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Simple Black Bean Burger

October 29 2017 FatFree Vegan Kitchen  

Simple Black Bean Burger
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Lets face it: When you follow a plant-based whole foods diet, there are some things you miss. Im not talking about rich desserts and fried snacks. What I sometimes miss is convenience of packaged foods, especially the ease of pulling a veggie burger out of the freezer and cooking it in the microwave in under two minutes. Thats why I decided to create a faster, easier black bean burger.(...) Read the rest of Simple Black Bean Burger (791 words) (C) svoisin for FatFree Vegan Kitchen, 2017. | Permalink | 122 comments Post tags: Air Fryer, Burgers, Gluten-free, Ridiculously Easy The post Simple Black Bean Burger appeared first on FatFree Vegan Kitchen.

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