curry Post for availability details. Boil the jackfruit, then cook in spicy garlicky chipotle sauce until it picks up the flavors. Serve in tacos or sandwiches, dressed with avocado or guacamole and hot sauce.  Continue reading: Spicy Chipotle Garlic Jackfruit TacosThe post Spicy Chipotle Garlic Jackfruit Tacos appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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