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One Bowl Vegan Banana Apple Bread

October 2 2015 Vegan Richa 

One Bowl Vegan Banana Apple Bread
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I am the only person in the house who gets to eat Banana breads. Hubbs is allergic, so I end up making loafs with other fruit puree more often. Our breakfasts most days are a savory affair. We always keep some time in the morning to cook up and eat breakfast with each other. Snacking during the day is another matter. Depending on the day and the meals, I reach out for nuts as the default snack option. Nuts are great if I eat a few, too many and I get pimples and a double chin. A slice of a hearty loaf like this makes for a great snack to last till the next meal and to keep me away from the big bowl of nuts.  Make this Easy Vegan Banana Apple Bread filled with bananas, apple, nut butter, no added oil, nuts and chocolate chips. This banana bread has shredded apple in it. Use zucchini to make Banana Zucchini bread. You can add finely chopped apple as well for chunkier pieces. Make it with all spelt or wheat pastry flour or half and half whole grain + unbleached white.  This bread needs one bowl. Whisk in the dry ingredients. Blend up the banana with non dairy milk. No banana chunks, no mashing needed. Add in the apple and nuts. Bake, slice and serve. For a gluten-free option see GF Banana Walnut Breakfast Loaf. Continue reading: One Bowl Vegan Banana Apple BreadThe post One Bowl Vegan Banana Apple Bread appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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