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Bhindi Masala Recipe

May 18 2016 Vegan Richa 

Bhindi Masala Recipe
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Bhindi Masala Recipe. Indian Okra Curry. Lightly spiced Okra in onion tomato curry. Restaurant style Masala Bhindi. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Indian Recipe. Pin this Recipe.  Okra is cooked in many ways in Indian cuisine. It usually is a veggie side served as a part of a meal, served with dals and curries. It can be served as simple side cooked with just onions, or cooked in a sauces like sesame peanut coconut (book page 71), tamarind coconut(kuzhambu), and many more. Here is another simple curried Okra or a basic bhindi masala. Add more spices or add some coconut milk for creamy curry.  I get Okra from the Indian store and they seem to always have a lot in stock. Get green and young okra and try it in one of these Indian recipes.  Continue reading: Bhindi Masala RecipeThe post Bhindi Masala Recipe appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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